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Orange Shorts Outfit Ideas for Ladies

Orange Shorts Outfit Ideas for Ladies

When it comes to wearing shorts, the denim shorts, especially for the blue ones, may come to mind first. There are also some popular shoes such as white shorts, leather shorts and khaki shorts that you may have already used. But today, what I am talking about may be something you did not even intend to wear, namely the orange shorts. They may sound like something that is very difficult to style but they really are not. Not only that, you can actually very easily build happy clothes around them. Now let me show you some of the best orange shorts outfit ideas I've collected.

White tee with orange shorts and nude sandals

white tee with orange shorts and nude sandals

As with other types of shorts, the orange shorts with white t-shirt are probably the easy way to style and it is extremely easy to pull off this outfit. To make this outfit a bit more chic, you can wear nude sandals and a black leather bag to complete the suit.

Black and white striped tee with orange cuff card shorts

black and white striped tee with orange cuffed shorts

Since the orange shorts are mainly designed to build a happy and casual outfit, it makes sense to now produce one of the most iconic items in the world of casual outfit. The magical and popular item with the black and white striped long sleeve t-shirt. Simply pair it with orange cuff card shorts and a pair of sky blue heels to look super refreshing.

Navy blue and white polka Dot Button Up shirt with longer orange shorts

navy and white polka dot t-shirt with longer orange shorts

If you are not confident enough to show most of your legs by wearing mini shorts, here is an outfit idea that involves a slightly larger and longer pair of orange shorts. Simply pair it in a navy blue and white polka dot shirt and a gold metal belt. Complete outfit with white sandals to give a refreshing touch.

White blouse with straw hat and orange mini shorts

white blouse with straw hat and orange mini shorts

To achieve this elegant and refreshing look, the white straw hat is actually the key. For the rest of the outfit you can wear a white chiffon blouse and a pair of orange mini shorts. Wear a pair of black open toe platforms to look more elegant and slimmer.

White chiffon blouse with orange high-rise Mini Shorts

Here is a nice business suit that can give you some extra energy for your day. To achieve this stunning look, you can wear a white chiffon long sleeve blouse with a pair of orange high waist shorts. Wear light pink pointed toe heels and an ivory leather clutch bag to look refreshing and smart.

White blouse with orange combed shorts

white blouse with orange combed shorts

Here is another outfit using the white shirt and orange shorts combination, but this outfit looks so unique because of the nice details. The orange shorts here are a pair of orange combed shorts. Pair it and the white shirt with a pair of pink heels and an orange clutch bag to look extra happy.

Wear with gray-blue button top and silver sandals

gray blue button up shirt and silver sandals

Now let's look at how you can build an elegant business suit around a pair of orange shorts. To do that, you can wear a gray-blue chambray button with shirt with orange shorts. Pair them with silver sandals and a black and white striped bag to complete this remarkable look.

Black tank top with tribal printed mini shorts

To look super casual and summery, let's wear a pair of tribal orange mini shorts instead of a typical one. For the rest of the suit, wear a black top and a light pink leather bag. Wear black and gold metallic banded sandals to make the outfit more unique and eye-catching.

White crocheted sweater with mini shorts

This is a very cozy and fun outfit that uses a nice little trick. The trick is to wear a white semi-solid crocheted sweater over a white vest top to look sexy without showing any skin at all. Pair them with orange mini-shorts and a pair of pink heels with open toe to look skinny and ladylike.

White and black printed crop top with orange mini-shorts

white and black printed crop top with orange mini shorts

Here is an outfit that is especially suitable for those of you who have a lot of effort to get rid of your love handle. To get this look, you can simply wear a white and black printed cropped tank top. Pair it with orange mini-shorts and pale pink strap sandals to look refreshing.

Black and white striped T-shirt with Mini Orange Shorts

black and white striped t-shirt with mini-orange shorts

Sometimes it is the choice of shoes that can turn a stylish outfit into a stylish one. This outfit is a good example of that. The suit consists of a white and black striped t-shirt with v-neck and orange shorts. Now, take that outfit to the next level by wearing a pair of black gladiator sandals.

White peeled T-shirt with orange mini-shorts

white scalloped t-shirt with orange mini-shorts

To look extra cute, you may want to wear a custom designed t-shirt like this white combed tee tee here. Just pair it with orange shorts and a pair of nude sandals to look minimal and refreshing.

Royal Blue Button Up Shirt with Mini Orange Shorts

royal blue button up shirt with mini orange shorts

To look extremely eye-catching is to wear a highly contrasted outfit to be a good alternative. To do that, you can wear a royal blue button-up shirt with a pair of orange mini-shorts. Wear black ankle boots to stylishly complement the outfit.

Gray Scoop Neck T-shirt with flowing shorts

gray t-shirt with scoop neck with floating shorts

To look longer and slimmer, one simple thing you can do is to wear a pair of high waist shorts to visually move the waist. For example, you can wear a pair of high orange mini shorts with a gray t-shirt. Pair them with brown heeled sandals to look even leaner.

White sleeveless Chiffon blouse with orange high rise pleated shorts

white sleeveless chiffon blouse with orange high-height pleated shorts

To get a nice and attractive relaxed business look you may want to try this outfit which is quite easy to pull off. Simply pair a white chiffon sleeveless shirt with a pair of orange high waist pleated shorts. Complete outfit with black strap heels.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these happy orange shorts outfit ideas. For those looking for ways to spice up their summer or spring costumes, the list above should be quite practical.