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Green Bomber Jacket for Women

Green Bomber Jacket for Women

Green bomber jacket with its military fighter pilot jump became a very popular staple a few seasons ago. It-Girls loved it, and they have been wearing it all the time.
The combination of sportswear and more elegant staples became very trendy and was seen on both courses and streets in big cities.
Traditionally, bomber jackets have been limited to casual wear. This season we have seen some wonderful silk and embroidered models of the bomber jacket on the streets also in high fashion.
Sporty and sexy at the same time, the bomber jacket represents the fantastic way to dress down and give an overly girly outfit a bit of an edge and a man-borrowed vibe.
You can nail down the street style with these 14 outfit ideas that I will show you.
Scroll down to see the best outfit ideas on how to wear the green bomber jacket.

Everyday style

casual style green bomber jacket

In this outfit we can see the perfect way to mix the bomber jacket to get a sporty-relaxed look. A plain white T-shirt is easy to combine with a pair of skinny jeans and a green bomber jacket.
For a super-boyish look, you can put on the sandals and accessories the whole look with a few cool shades.

leather Love

leather love green bomber jacket

This is a very stylish outfit. It's a great choice when you want to look attractive and modern! The perfect outfit for everyday wear and a city walk.
The green bomber jacket is combined with leather leggings and black ankle boots with the snakeskin pattern on them. Add a scarf and you're ready for cold winter days.

Knitted skirt

knitted skirt green bomber jacket

If you've ever wondered what is the right way to style sporty and elegant staples, this is one of the examples. In this outfit, the elegant knitted skirt is paired with a white button-down and the green bomber jacket. This can prove to be a wonderful combination if you pair the colors correctly. Try wearing the black ankle boots or if you want to upgrade it for the evening out. You can also have high heels.

Floral dress

floral dress green bomber jacket

This outfit is a good balance between overly girly look and sportswear. The floral girl dress is soothed with Chuck Taylor's and green bomber jacket.
This is an ideal suit for chilly days when you need a jacket to warm you up while walking down the streets.

Bombs on dress

green bomber jacket

The great way to style your bomber jacket is with the colorful patterned skirt. Olivia Palermo loves the bomber jackets, and you can see her wearing it in a million ways.
This one is the most interesting. If you want to look stylish and wild at the same time, try to pair your favorite mini skirt with the white button down, orange shirt and a green bomber jacket, as in the picture above.

Yellow dress

yellow skirt green bomber jacket

Midi skirts are a perfect ladylike addition to any outfit. The perfect way to calm that vibe is to wear a green bomber jacket. Yellow skirt makes a statement. Thanks to this skirt you will have one of the best clothes, wherever you go.
Try wearing the similar green sandals with the sequins, as in the picture above.

Embroidery green

embroidered green bomber jacket

Embroidery details are one of the best ways to spice up and give a perfect finishing touch to every outfit you intend to wear.
The embroidered green bomber jacket is a good staple to combine with the white button down and flared rolled up jeans. The sandals are a statement piece because of its color and details in the form of small fur balls.

Green-black classic

green bomber jacket black classic

After all, if you prefer classic garments, there's nothing wrong with that. This outfit is a real example of how you can look elegant and modern at the same time.
Pair your green bomber jacket with the pair of black skinny jeans and black ankle boots. You don't need anything else, and you will be ready to go after spending only 10 minutes putting together this outfit.

White boots

white boots green bomber jacket

Bomber jacket in combination with the white boots looks amazing!
The big trend of the season is definitely white boots. And they are the big statement bit. So if you want to look simple and cool, just add a nice little backpack or very small bag to mix up this sporty outfit.

Silk dress, silk jacket

silk dress green bomber jacket

A silk bomber jacket is something you can definitely combine with more elegant staples that you already have in your wardrobe. For example, it is perfect to combine with formal dresses, like this one in the picture above.
The combination of a black midi silk dress, with thigh high boots and green bomber jacket, is perfect for more formal occasions. Wear it if you want to show how you can nail the sporty and elegant look.

French Way

french girl green bomber jacket

The green bomber jacket is the clothes that French girls love.
They usually combine it with the black skinny jeans, thigh high heel boots and white shirt.
As for the accessories, they just like to add a watch or gold bracelet. An accessory is more than enough for a simple casual combination that you can wear every day.

Big green bomber jacket

big green bomber jacket

When we talk about high- and street-style fashion, the oversized staples are a must!
The oversized bomber jacket is excellent to wear for a cold fall or winter days. It will make you feel warm and you will not look overstressed as we all usually look in winter.

Leopard print

leopard print green bomber jacket

Did you ever think of combining leopard print with a sporty and green bomber jacket?
Well, here is an opportunity for you to strive for. It's a possible thing to do!
This girl paired white trousers, green side shirt and bomber jacket with leopard lace stilettos. It looks so cool, chic and simple. You will love this look.

Color Pleat

colors green bomber jacket

This supermini dress is paired with the bomber jacket for a sporty-chic look. The colorful dress does not need any jewelry because it is interesting enough.
Pair it with thigh high boots and a small bag in a little light color for even better effect.

I have shown you the 14 super simple, creative and modern clothes that include a green bomber jacket. After these outfit ideas you will hopefully consider buying this jacket, or if you already have it, you can explore the new ways to combine it.