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Marled Knit Sweater

Marled Knit Sweater

Like life, fashion also needs some randomness and lack to shine. What I love most about marbled knit sweaters is the randomness and the unique they can give your clothes. Keep in mind, there are no two identical marbled knit sweaters. Even though most of them are made by machine today, you can still feel the humanity in them. As much as I love the simplicity of solid color clothing, the beauty of marbled knit sweaters just clicks on me. For this blog post I have put together a list of some of the best ways to wear a marbled knit sweater.

Gray marled knitted sweater with black shorts

I just want to surprise you a little by getting your attention with a shorts suit. For me, a sweater and shorts outfit is a fantastic spring and autumn outfit. As a good example, this outfit consists of a gray marbled knit sweater with black shorts. For the shoes, I would recommend white sneakers for a refreshing spring look and ankle boots for a deeper autumn look.

Black and white marbled knitted sweater & leather leggings

black and white marbled knitted sweaters made of leather

If you like to wear your leather clothes, it's quite easy to dress in a cool and dark way like pairing them with a white top and a black leather jacket. Sometimes you may want to design the leather legs in a way that has a softer tone. To do so, you can pair the leather boots with a marbled knit sweater. As you can see in the picture, the result is a beautiful, feminine suit that you can wear to work. For the shoes, black ankle boots, black heels or light pink heels are my recommendations.

Tiffany Blue Marled Knitted sweater with Leggings & Ankle Boots

tiffany blue marled knit sweater ankle

There is always some magic in the color Tiffany Blue that is difficult to explain. It simply looks so beautiful that people just can't ignore it. For a tiffany blue marbled knit sweater so beautiful, you just want to style it with black leggings and black suede ankle boots so as not to remove focus from the sweater.

Cropped sweater with Boyfriend Jeans & Filt Hat

cropped knit sweater boyfriend jeans blanket hat

This outfit is a creative and sexy casual street outfit. Wear a cropped, marbled knit sweater for the top. For the bottom, have ripped boyfriend jeans and white low-cut sneakers. Tie a plaid boyfriend shirt around the waist for a little extra style. Add a touch of artistic nature to your look by wearing a black felt hat. If you are interested in outfit ideas of similar hats, you may want to check out our blog post on how to design a black felt hat.

Cowl Neck black and white marled sweater dress

black and white marbled sweater dress in neck

Knitted sweater dress is one of the items that makes you look so much more ladylike as soon as you wear it. This particular black and white sweater with blazer gives a feminine and mature feel. You can wear this outfit to act as a business suit. Simply pair the sweater dress with knee-high suede boots and a black handbag.

Long marled knitted sweater cardigan with gray dress in t-shirt

long marmalade knitted sweater cardigan outfit

As a variant of the knitted sweater, a long sweater cardigan can definitely help you create a feminine and airy look. This outfit is a good example of that. It consists of a gray washed t-shirt dress, a long marbled knitted sweater cardigan and black thigh high boots. The randomness of the washed dress and cardigan matches just so perfectly to create this fantastic look.

Hooded knitted sweater Cardigan with jeans

hood knitted sweater cardigan jeans

As a much more relaxed way to dress, you can wear a sweater with a sweater in a sweater in a way you would normally wear your sweater with a hood. Simply pair it with jeans and white sneakers to complement this really causal yet unique outfit.

Turtleneck Knitted sweater & white pencil skirt

turtleneck knitted sweater white pencil skirt

For those of you who like to dress as a minimalist, you may consider this as your work suit. The light gray turtleneck-knit sweater and white pencil shirt create a very warm hue. Use nude heels to complement this simple and feminine look.

Knitted sweater Flare Dress with high neck

This is another knit sweater, but this one is more of a street outfit. The high neck knit sweater flare dress has some cool factor and edibility in it. You can create some contrast by pairing it with white sneakers. I can see this outfit as a youthful and low key sexy casual outfit for spring and fall.

Black knitted sweater dress & socks

comfy black marled knitted sweater socks

For a lower profile and mature look, you can wear a comfortable black marbled knit sweater with dresses. Black suede ankle boots would be my choice for the shoes. If you want to know a little more about how to design similar boots, take a look at our blog post on suede leather ideas.

Long Knitted Cardigan with Leather Leggings

long knit sweater cardigan outfit

The artistic look is best suited to designers and artists who are special in their character. Simply pair a white top with a long marbled knit sweater cardigan and leather leggings. Brown suede shoes look really nice with the outfit. Add the last artistic touch by wearing a black felt hat.

Gray and white color blocks knitted sweater & jeans

gray and white color blocks marbled knitted sweater

It is not easy to find a color block shirt that has perfect randomness, but there is still one for this outfit. To design the fantastic gray and white knit sweater, you really want to keep the rest of your outfit simple and just let the sweater shine. Simply pair the shirt with skinny jeans and white sneakers.

I really like to put together a list of marbled knit sweater outfit ideas like this one, which I would actually enjoy reading and using as a reference myself. I hope you find the ideas useful and appreciate the beauty of randomness that I do.