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Blue Boots for Women

Blue Boots for Women

When it comes to boots, the simplest ones are to style the black boots, while the brown boots are a close second. There is no doubt that the black and brown look wonderful with many clothes of different styles, but it is always fun to try some unique and more creative. In this blog post I am going to explore some of the best ways to wear blue boots. Let's check out the leaderboard I've set up now.

Navy blue short boots with felt hat

navy short boots felt hat checkered shirt

To start with the list I will show you a really relaxed but unique outfit. The boots that are involved in the outfit are not that difficult to design really because it is actually navy blue boots instead of light blue. You can simply pair them with a black and white plaid shirt and ripped skinny jeans. Wearing a navy felt hat can add an extra uniqueness to the suit.

Green turtleneck sweater with blue heeled heels with heels

green turtleneck blue pointed footsteps

The blue pointed leather ankle boots seem to blend in very naturally with this minimal outfit. The suit consists of a forest green turtleneck and leggings made of black leather. A nice trick to better glue all the pieces together is to carry a blue bag that matches the boots.

Royal blue suede ankle boots with black wool coat

royal blue suede boots

Now let's talk about boots that are actually light and eye-catching, like the royal blue suede boots. You can wear the boots with a black knit sweater, a black wool coat and black leather clothes. The royal blue boots really stand out in this all black outfit and make the outfit much more interesting to look at.

Black sweater dress with royal blue ankle boots

black sweater dress royal blue ankle boots

Here is another outfit that involves the sharp looking royal blue ankle boots. The suit consists of a black sweater dress, a white leather jacket and socks to go with the royal blue boots.

Thigh high royal blue boots with long black wool coat

thigh high royal blue boots black wool coat

If you think that even the royal blue ankle boots are not eye-catching enough, you might want to try this outfit with thigh high royal blue boots. You can simply wear them with a black sweater dress and a black long wool coat. As bright as the boots' color is, the black and blue outfit actually looks pretty natural when put together. If you really want a slightly more low-profile version of this outfit, replace the royal blue boots with gray suede boots.

Navy Felt Hat with matching knee high suede shoes

navy blue felt hat that matches knee high suede shoes

By implementing a smart layering technique you can often get a good look. This outfit is a fantastic demonstration of such technology. Wear a gray and white striped t-shirt with long sleeves and a long gray vest over it. For the bottom, wear light blue skinny jeans with navy knee high boots. To add a little extra style and elegance, wear a gray handbag and a navy felt hat.

Sky blue knitted sweater with blue suede ankle shoes

sky blue knitted sweater suede ankle boots

To get a look that is both feminine and stylish, you may want to consider this outfit. It consists of a white collar shirt wearing under a sky blue knit sweater for the top. Wear a black leather in black leather and blue suede boots at the bottom.

Blue rain boots with wool coat & leggings

blue rain boots wool coat leggings

These days, the rain boots are designed so beautifully that they have become an important part of the fashion world. As an example of designing the blue rain boots you should have a printed sweater and a black wool coat for the top. Pair these pieces with a black mini skirt, socks and blue rain boots with high knees. Wear a black felt hat to give an artistic feel. For more ideas on rain boots, check out our previous blog on what to wear with rain boots.

Sky blue 3-piece set of sweater, jeans and ankle boots

sky blue sweater jeans ankle boots

Sometimes it is adorable to wear the same color for your entire outfit. Structure is a key to looking good with such an outfit. As a good example of that, wear a sky blue fluffy knit sweater with ripped jeans of the same color. Finally, you complement the outfit with sky blue ankle boots.

Light blue knee high rain boots with white cardigan

light blue knee high rain shoes

Here is another elegant outfit that involves the rain boots. Wear a black t-shirt with a gray and white knitted sweater cardigan. Wear black leggings with sky blue knee high rain boots. It still amazes me every time I see a pair of rain boots that look so beautiful. They simply blend in perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

Blue printed long sleeve dress with high boots

blue printed long sleeved dress dress knee high boots

A good way to style a pair of blue knee-high suede boots is to simply wear it with a blue dress. For this outfit, a printed blue shift dress is chosen to create a refreshing and youthful look.

Gray and ivory sweater with sky blue fluffy ankle boots

gray and ivory sweater sky blue fluffy ankle boots

The sky blue fluffy ankle boots look really cute. You can wear them with a comfortable gray and ivory sweater for the top and just wear slim jeans for the bottom.

Blue ankle boots with black pencil skirt and long cutter

blue ankle boots black pencil skirts outfit

For a work suit you can wear a black sweater with a long fur collar black trainer for the top. Wear a black pencil skirt with socks and the blue ankle boots at the bottom to get the beautiful and feminine look.

I hope you enjoyed the list of blue boots antiques that I just shared with you. Blue boots are really a bit difficult to pull off, but the list above can definitely help you get started. Make sure you also check out our thousands of other outfit ideas through the website for more inspiration for outfit ideas.