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Ruffle Sleeve Blouse Combinations

Ruffle Sleeve Blouse Combinations

Ruffles, ruffles everywhere – this is my slogan for spring and summer clothes. Prepare yourself for the amazing amount of beautiful ruffle arms. Yes, today we will concentrate on how to design ruffle sleeves. What I can say at the beginning of this article is that this post will be fresh, feathers and good mood article. I hope the weather is good wherever you read this article.
I can't wait for the spring weather. Light jackets, blouses and jeans – that's all you need. When you add ruffles to all this, dear ones, you get a fantastic combination of moods.
Let's see what I have prepared for today. Sit down and get ready to copy some of the best outfit ideas I've found for you.

Romantic beige blouse

ruffle blouse romantic

Romantic is not reserved only for elegant occasions. Blouses like this you can wear every day as your temporary or functioning staples. When it comes to the rest of this outfit, jeans and cat heels will do their best to make this look appealing and sexy. Don't forget to add some gold jewelry, earrings, rings or bracelets. Whatever you choose will go perfectly.

Navy Ruffle Sleeveless Blouse

ruffle sleeveless navy blue

Jeans with a high waist in combination with a clean blouse just look fantastic and a little retro. Everything in this photo is vintage and modern at the same time. Strappy high-heeled sandals work perfectly with spotted jeans. The bag looks like a book, which is a model that girls loved to wear not so long ago. This outfit is great for every day.

Plaid and knitted

ruffle sleeve blouse knitted checkered

Plaid pants have a strange but flattering cut. These pants are good to design for work clothes. You can rest assured that you will feel stylish and comfortable at the same time. And it's perfect. Knitwear will keep you cozy, while the ruffle sleeves look pretty amazing in this combination. Round everything off with white (warning: huge trend) mules!

Frayed Home Jeans and Gingham Top

ruffle sleeveless gingham

Wrap, big, ruffled and gingham print – this blouse has it all! It simply looks wonderful and so flattering. You can combine it with black fringed jeans and elegant black pumps. Break this black and white combination by adding a red gold chain bag. If you are wondering where to get this look, you should not think twice. It works for both casual and elegant outfit.

Black and white combination

ruffle sleeveless black and white

Black trousers and white ruffle sleeves in this combination take on a whole new meaning. Mixed, they look very sophisticated and polished. That is why this combination is ideal for business meetings, offices or cocktail parties after work. Finish it off with elegant black dot toe heels.

Black and white black

ruffle sleeve monochrome

If you make perfect black clothes, don't worry. I have something nice for you. Whatever the side with the simple combination of all-black-everything outfit, they also look very pretty. Polished and stylish black combines perfectly with all other colors. However, this girl chose black ruffle sleeves and skinny black jeans.

Blue jeans and white shirt

ruffle sleeveless white blue jeans

Same as the previous black, this outfit is a bit monochrome and classy. Even Lana Del Rey has sung a song about this timeless combination of two essential articles. Ruffle blouses look fantastic, which is why you should definitely consider buying one in the spring and summer. You can even wear this with sneakers or flats.

Gingham and leather

ruffle sleeveless patent leather

When it comes to trendy materials, patent leather is a leader at the moment. The point is that you can combine it with what you want. For example, this girl chose gingham ruffle top and elegant black pumps. She already carries the book bag, which was very popular. This may be your new workwear inspo. Surprise your colleagues.

Dressed for spring

ruffle sleeves transition

Black ruffle top is a little cropped, so it works perfectly with high waist jeans. When we talk about the transition weather, usually between spring and summer, I can say that it can be difficult for styling. This nice look is perfect for that period. You can design everything in black or add colorful details. Bag or heels would be a perfect object to experiment with colors.

Ruffles around

ruffle sleeveless white ruffles

Emily Ratajkowski is a super model with provocative and sexy style. But she's never the top line. This white blouse has a V-ring and is ruffled. So if you don't want just the sleeves to be stained, go for something similar.

White Knitted Ruffle Sleeveless Blouse

ruffle sleeveless white delicate

Delicate white works wonderfully with all other colors. But if you are not a fan of colorful clothes, this may be your choice. White knitted top looks elegant and minimal. Combine it with simple skinny jeans for a super cool weekend outfit that you can wear all day. You might consider styling it with white superstar shoes or ankle boots.

Tweed and Ruffles

ruffle sleeveless tweed

Tweed is one of the pillars in French style. This fashion blogger chose tweed basks, which look very stylish and elegant. White ruffled blouse mixed with gray fringed jeans looks fantastic and trendy. White pumps are inevitable this year. They are everywhere, and you know what that means. Yes, you have to try them.

Emerald Green Ruffle Sleeve Blouse and Bell Bottoms

ruffle sleeve emerald green

Emerald green looks amazing on its own so you don't need anything else to make this outfit interesting. However, jeans with black bell bottoms are a fantastic item that you can design for work, a leisurely walk or any other formal occasion.

Vintage elegant

ruffle sleeveless trench coat

Long trench coat looks fantastic in combination with ruffle sleeves. This look is great for spring days when you need to feel warm, but want to drink coffee outside. Wear these items with cropped and rolled up jeans and black flats.

Hopefully you enjoyed this article. I don't know about you, but this article inspired me to mix and match ruffle blouse in many different ways.
You can also check out other style guides and posts for sports ideas that we have prepared for you. I can assure you that you will find wonderful, modern and exciting outfit ideas.