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Metallic Shirt Shiny Outfit Ideas

Metallic Shirt Shiny Outfit Ideas

There are times when you want a very eye-catching sweater instead of a plain white button shirt. For example, you may want to do it for semi-formal or formal events such as cocktail parties and proms. In these scenarios, using a metal shirt is a very good alternative if you do not prefer to wear a stylish dress. There are mainly three colors to talk about, namely silver, gold and rose gold. To show you how you can achieve this amazing look, here are the metallic sweaters I have collected for you. Let's check them out now.

Silver metallic shirt with black leather pants

To start this list of great outfit ideas, I'll show you an outfit that is relatively easy to pull off. It is a silver and black look. Simply wear a silver metallic button-up shirt with black leather leggings. You can wear black ballet flats or heels to look clean and elegant.

Silver Sequin Backless Metallic Shirt with Blue Ripped Jeans

silver colored backless metallic shirt with blue ripped jeans

To create this outfit that can make you look stylish and sexy at the same time, you can wear this silver colored short-sleeved backless metallic shirt. Pair the top with a pair of blue-riveted and cuffed boyfriends. Wear a pair of silver heeled metal heeled toe heels to complement the look with a little extra class.

Silver metallic short sleeve shirt with blue jeans

silver metallic short sleeve shirt with blue jeans

Now let's take a 180-degree turn and look at a much more relaxed outfit that you can actually wear in the office. To create this relaxed and stylish look, you can wear a short metallic sleeve shirt in metallic button. Pair it with blue slim cut jeans and black ballet flats to complement the outfit in a clean and minimal way.

Gold Cowl Neck Back Metallic Blouse with black mini skirt

gold cabbage gorgeous back metallic blouse with black mini skirt

To create this attractive and youthful outfit that you can definitely wear to a cocktail party, wear a metallic long sleeve shirt in gold cap for the top. Pair it with a black mini casual fit skirt. For the shoes to look lean and elegant, it would be a good alternative to have a pair of black ankle straps with open toe heels.

Silver Sequin Metallic One Shoulder Shirt with white mini shorts

silver sequin metallic shoulder shirt with white mini shorts

To look low-key sexy without showing much skin at all, you can wear a silver one-shoulder sequin metallic short-sleeved blouse. To make you look lean and tall, you can fight against a pair of white high-rises with mini shorts. Just wear white high heels for the shoes to look slim and refreshing.

Gold Metallic Cowl Neck Blouse with Pearl Blazer

gold metallic cowl blouse with pearl blazer

Here is a very shiny street equipment that can really make you stand out from the crowd. For the top, you can wear a gold cabbage metal shirt with a glossy pearl blue for the top. Pair them with a pair of brown skinny jeans. Wear a pair of black suede ankle boots to stylishly complement the outfit.

Rose Gold Sequin One Shoulder Blouse with Boyfriend Jeans

pink gold sequin a shoulder blouse with boyfriend jeans

Sometimes you can achieve a very good result when you balance an elegant top with a boyish and elegant bottom. For example, you can wear a pink gold metallic sequin blouse with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans to look good. Wear light pink heel sandals to give a ladylike touch.

Rose Gold Metallic Blouse with white blazer and light blue denim shorts

pink gold metallic blouse with white blazer and light blue denim shorts

To look more youthful, you can wear denim shorts instead of wearing jeans. In detail to achieve this sweet and eye-catching cocktail party look, you can wear a pink gold metallic shirt with a white blazer for the top. Pair them with light blue ripped mini denim shorts. Wear white heels to complete the costume in a clean and refreshing way.

Gold metallic cropped blouse with black leather legs

gold metallic cropped blouse with leggings in black leather

To create this elegant and elegant black and gold look, you can wear a metallic gold sequin sweater on top. Pair it with black leather legs to give an elegant touch and also make your legs look extra long. Wear heels with open toe in gold sequin to complement the outfit with class.

Gold metallic short sleeve T-shirt with red Midi skirt

gold metallic short sleeve t-shirt with red midi skirt

To create this super-shiny and bright look, you wear two shocking colors in gold and red. Wear in detail a gold metallic short sleeve top with a red midi straight cut skirt. Wear a pair of black banded heels for your shoes to look stylish and creative.

Black and silver vertical striped metallic shirt dress

black and silver vertical striped metallic shirt dress

To create this super cool look, let's look at a little variation of a metallic shirt in this shirt dress. In detail, the dress is a black and silver striped metallic mini-shirt dress. You can pair it with black leather boots to get a simple yet stunning look.

Gold Sequin Oversized Shirt with Mini Denim Shorts

gold sequin oversized shirt with mini-denim shorts

One way to make the legs look extra long and slim is to wear a long or large top with a pair of mini shorts. For example, you can wear a white big tee with a golden metallic big shirt. Pair them with a pair of light blue mini denim shorts. Wear silver heels to make this stunning look.

Rose Gold Button Up Metallic Shirt Dress with high boots in the thigh

pink gold button up metallic shirt dress with high thigh boots

Now let's look at any shirt. To build an elegant and minimal costume, you can wear this pink gold metallic button dress with mini card with a pair of gray suede high boots. With eye-catching pieces like these, keeping things simple is the best option.

Gold metallic shirt with black belt & denim cuffed shorts

gold metallic shirt with black belt and denim cuffed shorts

To make some powerful dress for a corporate event, you might want a gold-buttoned metallic shirt with a pair of blue cuffed mini denim shorts. Add a bold and wide black leather belt to the mix. Finally, wear a pair of black ballet heels to keep the suit clean and simple.

I hope you like the metallic sweaters I just shared. These are some really nice clothes, especially when you are not in the mood to have a nice dress for a cocktail party or a prom.