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Tied-Around-Waist Outfit Ideas for Women

Tied-Around-Waist Outfit Ideas for Women

When we see that people have their shirts or jackets tied around the waist, it seems that they just feel hot and that they just take off their shirts and tie them around the waist so they don't have to wear them. That's partly true. Yes, sometimes we do it when we feel hot. But in many cases they tie their shirts around the waist to look good. Don't underestimate how a shirt tied around the waist can affect your outfit. It's actually a fun styling trick. In this article I will share with you some of the coolest ideas about shirt tied-around the waist.

White tee, denim shorts and boyfriend shirt tied around the waist

white tee boyfriend shirt tied around the waist

To start the list, I will share with you one of the most iconic casual street outfits. You only need four pieces, which I'm pretty sure most of you already have in your wardrobes. You simply need your white t-shirt, denim shorts and sneakers. For sneakers, white sneakers or converse are the perfect choice. Then tie a plaid boyfriend shirt around the waist to complete the minimal casual look. Not only because boyfriend shirt can add a lot of style to your outfit, it also reduces the waist.

Jeans and denim jacket

denim jacket tied around the waist

The previous outfit idea also works if you replace denim shorts with jeans. The picture above shows that not only does the checked boyfriend sweater work, you can also tie a chambray boy sweater or denim jacket for this outfit. It gives a lot of style to a relatively ordinary white tee and jeans combination.

Leggings with colorful shirt

wears boyfriend shirt as a cold suit

This outfit is a fantastic demonstration of how to use layers. By tying a colorful checked boyfriend shirt around the waist and adding on top of black leggings, the shirt magically transforms into a beautiful asymmetrical skirt. It makes an excellent casual outfit idea for the fall.

Black tank top, denim shorts and chambray shirt

black tank denim shorts tie around the waist

After talking about how to design a white t-shirt, a black tank top also works wonderfully. The black tank may not make you look as refreshing as a white tee can, but it usually makes you look even narrower. Just pair it with denim shorts and tie a chambray shirt around the waist.

Black T-shirt dress with green jacket

black t-shirt dress jacket tied around the waist

Here's an outfit idea that makes you look feminine and beautiful. It's a smart use of color: all black outfit with green in the middle. You simply need a plain black t-shirt dress and tie a green jacket at the waist for this elegant look.

Sweater dress with cardigan

sweater dress cardigan tied around the waist

Since the former feminine outfit idea is mainly for summer, it is an even more elegant outfit for the fall or winter. You just have to tie a gray cardigan around a light gray sweater dress. The dark gray and light gray layering is what makes the magic happen for this outfit.

Horizontal striped dress with Chambray shirt

horizontal striped dress with chambray shirt

This outfit idea is a good example of how to spice up a horizontal striped dress. For this outfit, the use of color is very important. You can wear a black or navy horizontal striped dress and tie a light blue comrade shirt.

Leather jacket, jeans and blue boyfriend shirt

leather jacket boyfriend tied around the waist

When it comes to color use of color, this outfit idea must be mentioned. This outfit consists of a t-shirt, a black leather jacket, jeans and blue checked boy's shirts. The blue and black suit gives a fantastic casual look.

Black leather dress and jacket

black dress leather jacket outfit

For a cool dark look, try a completely black, leather look. You can wear a black leather dress and tie a black leather jacket around the waist. Although it is a completely black outfit, it is still very eye-catching due to the leather-on-the-leather layer. With enough confidence you can also pull it off.

Harvest top, high waist skirt and boyfriend shirt

crop top high waist skirt tie waist shirt

The tie-around-waist trend also works for skirts. For a street look in the summer or fall, simply pair a white crop top with a mini skirt and tie a plaid boyfriend shirt around the waist.

White comfortable sweater with black striped long sleeve tee

white comfy sweater tie waist striped tee

This outfit idea is completely different from the others mentioned. It consists of a white comfortable sweater, a black skirt and a black striped long-sleeved t-shirt tied around the waist. This combination of textures and colors is quite unique and the result is surprisingly good.

Black overall with striped tee

black overalls striped tee around the waist

Another unique use of layering is to pair a black overall with a black or navy striped long sleeve shirt around the waist. This is a nice trick to make the waist look narrower.

Loose striped tee shorts

last shorts striped tee

In my opinion, while boyfriend shirt is the obvious number one trend for tie-around waist, the black or navy striped long sleeve tee is a close second. Another example of using the striped tee is to pair it with a long sleeve white tee and cargo shorts.

White Shirt with boyfriend shirt

shirt around the waist

Here is a unique apron outfit idea. You can pair a heather gray sweater, a white shirt with a chambray boyfriend shirt around the waist.

White T-shirt, leggings and denim jacket

white tee leggings boyfriend shirt

For a casual and stylish autumn outfit, you can wear a white tee and black leggings with a denim jacket tied around the waist.

Tying your shirt or jacket around the waist is a magic trick that can upgrade your casual outfit instantly. You can see from the above ideas that there are many opportunities you can play around. My favorite idea among the list is the combination of white tee, denim shorts and boy's shirt. For fans of boyfriend shirts, by the way, you should also check out our blog post on the best ideas for boyfriend shirts.

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