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Perfect Cocktail Dresses

Perfect Cocktail Dresses

What are cocktail dresses?

A cocktail dress is a dress for formal parties and special events, but is a little less formal than a black tie. They are usually a little shorter than ball gowns, mostly between knee and calf length, although they can also be shorter. Historically, they used to be longer, but modern cocktail dresses can be whatever length you prefer. Obviously, this is a fairly broad category, so there is a wide range of dresses that can be considered cocktail dresses, from the simple to the superfine. There is also a clothing style that suits absolutely all body types, so keep reading to find your perfect cocktail dress!

Sexy cocktail dresses

Cocktail dresses are the perfect choice for when you want to look sexy but still keep it stylish. A sexy cocktail dress is the perfect choice for a semi-formal party or a great night out. Look for fitted styles or cuts that show your favorite features, whether you want a short skirt to show off your legs or a low neckline to mark your wonderful cleavage. To avoid moving out of the cocktail dress's territory in club clothes, keep things a little more discreet by showing off only one body part at a time. Remember that subtle can be very sexy! You can also pay attention to certain body parts by looking for dresses with sequins or other embellishments, which also help to make the dress more stylish and suitable for special events.

Mother Kocktail Dress

Dressing up while pregnant can be a bit problematic, but there are plenty of cocktail dresses designed to fit a baby bump! This is not a specific dress style as such, but obviously these dresses differ slightly from sexy cocktail dresses or vintage cocktail dresses. You can look for a shape that completely lets go of your body, or choose an empire at the waist for a more custom style. Cocktail dresses are quite often made from slightly more expensive fabrics than everyday clothes, so this is a great opportunity to find a fabric that drapes nicely. Grecian-style cocktail dresses are a popular style that translates very well into maternity clothes. There is no reason why pregnancy should stop you from looking beautiful at your next formal event!

Remember that your body can change very quickly, so try to buy a dress as close to the event as possible, just to avoid any catastrophe at the last minute. Look for dresses in comfortable fabrics that aren't too restrictive, and if possible wear it a little while before the event, just to make sure it will be comfortable. There's nothing worse than getting caught up in a party in a dress that gets stuck in all the wrong places!

Vintage cocktail dresses

While a vintage cocktail dress is technically all cocktail dresses from a past era (usually at least 20 years old, but the definition varies), the term is often used to describe a specific type of cocktail dress, based on 1950s styles. Dresses from other periods can also be described as cocktail dresses, but even modern cocktail dresses are often called & # 39; vintage style & # 39; whether they have a late 1940s or 50s silhouette, with a fitted waist and full skirt. The term "cocktail dress" was actually first used in the 1940s by Christian Dior, so these reflect the first cocktail dresses!

If you are buying genuine vintage clothing you have to be very careful when checking for quality. Inspect all zippers and other fasteners and check the fabric very carefully with stains or holes. Avoid garments with strong odors, as they are extremely difficult to remove, even for a professional cleaner. Necessary repairs and cleaning of vintage clothes can easily be quite expensive, but for a really special dress it may be well worth it!

Cocktail dresses of this style, whether real vintage or modern reproductions, make absolutely stunning evening wear as they create the perfect sexy yet elegant silhouette. For a truly vintage look, look for Asian-inspired brocade fabrics or beautifully textured retroforms. In modern dresses inspired by vintage design, black and white are particularly popular choices for a sophisticated look.

Plus size Cocktail dress

Cocktail dresses are great for larger size women because the wide variety available makes it possible for you to choose the perfect dress to showcase all your favorite features. You can choose a sexy dress that shows your legs or cleavage, or choose something more discreet. Lace is a fantastic fabric for all cocktail dresses and has the advantage that it lets you cover and reveal some skin at the same time! Remember that many "plus-sized" dresses are actually designed for incredibly different body types, so you may have to try a lot before finding one that is perfect, especially if you are looking for a more precisely tailored style. If this dress is for a very big occasion, or if it is an investment that you are planning to wear a lot, it may be worth paying a little extra to get it fitted exactly to your body.

If you are a particularly busty lady, giving you something else to think about – while many strapless cocktail dresses have built-in bra, you may find that a real bra is more comfortable, especially if you are going to wear your dress for a while. If so, look for cocktail dresses with sleeves or wide straps. Darker colors can help the visually narrower body, if that's what you are looking for, but in a less formal event, bright colors are a great way to have fun with your cocktail dress!

Small black dress

Technically just one color of the dress, the little black dress is actually so much more! Elegant and sophisticated, a black cocktail dress is perfect for pretty much any formal or semi-formal event and can easily dress up or down depending on the occasion. Especially in rich fabrics such as lace or velvet, a small black dress is elegant enough for everyone except the most formal occasions, but as long as there isn't too much in the way of sparkles or embellishments, it can also be dressed down for more everyday wear. For the most versatile black cocktail dress, look for classic silhouettes and cuts and strive for a shorter length to avoid looking too frumpy. Black also makes a great backdrop for fabulous accessories, so try using statement jewelry or a fabulous bag to completely change the look of your dress. Choose the right little black dress and it will make you look amazing for years!

