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Bow Back Dress Outfit Ideas

Bow Back Dress Outfit Ideas

Bow back dress is one of the staples you need to have in your wardrobe. If you ask yourself why scroll down to see.

Bow-back dresses are good statement garments. They give you a certain nice look. It is good because you can look elegant and relaxed at the same time! It's all in the details. The arches on the back can be big or small, and it doesn't matter.
This dress can be your best friend on hot summer days when you need an extra dose of ventilation (you see, open back). On the other hand, they can also be a savior on elegant occasions, when the "don't know what to wear" issue appears.

I have prepared some of the best elegant, relaxed and elegant back dresses that you may find interesting. Let's see them together.

Fuchsia for special events

bend back dress fuchsia special

You know, in life there are those kinds of times when you really want to look special and like a princess.
This wonderful bow-back dress is perfect for this kind of occasion. The color leaves you breathless. The A-line cut is fantastic, but make sure it fits your body shape.
This dress can work perfectly with black details – pointed toe stilettos and some sparkling black clutch.

Two-tone dress

bend back dress two toned

Some dresses are good for both casual and elegant clothes. It is up to you that it looks either relaxed or elegant with some details.
This two-tone dress with a large bow on the back is excellent for that. If you design it with red sandals, which have a heel and a small handbag, you can wear it for casual occasions, such as dinners or outdoor parties with your friends. But if you mix it with black pumps and clutch, you will have an outfit for elegant events – weddings or other parties.

Pink is trendy

bow for back

Another wonderful pink dress? Coincidence? No, I just wanted to make sure you write down "buy pink dress" in your notes.
Pink absolutely dominated this fashion season, so don't hesitate to buy one. Of course, let it have the beautiful bow on your back, and you will have a winner.
Style it with pointed toe shoes and a small shoulder bag.

Blue bows

bend back dress blue two

Denim is also one of the leading trends this year. So why not wear a bow bow dress made of this material?
However, this dress is not a classic. It has two bows! On each side of the shoulders there is a bow and a strap that connects them. The rest is backless.
I don't know about you, but I love this model. It is perfect for summer. Style it with flat sandals or lacing platforms, then you're ready!

Black knit cold shoulder dress

buckle back dress knitted long

This long knit dress was seen at many fashionistas last year. Of course, they all loved it. Same here!
This black dress has a white strap that becomes a bow. It is not as obvious as they used to be. However, it is very chic and delicious.
This back dress can be part of your everyday routine. Style it with flat sandals or ballerinas. The mules work perfectly too.

Black Midi dress

bend back dress black small

Every girl must have a little black dress in the wardrobe. How many times have you heard this sentence?
However, this advice is perfectly legitimate. This dress can be your best friend for elegant and formal occasions where you want to look completely sophisticated and luxurious. You don't need that much detail or jewelry. All you need is a pair of super-heeled sandals and a black clutch.

Ruffled dress

bend dress yellow

When I said that pink dominated the fashion season last year, I can say the same for yellow as well. If you look at street style photographs, even from this year's fashion weeks, you will dress in girls in yellow.
So why don't you try it? Your outfit will definitely be a rider. This dress is perfect for both elegant and casual events. It works perfectly with any other pastel color such as beige, blush blue or pink.

Summer Delicacy

buck back dress white

I already imagine in this long white dress by the sea, eating fruit and sunbathing.
It is incredibly sensitive and elegant. I love the bow which is not too big. The dress itself seems very comfortable. You can design it with flats, flip flops or mules. Be brave and wear it barefoot!

Gingham dress with open back

bend back dress open back gingham

Ruffles on the sleeves, a bow on the back – what more do you need to make this dress look perfect? I know – modern gingham print!
Summer is an ideal time to wear this type of dress. They are flattering, very comfortable and above all elegant and trendy.
You can design this for everyday occasions. Put on flat sandals or flip-flops, so you can run all day without getting tired.

Orange is the new black

bend dress orange is black

Yes, you have read well. This fashion season is all about orange tones and shades.
That is why you need to consider buying this nice back dress in orange color! It has a cut in the line, while the body has an open back. It's perfect for going out, birthday parties and outdoors.
If you really want to be unique, style this dress with nude high heels and a backpack in gold.

Floral Bow Back Dress

bend back dress flowers

Flowers are always here. You can always wear them. Personally, I prefer flowers even in winter. I like to force myself to think about spring, you know.
This lovely, ruffled dress is very flowing and flattering. It has an open back while the bow is on the neck. Clock sleeves are a super cool trend that you must try.

Metallic Bow Back Dress

bend back dress metallic

In the end, I saved this amazing, elegant dress. It has embroidered golden flowers and a back. Bodice has V-neck empire. This lovely dress is perfect for parties, as well as weddings and other formal events.

I hope you liked these outfit ideas. Be sure to check out all the other style guides we've prepared for you!