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Metallic Shorts Shiny Outfit Ideas for

Metallic Shorts Shiny Outfit Ideas for Ladies

Looking relaxed doesn't always mean you have to see a profile, today I'm going to show you something very special that can literally get your shine, which is the metallic shorts. For those who wear jeans shorts all the time, especially in the summer, the metal shorts are usually something that can make you look even more relaxed and even sporty. In summary, they are probably the easiest shiny item to pull off among all the shiny pieces like sequin dresses and metallic boots. To better show you how to style them, I've collected some of the best metal shorts for you. Let's jump in right now.

Metallic shorts in silver with white print tee and black cardigan

A very typical way to wear the metallic shorts is to simply pair them with a white tee and sneakers, but I'll start with this list of outfit ideas with a little surprise for you. To create this stylish stocking suit you can wear a white print tee with silver metallic mini shorts. Put a long black cardigan over them so that your legs look longer and slimmer. Wear black ballet flats for the shoes to add a feminine touch to the suit.

Rose Gold Metallic Shorts with White and Black Chiffon Sleeveless Top

When it comes to metal shorts, it is likely that you would immediately think about the silver shorts. There are really more colors to it. For example, here are a pair of rose gold metal shorts. You can pair it with a black and sleeveless chiffon top and black, open toe sandals to complement the outfit elegantly.

White fitted knit sweater with silver metallic shorts

white fitted knit sweater with silver metal shorts

To achieve a very minimal and beautiful business-free look, try to use the white and silver colored combination. For example, wear a white fitted knit sweater for the top. Pair it with a pair of silver flow shorts in metal. To make the suit even more eye-catching, wear silver-strapped sandals with sliding straps.

White T-shirt with Silver Metallic Running Shorts

white t-shirt with silver metal shorts

This is probably the easiest way to styling a pair of metal shorts. To get this super relaxed look, simply wear a white t-shirt with a pair of silver elasticated waist shorts. Wear white sneakers to complete the suit in a clean and simple way.

Gray printed t-shirt with Silver Running Shorts and white sneakers

gray print tee with silver shorts and white sneakers

Here is a really sporty outfit that can also make you look girly and youthful. To achieve this amazing look, you can simply wear a gray printed tee with a pair of silver metallic mini shorts. Pair all these pieces with white sneakers to complement the outfit in a clean and sporty way.

Pale pink velvet blouse with gold metal shorts

light pink velvet blouse with gold metal shorts

This outfit is a very interesting and also successful attempt to put the metal shorts together with a semi-gloss top. To get this look you can wear a light pink velvet in long sleeve blouse with a pair of gold metallic mini shorts. Pair them with bare platform sandals to look even more chic.

Gold flowing shorts with black teddy jacket

gold flowing shorts with black teddy jacket

To make your metallic shorts stand out even more, simply pair them with black pieces. For example, you can wear a black crew shirt with a black neck with a black teddy jacket for the top. For the bottom, wear gold mini flowing metal shorts, black socks and a pair of black leather heels to complete this remarkable look.

Gray sweater with silver Metallic Flowy Shorts

gray sweater with silver metallic floating shorts

Here is a much more relaxed outfit, especially compared to the previous one. To get this simple look, simply use a heather gray sweater for the crew neck for the top. Pair it with silver elastic waist metallic mini shorts. For the shoes, keep your clothes simple and relaxed by using white sneakers.

White chiffon shirt with silver shorts

white chiffon with silver shorts

As mentioned a little earlier, the color combination of white and silver can often give you a simple yet stylish look. For example, you can wear a white chiffon shirt with buttons paired with a pair of silver-elasticated waist shorts. Pair them with pink ribbon open toe heels to complement the costume with a ladylike touch.

Wear with white Maxi Cardigan & Vest Top

vit maxi cardigan vest top

This is a very unique and windy layer that is especially for those who are not afraid to look different. To create this stunning look, you can wear a white vest top with silver elasticated waist shorts. Put a maxi white cardigan over them. Wear black strap sandals for the shoes to look even more stylish and unique.

White T-shirt with silver metallic mini-shorts

white t-shirt with silver metallic mini shorts

At first glance, this seems like another white t-shirt outfit. But if you look closely, it's actually a sexy little outfit. Wear a white half-blue t-shirt over the top on a white bralette. Pair them with silver metallic mini-shorts and a pair of gray suede boots to complete the stunning look.

Black T-shirt with silver shorts & sneakers

black t-shirt with silver shorts and sneakers

Usually silver looks nice with white, but if you want the silver piece to stand out more, it is also not bad to pair it with black. For example, you can wear a black t-shirt with silver metal shorts. Wear black crew socks and black sneakers to complement the sporty and casual look.

White sleeveless shirt with silver metallic mini shorts

white sleeveless shirt with silver metallic mini-shorts

For a girly and customizable look, you can wear a white sleeveless collar shirt. Pair it with high waist mini silver shorts. For the shoes you can wear a pair of black suede ankle strap heels to look more ladylike and elegant.

White sweater with Flowy Silver Metallic shorts

white sweater with liquid silver shorts in silver

This is a very cozy and comfortable stylish business suit. To form it you can wear a white casual fit shirt with a pair of silver flowing mini-shorts. Use a neon pink and gold leather shoulder bag to look more stylish. Finally, wear light pink heels with open toe to complement the outfit elegantly and feminine.

Here are some silver metallic shorts outfit ideas that can make you look shiny and natural at the same time. Try these clothes even if you are not used to wearing shiny items. The list above can actually be a good place to open a new path for your outfit game.