Find the perfect cocktail dress for your body shape

Once you've decided what kind of dress you want and thought a little about what styles and colors would work for you, it's time to limit it even further! There is so many cocktail dresses out there that can be overwhelming, so cut down the selection by focusing on which would work best on your own personal body shape.

Apple shaped

If you are an apple shape, you will have a slightly larger upper body compared to the legs and will probably tend to carry weight around the midsection. You may have fairly wide shoulders compared to your narrower hips and may also have fairly full breasts. The most flattering dresses for you are probably the ones that foam your body and create a smooth and elongated silhouette. A wheezing v-ring shows your beautiful cleavage and draws the eye upwards instead of outwards. Fuller skirts also help make your lower body more proportional to the upper body. Avoid overly sticky fabrics – even though this actually applies to cocktail dresses for all body shapes, as cheap fabric destroys the formality of the dress! In terms of color, dresses in solid color will probably be most flattering, as they help to unite and extend the body.


This is probably the most common female body shape and involves hips that are wider than the rest of the body. Balance your proportions by paying attention to your upper body – try ornate bodies or stylish neckline like halter neck. Especially if you are a less busted pear shape, a strapless neckline can really suit you. Alternatively, you can use accessories to do this, such as chandelier earrings or a statement necklace.

As for the skirt, an A-line or flowing skirt will skim over the hips, but a tighter skirt can also look wonderful, as long as the fabric is of good quality and well fitted. Go for slightly longer skirt lengths to avoid creating a & # 39; band & # 39; of fabric around the hips. Show off the waist with a fitted dress or belt, or maybe choose a dress that has different colors at the top and bottom. If you do this, make sure to keep the darker color on the bottom, so that attention is directed towards the upper body!

Rectangular shaped

If your body has a fairly straight shape, with even hips and shoulders, and not much definition around the waist, you are a rectangle shape. This may be a very elegant shape (many models have that shape!), But you may want to create the look of a curvy figure. Look for dresses that are narrower at the waist, but avoid all the waist details that add extra bulk. A peplum can create the illusion of a narrower waist. Alternatively, try different colors on the top and bottom of the body.

As pear shapes, it may be good for you to highlight your upper body with bright colors, patterns, embellishments or accessories. Detailed neckline also helps visually add dimension to the upper body. Avoid looser dresses with less fitted silhouettes.


An hourglass body shape tends to be the most admired shape, so choose a cocktail dress to show off! You have an hourglass body if your hips and shoulders are about the same width, with a much narrower waist. A fitted cocktail dress that highlights your wonderful shape is a good bet, so look for high quality fabrics that will describe your curves without creating any extra lumps or bumps. Defining the waist makes everything look proportionate and avoids adding extra bulk to your shape.

Try fitted bodycon or shift dresses and experiment with different neckline and skirt lengths depending on whether you want to look sexy or elegant (or both!). You will also look fantastic in the 50s dresses with a sipped waist and full circle skirt. In essence, probably all shapes that fit around the waist fit! All other details are just a matter of personal taste and what part of your body you want to show off.

Inverted triangle

If you have narrow hips and wider shoulders, with a large bust, you are an inverted triangle shape! The best cocktail dresses for you are the ones that balance your proportions and prevent you from looking too heavy. Strapless dresses will probably look good on you, but you should avoid neckline outside the shoulders as they will widen your shoulders further. Shoe necks and v-necks also help create an elegant upper body shape, especially if you have good cleavage to show off. Avoid shoulder details.

When it comes to the best skirts, look for cocktail dresses that add volume around the hips. Whole or A-line skirts make for wonderful classic cocktail dresses, and they will look great on you! Softer, more draped fabrics will help you get all the right curves and will probably suit you better than shift dresses made of stiff fabrics.

Access your cocktail dresses

Since the perfect cocktail dress can be a pretty expensive investment, you want to get as much wear as possible. The best way to do this is to use accessories so that your wonderful dress can be customized for many different events! Obviously regular dresses tend to be the easiest to play with statement accessories, but you can change the look of all cocktail dresses if you think about it a bit. Sparkling and metallic accessories will add a lot of glamor and make your dress perfect for the evening, while simple black looks elegant and striking.

Think about your jewelry, your hair, your bag and your shoes. Towering stilettos look very different to apartments and an elegant update that is very different from messy beach waves. You can also use accessories to highlight your best features. A statement necklace will highlight your cleavage, while bright shoes will draw your eye down your legs.

For the ultimate dress everywhere, a small black dress is the best option – there is no limit to the number of ways you can dress up! You can even get a cocktail dress to work every day if you add booties and a cardigan, or even a sweater.