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Hooded Poncho Outfits

Hooded Poncho Outfits

Hooded poncho is one of the pillars in the style of open music festival. And since Coachella and many other festivals are nearby, we will see how you can design this item without looking like your grandmother.
Although it seems like a vintage garment, the poncho can be really stylish. You can wear it early in the fall or spring when the temperature becomes too high for a fur. The point is to pair it with stylish garments so that the poncho itself will get that vibe.
You can choose a knitted or plain poncho. Whatever you prefer because I have gathered everyone. Let's see together how to design hood poncho and how we look absolutely fantastic and bohemian.

Chiara in red hood Poncho

hood poncho chiara red

When there is a trend, you can also find Chiara Ferragni there. A new mom carries all the trendy stuff, combined with something you can easily recreate.
This red poncho has black print. It also has a logo because it is branded. She decided to leave the rest of the suit casual. Black pants, small fabric bag and black ankle boots are the perfect choice to end this outfit combination.

Neutral earth shadows

hood poncho neutral tones

I just love neutral shades. They work perfectly with everything, and you always look chic and fresh. I fell in love with beige, camel and brown tones for years.
This girl chose colorful ponchos which she pairs with black pants and beige block heeled booties.
A look is good for an everyday walk. You can also use as your new workwear inspiration.

Black and white Aztec print

hood poncho black white

If you are a fan of print, but do not want to overdo it with colors, this is a poncho for you. It looks beautiful, but more than anything it seems like a really cozy and warm object.
The fashion blogger styled it with a black shirt below. She added black trousers and an olive green crossbody bag for a trendy and very elegant vibe.

Sporty colorful aztec print

hood poncho colorful aztec

Are you more sporty? If you like to wear your gym clothes as part of your everyday leisure, this hooded poncho may be a good match for you.
It is colorful with an Aztec print. This print represents a good balance between traditional and modern. It's not uncommon to see this print on dresses, shirts and even pajamas. This look is sporty casual, perfect to wear every day.

Knit Grandma's Poncho

hood poncho knit

I love knitted items. My grandmother made me all kinds of colorful sweaters, gloves, hats and scarves. It made me unique, so from that time on I really love knitted and handmade ponchos.
This poncho is gray with hoodie and fringe. The trap has a different color, decorated with a delicate pink knit pattern. The best part is that you can design it with everything. This woman chose jeans and knee-high boots.

Beige Not-Classic Hooded Poncho

with hood poncho lacing

This is definitely not a classic poncho. It is a kind of sporty garment that you can style with gray leggings or shorts. It is perfect for every day or for the gym.
Neckline lacing is the perfect detail, making your look more relaxed than sporty. If you like, you can also design this hooded poncho with jeans and sneakers.

Lacing Poncho

hooded poncho hiking

And then you can design this poncho for a hike! Yes, you heard me well. This can be a fantastic object for a particular sporting activity.
Combined with shorts and lace-up boots, this look will give you great comfort. In the summer, there is no better way to hike than in this outfit combination.

Vintage and new

hood poncho vintage

This is a lovely combination of vintage and modern garments. The Aztec printed poncho looks vintage with a hoodie, while the rest of the outfit is quite modern.
Frayed home jeans are a trend of the moment so you can check out how to style them. The fluffy hat will warm you up, while the poncho looks impressive. You must try this beautiful print. It is a combination of boho and mexican tradition.

Stylish in red

hood poncho red

Red or burgundy have been my favorite colors for a long time. I realized that although they seem to be difficult to combine, they are actually versatile.
You can buy a poncho in red and pair it with a white white tee. Black jeans with a belt make this combination elegant and sophisticated. Add an interesting necklace to highlight a little boho vibe.

Black is elegant

hood poncho black

We all have to admit one thing. Black is definitely the queen of color. It is versatile, glamorous and it works perfectly with all other colors.
This black hood poncho is elegant and relaxed. You can design it for each day or choose it as an item for special occasions. Ripped jeans go well, but it will also be a great accessory if you choose an elegant dress.

Orange print

hood poncho combat shoes

As you can see, the Aztec print is on many different ponchos. It is one or two toned, black and white or colorful. And do you know what? It never disappoints.
If you like this print, you can try to design it as this Fashionista. She is wearing a poncho over a blue sweater. She chose black leggings and combat shoes. They give an extra difficult vibe to this look.

Colorful Card Poncho

hood poncho colorful blake

Blake Lively is known for its excellent taste and style. She loves interesting clothes, and she's not afraid to style them. This poncho is one of the unusual articles.
It is colorful and very short. Its A-line cut is perfect for balancing with some shorts or skinny jeans. Blake chose knee-high brown boots.

Hooded poncho is a very warm item. When you get tired of wearing coats and puffer jackets you can easily choose a little knit or classic poncho. You can design it with blouses, sporty clothes and everything else. Poncho is very versatile and makes you look great every time you wear it.