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White Belt Outfits Ideas for Women

There are mainly two purposes for wearing a belt. First, you can add some extra color to the outfit to look more stylish. Secondly, it can make the waist look clearer and this often results in a taller and narrower look. In the case of belt, the black and the brown are obviously the more popular choices. But today I will talk about something that is more unique and refreshing, namely the white belt. I have collected some really nice ideas with a white belt for you. Let's jump in right now.

All-Gray Outfit with white belt

To start with this list of outfit ideas I will show a very neat and unique gray-gray look. To create this cool look, you can wear a gray shoelace t-shirt with a gray blazer for the top. Pair them with gray ripped skinny jeans and a pair of gray leather heels. Add a white belt to the mix to make it look nicer and refreshing.

Black sleeveless Midi Shift dress with white wide belt

black sleeveless midi shift dress with white wide belt

Wearing a white belt over a dress is a nice little trick that can make you look long and skinny. For example, you can wear a white belt over a black midi sleeveless dress. To look more stylish, you can wear black leather pants under the dress to create some nice layers. Wear white leather shoes to complete the suit.

Black form fitting sweater with denim shorts and white belt

black shaped sweater with denim shorts and white belt

Let's take 180 degrees and look at a youthful street outfit. To create this look, you can wear a black shirt with a black shape and a pair of blue mini denim shorts. Wear a white belt to give some separation. Wear white and white sneakers to look refreshing and relaxed.

Pleated blouse with black chinos & white belt

pleated blouse with black chinos and white belt

Here is a business-casual casual outfit that can really make you look skinny and tall. To achieve this effect you can wear a white white pleated blouse with short sleeves. Pair it with a black height with a slight rise with high elevation and a white belt. For the shoes, wear black leather sticks in black leather to complete the look.

White boat neck sweater with Maxi Dress & Belt

white sweater with boat neck with maxi dress and belt

Now let's look at a very windy and low-key sexy outfit. This is especially suitable for those with beautiful shoulders and leg bones. To create this look, simply wear a white boat neck sweater with a projected maxi-white dress and a white belt. Pair them with black gladiator heels to make this outfit look super chic.

T-shirt with Khaki Flowy Shorts & white belt

t-shirt with khaki floating shorts and white belt

Sometimes, especially for a relaxed street outfit, you have the right colors in half the battle. In this case, the suit consists of a white t-shirt, a pair of brown khaki floating shorts and a white belt. For the shoes, wearing white sneakers would fit perfectly with the outfit.

Wear with pale pink leather jacket & ripped skinny jeans

light pink leather jacket and ripped skinny jeans

This is a very stylish outfit which is a mixture of feminine and elegant objects. To get this look, you can wear a white t-shirt with a light pink leather jacket. Pair them with light blue ripped skinny ankle jeans. Use white sneakers and a white belt to give a refreshing touch to the boyfriend's look.

Black tank shift Mini dress with white wide belt

black tank shift mini dress with white wide belt

Imagine this outfit without the white wide belt, it would be an outfit consisting only of a black mini tank dress. It still looks good but it does not make you notice. With the white belt, it is of course a completely different story. Wear black ballet heels to complete the suit.

Gray One Shoulder Belted Sweater with Pleated Midi Skirt

gray sweater with a shoulder belt with pleated midi skirt

This is a very sexy outfit that really does not require you to show a lot of skin. That's the power of a shoulder sweater. In detail, it is a gray chunky sweater with a shoulder that is paired with a white belt to make it less chunky and more beautiful. Pair them with a gray pleated midi skirt and a pair of white heels to look airy and attractive.

Light gray lace with shell lined Mid Belted Midi dress

light gray lace with a shell-lined midi dress

Here is another very simple suit that goes to another level of a white belt. To get this look, you can simply wear a gray sleeveless lace midi-peeled dress. Wear a white belt over it to look lean and refreshing. Wear a pair of white heels to fit the belt perfectly.

White long-sleeved flared dress with matching belt

white long-sleeved flared dress with matching belt

If you are coming to a walking ball soon and you do not want a nice dress, here is a very nice outfit idea for you. To look formal and beautiful without looking stylish, wear a white long-sleeved maxi extended dress with a white wide belt. Wear white and nude sandals to complement the outfit in a refreshing and windy way.

Wear with the white button button and matching skinny jeans

white button up shirt and matching slim jeans

Wearing a shirt with buttons can sometimes be too manly, but this is certainly not the case if you design it in the same way as shown in the picture above. To look refreshing and smart, you can wear the white shirt with a white skinny jeans and a white belt. Wear nude strappy sandals to look even more refreshing.

Black Sleeveless Mini Skater Dress with white slim belt

black sleeveless mini-skater dress with white slim belt

A white belt can turn a rather dark and serious look into an artistic black and white look. For example, you can wear this black sleeveless mini-skater dress with a white slim blue. Pair these pieces with a pair of black and white heels and a black and white clutch bag to look super chic.

Wear with black sweater & red and white printed skirt

black sweater and red and white printed skirt

Sometimes you can have a little more energy when you wear more colors at work. For example, you can wear a white collar shirt with a black shirt for the top. Pair them with a white and red printed midi skirt and a white belt. Finally, wear black leggings and black ankle boots to complement the outfit with style.

Midi-shift dress with black neck and white belt

black midi shift dress with black hood with white belt

To look minimal but eye-catching, you may want to wear a midi dress with black knee-pads with a pair of royal blue heels. To make the suit even more unique and stylish, wear a white belt to complete the look.

Here are the white belt equipment ideas that are very easy to pull off and that can make you look much more stylish and lean. Just try and you will probably be surprised at what a little white belt can do for you.