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Dolman Sleeve Tops Outfit Ideas

Dolman Sleeve Tops Outfit Ideas

Earlier in other blog posts I have explored that designing the tops of the tops can make a world of difference. For example, the caps with cap sleeves and watch sleeves can make your outfit look good and also look very different. Today I will talk about a very nice type of tops that have a creative sleeve design, which is the dolman sleeve tops. They are not difficult to design at all. To make things even easier for you, I've put together a list of some of the best dolman sleeve top ideas. Let's jump right in.

Gray Dolman sleeve T-shirt with white mini skirt

A dolman sleeve top can be worn both elegantly or in a really relaxed way. To start with this interesting list, I will first show you an elegant and feminine costume. To achieve this, you can wear a gray dolman sleeve shirt with a white ruffle mini skirt. Wear them with nude strapped heeled sandals and a neat long necklace to give some boho style to the outfit.

Gray Dolman Sleeve Boat Neck sweater with boots

gray dolman sleeve boat neck sweater boots

Here is a very relaxed look. You can simply wear a gray dolman sleeveless sweater with dark blue skinny jeans. To make the outfit more stylish, pair the pieces with knee-high shoes in light brown leather to complete the suit.

Red Dolman sleeve knit sweater with plaid scarf

red dolman sleeve knit sweater plaid scarf

This is a stylish layered outfit that is perfect for the fall. Wear a red sweater with red dolman sleeve with a crepe, blue and red woolen cloth. For the bottom, wear blue ripped skinny jeans with brown shoes in knee-high leather.

Orange chunky sweater with skinny jeans

red chunky sweater skinny jeans

If your previous red suit is not bright enough for you, here is an orange suit that you may want to try. Simply wear an orange scoop neck tie with dark blue skinny jeans. Pair them with knee-high boots in brown leather to give an elegant touch to the overall look. The result is a simple and stylish outfit.

Navy blue and white striped top with skinny jeans

navy and white striped skinny jeans

The navy blue and white striped long sleeve t-shirt is one of the most versatile and iconic items in the world of casual clothing. Now this is a very special one. First, it has a dolman sleeve design. Secondly, the stripes are diagonal rather than horizontal. The top looks so special and beautiful in itself. You can simply design it by using blue skinny jeans and light pink heels to complement this stunning outfit.

Black Dolman Sleeve Top with Boyfriend Jeans

black dolman sleeve top boyfriend jeans

Here is a cool and unisex outfit that is just fun to wear. Wear a black dolman sleeve t-shirt with ripped light blue boyfriend jeans. Pair the pieces with black lace-up heels to give a light feminine touch to the look. To add even more style to the outfit, you can carry a black leather clutch bag.

Pink Scoop Neck Dolman Sleeve Top

pink scoop neck dolman sleeve top

To look feminine and sporty at the same time, here is an outfit you should try. Wear a shocking pink dolman sleeve t-shirt. Pair it with gray yoga bags or joggers. The white sneakers would be the perfect shoes that fit with the sporty pieces.

Navy blue and white striped top with khaki pants

black and white striped khaki pants

For a stylish and relaxed look, you can wear a navy blue and white striped dolman sleeve top. Pair it with khaki pants and white sneakers to complement this low profile yet beautiful outfit. If you want to know more about other clothes in similar pants, you might want to check out our blog post on cargo pants.

Black Dolman sleeve top with skinny jeans

black dolman sleeve top skinny jeans

This is a very beautiful and elegant outfit that you can wear in the office as long as jeans are allowed in your workplace. It's probably good to wear it for your next casual Friday. To get this look, you can simply wear a black dolman sleeve top with dark blue muddy skinny jeans. Wear gray ballet heels for the shoes to keep the suit light and lean. Finally, carry a gray suitcase for an elegant touch.

Pink One Shoulder Dolman Sleeve Top with black sequin skirt

pink one shoulder dolman sleeve top black sequin skirt

To stand out from the rest in a cocktail party, a cocktail dress is definitely not your only choice. You can wear this shocking pink one-shoulder dolman sleeve top with a black high waist sparkly bodycon skirt. Pair the suit with black ankle strap with open toe heels to complete a remarkable and eye-catching cocktail party outfit.

Gray T-shirt dress with leggings printed

gray t-shirt dress tribal leggings

For a windy and artistic look, you can choose a gray t-shirt dress that comes with dolman sleeves. Pair the dress with black and white tribal printed leggings and nude boho style sandals to complement the outfit elegantly.

Gray Dolman sleeve top with skinny jeans

gray dolman sleeve top skinny jeans

As you can see from this gray dolman sleeve top, a dolman sleeve top is pretty good at covering up the waist and arms. So if you're not in your best shape, a dolman sleeve cap can save your day. Anyway, to build a casual look around the gray top, it simply wears dark blue skinny jeans and nude sandals.

Black top with gold sequin mermaid skirt

black top gold sequin mermaid skirt

Here's an outfit that can easily capture the attention of a cocktail party or a prom. To get this look, wear a black dolman sleeve top with a gold-length mermaid floor-length. Pair them with silver open toe heels to complete the outfit.

Gray and white color block top

gray and white color block top

For a refreshing and youthful look, you can wear this gray and white color block dolman sleeve top. Pair it with dark blue skinny jeans and white sneakers to look super casual and young.

Striped Dolman Sleeveless top with white skirt

striped dolman sleeve top white skirt

For a super chic and artistic look you can wear a black and white striped dolman top with a white zipper in mini skirt. Pair them with white heeled sandals and a black felt hat to achieve this stunning look.

I hope you like the dolman sleeve top outfit ideas I just shared with you. These are clothes that look fantastic and are easy to pull off. Go ahead and try them out.