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Plaid Leggings Outfit Ideas

Plaid Leggings Outfit Ideas

When you think of comfortable staples, what comes to your mind first? If you ask for my opinion, I would definitely say leggings and sweater. These two staples are the home clothes that I really enjoy wearing. But if you want to continue wearing leggings all day and outside, you should switch to some printed options. Plated leggings are the perfect solution for another day or night occasion.
Plaid as one of the most popular designs in a long time is simply inevitable. If you were thinking of something casual and comfortable, but modern at the same time, checkered leggings are the perfect solution. I have collected many looks just for you. Scroll down to see outfit ideas that I have prepared for you.

White sweater and plaid leggings

plaid sweater

Comfortable and relaxed combinations are my favorites. Cozy sweaters, flattering leggings and white sneakers present some of my favorite items. Combined with a wonderful weekend outfit, this look is perfect for meetings with your friends, coffee or leisurely walks. A mix of classic print and the interesting beige sweater is just fantastic and very chic.

Dark burgundy color

checkered leggings burgundy

Burgundy shades, wine and dark red are all wonderful shades for winter time. Combining your winter clothes doesn't have to be boring. You can mix prints and colors to get amazing and warm clothes. This girl chose plated leggings, burgundy turtleneck and beautiful wine espadrilles. If you need a workwear inspiration, this look can be perfect for that.

Winter Leggings

plaid leggings winter

Wearing leggings in winter is no longer prohibited. You can wear plaid leggings now because they are made of warm material! Combine them with a navy blue sweater and don't worry about the cold. You can finish this look with ankle or Chelsea boots or choose high heels. This look is perfect for everyday wear, but you can also consider it as your workwear inspiration.

Leopard Print Coat

checkered leggings leopard

Leopard print is still considered provocative and definitely not appropriate. But It Girls try to show us how we can carry leopard and in general animal print as everyday and casual prints. This girl decided to wear plaid leggings and leopard prints. She mixes everything with elegant black pumps, statement earring and red lipstick.

White buttons and plaid leggings

checkered leggings white button down

I have realized that I can mix elegant things with modern and trendy. These combinations are impeccable, and they always look fantastic. For example, take a look at the elegant and polished white button down. Combined with red plated leggings, it gets the whole new look – modern and interesting. You can add white apartments, which are very trendy and elegant. This blend is perfect for everyday use.

Parisian Chic

checkered leggings Parisian chic

I love the striking and elegant style of Parisian women. They pair elegant and simple staples with modern ones to get amazing and polished outfit combinations. White buttons in combination with plaid leggings make a beautiful combination. It is simple and very elegant. Accessories like black baskets and leather bag are just perfect to add to this look.

'90s Vibe

checkered leggings retro

If you belong to generation Z and you were born in the 90's, you know how much influence the style of that time has today (and always, if you ask me). The yellow sweater is printed with the red message, while the pants are black and white with a high waist. This combination looks trendy, youthful and very relaxed.

Elegant in high-heeled boots

checkered leggings office

Did you ever consider wearing leggings to work? If your answer is yes, I would say it's more than possible to do it! For example, this outfit looks completely professional and business-like. Navy blue sweater is in pairs with plaid leggings and high-heeled boots. It's a comfortable outfit that you can wear every day as an office or temporary look.

Big red sweater

checked leggings oversized shirt

Oversized shirts are my passion for a long time. I can say that generally large clothes are my favorite wardrobe. It is comfortable, elegant and always elegant. This fashion girl chose an oversized red sweater, plaid leggings and black heeled ankle boots. Clothes like this are perfect for having a cup of coffee outside, in the office or even business meetings.

Blazer and leggings

plaid leggings red plaid

Red plaid looks chic and grunge at the same time. Striped blazer may be a surprising object in style, but it seems pretty good actually. Add some masculine looks with these black studded Oxford shoes. This combination is perfect for office or everyday wear.

Green Plaid

checkered leggings green

When it comes to routine, red definitely dominates. But I've collected many wonderful outfit ideas, so I've found these lovely green leggings. In combination with the black leather jacket, this gives a nice and grunge vibe. Ankle boots with block heels or cycling boots would be a great choice to finish this look.

Sweater with leggings

checkered leggings sweatshirt

Gray sweater is probably one of my favorite comfy items. Pairing these home items with more relaxed stuff is something you need to try. Don't hesitate to pair your red plaid leggings with sweater and heels. Yes, you have read well. Heels can be the perfect choice for this outfit. You can choose between beep toe and classic pumps. Whatever you choose, the result will be the same – fantastic.

Matching plaid shirt and leggings

checkered leggings matched

If you want your clothes to be matching and blended, then go for the same pattern as your button-downs and leggings. You can recreate this girl's look by matching your checkered leggings, shirt while your printed sweater remains low. Don't forget red details – bag and the rest of the gold jewelry. Finish everything with patent leather pumps.

I hope you liked these clothes. Leggings should be a part of your daily routine, not just for the gym.
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