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Tie Neck Blouse Outfit Ideas

Tie Neck Blouse Outfit Ideas

If you think a regular button-down is not feminine and elegant enough, you might want to get one that comes with the little tie or bow detail to spice up your typical outfit a bit. This type of blouse is often referred to as the tie neck blouse. It is very easy to design and pull it off. You can simply treat it like a regular shirt and then you get some good little surprises. To better show you how to style it, I've put together some really good tie neck blouse ideas for you. Let's dive right in.

Crepe Tie Neck Blouse with Black Cropped Chinos

To start the list, let's look at a very simple suit that you can wear in the office and it is extremely easy to pull off. Wear a collar color of collar in the tie neck that has a bow that has the same exact color as the blouse. Pair it with black cropped chinos and light pink heels to look feminine and elegant.

White Tie Neck Blouse with black casual blazer & leather leggings

white tie neck blouse black casual blazer leather leggings

Now let's take a 180 degree turn and look at an outfit that is very stylish, yet with a feminine touch thanks to the white tie neck blouse. Wear the top white blouse with a black casual blazer. Pair them with black leather pants and a pair of gray suede with open toe boots to look both stylish and elegant.

Blush Pink Tie Neck Blouse with Gray Wool Mini Dress

blush pink pink neck blouse gray wool mini dress

For those who like a dress like the girl next to work, here is a wonderful outfit that can do just that. Wear a blouse with pink pink neck for the top. Pair it with a high waist gray wool mini skirt. Pair them with black leggings and a pair of checkered slip on shoes to look youthful and beautiful.

Black and white plaid shirt with peeled Mini Mini skirt

black and white checkered shirt combed mini mini skirt

Here is another beautiful work suit. To achieve this look, wear a black and white checkered tie that has a black bow. Pair it with a black combed mini skirt. Finally, wear a pair of black ankle strap ballet heels and a black leather handbag to give an elegant touch.

Wear with white fur coat & skinny jeans

white faux fur skinny skinny jeans

To get a very eye-catching street outfit, wearing a little faux fur can help. Wear a white necktie blouse with top in white fur. Balance the stylish upper with a pair of casual gray skinny jeans. Add the last shiny and creative feeling by wearing gold ankle boots.

Gray Chiffon Tie Neck Blouse with white cropped skinny jeans

gray chiffon tie neck blouse white cropped skinny jeans

For a refreshing and windy look, this gray and white outfit will be a great choice. Simply wear the casual fit gray chiffon tie neck blouse with white cut slim jeans. Complete outfit with gray ballet heels to keep the look simple and clean.

White chiffon blouse with gray wide benchinos

white chiffon blouse gray wide benchinos

For those of you who are looking for a simple and feminine cinematic suit, here is a good one to try. You can pair the gray wide benchinos with a white chiffon blouse. Complete outfit with black ballet heels to achieve a minimal outfit.

White and Black Polka Dot Tie Neck Blouse with Ankle Zipper Pants

white and black polka dot tie neck blouse ankle zipper pants

For a more playful street outfit, you can wear a loose fit white and black polka dot tie neck blouse with a pair of black zipper pants at the ankle. Pair these pieces with black ballet heels to complement this creative and eye-catching outfit.

White Tie Neck Shirt with Blue Cropped Mom Jeans

white tie neck shirt blue cropped mom jeans

Here is an interesting and stylish smart casual outfit. Wear a slightly oversized white shirt at the neck. Pair it with blue cropped mom jeans. To complement the suit stylishly, wear black leather boots and a black leather clutch bag.

White blouse with navy costume

white blouse navy suit

For a nice and slightly unisex look, here is a nice work suit that is especially for managers and managers. To achieve this powerful look, you can simply wear a white blouse in the neck with a navy suit. Make sure the cut of both the blazer and the cropped trousers are slim fit so that you look lean and smart. You can simply complement the costume with black ballet heels.

Gray Tie Neck blouse with black leather jacket

gray tie neck blouse black leather jacket

Let's look at this cool and dark street outfit that has a weak feminine touch due to the gray tie neck blouse. For the top, you can wear the gray blouse with a black leather jacket. Pair them with black skinny jeans. Very interesting, wearing white socks and black leather flats to give a girly look to this supposedly elegant look to create an eye-catching contrast.

White and black patterned necktie blouse with gray jeans

white and black patterned tie neck blouse gray jeans

For a very casual work outfit that you might want on everyday Fridays, you can simply wear a white and black tie neck button up shirt nasty. Pair it with gray jeans and black ballet heels to look simple and casual. Wear an elegant white and gold bag to give a feminine touch to the outfit.

Light blue and navy printed necktie blouse with leather skirt

light blue and navy blue printed necktie in blouse leather

Here is a very interesting and beautiful outfit that involves a feminine top and an elegant bottom. In detail, the light blue tie neck blouse is paired with a midi wrap skirt in black leather to create a very unique look. You can even take this outfit to another level by wearing black leather boots.

White Tie Neck blouse with black Moto jacket and gray jeans

white tie neck blouse black moto jacket gray jeans

For a cool and artistic look, you can wear a white blouse at the neck and drape a black leather jacket over the shoulders. Simply pair them in gray skinny jeans and ankle boots in black pointed toe to create this stylish look.

I hope you like the necktie blouse equipment ideas I just mentioned above. You can simply see it as a button up shirt that has an extra feminine touch. These clothes are just so easy to pull off. Let's try and expand your outfit game a bit.