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Burgundy Cocktail Dress Outfits

Burgundy Cocktail Dress Outfits

For those of you who have followed this blog, you know that I am a big burgundy dress fan because the color adds so much depth to the table. For this blog post, I will talk specifically about burgundy dresses that I think would make the perfect cocktail dresses. I've collected some of the nicest burgundy cocktail clothes and put them in a list. Although some of them are really sexy dresses, there are some that are beautiful and do not require you to show much skin. Whatever you prefer, let's check out the list now and find a suit you can wear for your next cocktail party.

Burgundy deep V-neck satin cocktail dress

To start with the list, I'll show you a classic and timeless outfit. It consists of a burgundy deep v-neck satin cocktail dress and silver colored ankle strap with open toe shoes. This is one of those clothes that feels absolutely right to wear at a cocktail party. It just seems to have the right amount of elegance and sexiness. This is the perfect outfit to wear for those who don't want to demand too much attention while still looking beautiful.

Burgundy Cutout Ruffle Cocktail Dress

burgundy cutout ruffle cocktail dress

This dress tells pretty much the main reason why I love burgundy cocktail dresses so much. Look at this burgundy dress. It has some nice cuts. There is no deep v-cut of the neck, nor is there a backless design. Still, the dress looks fantastic. You have to create the color of burgundy for that. You can simply wear pink heels to achieve this adorable minimal outfit.

Burgundy Peplum Ruffle Pencil Dress

burgundy peplum ruffle pencil dress

This dress is very similar to the previous dress. I want to show this outfit just to emphasize my point that a burgundy cocktail dress without sexy clipping can still make you look good in a cocktail party. In this case, it is a burgundy peplum dress that is paired with pink heels to make a smart and simple outfit.

Off Shoulder Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress

off the shoulder fit and flare cocktail dress

For those of you who have beautiful shoulders and don't care about showing some skin, here is a dress that can really make you glow. It's an off-shoulder burgundy fit and flare cocktail dress with a subtle high low cut. Complete this outfit with black ballet heels and a black clutch bag.

Burgundy Multilayer Ruffle Halter Cocktail Dress

burgundy multilayered ruffle halter cocktail dress

I love minimal clothes and I also like clothes with beautiful details too. Here is a dress that has such beautiful and elegant details. It's a burgundy chiffon halter dress with multiple layers of ruffle. It's such a lovely and youthful dress. I would recommend you keep the look young by wearing a pair of light pink heels with open toe. Alternatively, if you like to look a little more mature, you can wear open toe heels in silver case.

Burgundy shift dress with red choker

burgundy shift dress red choker

Here is a windy burgundy shift dress. To add some extra style to the outfit you can wear a red choker and nude open toe sandals. This outfit would be perfect to wear in the summer for dating and friends gathering. It would also be good for outdoor photography.

Burgundy half-heated lace cocktail dress

burgundy half-heated lace cocktail dress

For a feminine look, wear a burgundy half sleeve lace in mini dress. Complete outfit with pale pink heels and a pink handbag for a ladylike and elegant look. It's another one of those dresses that you can feel very comfortable wearing at a cocktail party.

Deep V Neck Velvet Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress

deep v-neck velvet fit and flare cocktail dress

For those of you who don't really know what a "fit and flare dress" means, this dress is a textbook fit and flare dress, with the upper part is a thin fit and the lower part is a cute line skirt. This dress even has a deep cut of the v-neck that takes the dress's sexiness to another level. For an eye-catching dress like this one, simply use it with pale pink open toe heels and you don't need to wear any accessories.

Burgundy deep V-neck gathered waist high low midi dress

burgundy deep v-neck gathered waist high low midi dress

A deep v-neck dress doesn't always have to be a thin fit dress. It may be a loose fit and windy dress like this burgundy gathered wist midi dress. If you look closely, you would also see some more beautiful details in this dress. It has a lovely high cut which makes the dress look even more refreshing. You can complement the outfit with a pair of pink gladiator heel sandals.

One Shoulder Satin Skater Cocktail Dress

a shoulder satin skater cocktail dress

This burgundy skater cocktail dress has a very unique shoulder design. You can simply wear it with silver heels to complement this stylish and sexy asymmetrical outfit.

Burgundy Halter High Split Maxi Cocktail Dress

burgundy high split maxi cocktail dress

Compared to other mentioned dresses this one can be relatively less interesting. But it is actually a nice elegant to have for executives and managers who want to keep their appearance somewhat aggressive and powerful in a cocktail party. To get this look, simply use the burgundy halter with high split maxi dress with silver open toe heels.

Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Pleated Chiffon Dress

strapless sweetheart neckline pleated chiffon dress

The dress can make you look sexy and lovely at the same time. It's a burgundy strapless sweetheart chiffon cocktail dress. Only wear black heels and you're ready to go.

Burgundy collects High Low Wrap Cocktail Dress

burgundy velvet high low wrap cocktail dress

Here is a classy burgundy midi wrap dress. It also has a cool and low cut. Sometimes it is small details like this that distinguish something from decent to good. Pair the dress with a black choker and black ankle strap with open toe heels to complement the outfit with elegance. For more outfit ideas of similar shoes, check out the blog post on how to wear black ankle straps.

Burgundy long sleeve dress

burgundy dress with long sleeves

For those of you who simply hate getting attention but still want to look good, here is a low profile dress. It is a burgundy dress with long sleeves and you can simply pair it with black heels in the heels.

Burgundy gathered waist lace and silk dress

burgundy gathered waist lace and silk dress

For a unique and elegant look, you can wear this two-tone burgundy maxi cocktail dress. The upper part is a lace top while the lower part is a silk skirt. Wear open toe patches in silver to give an extra elegant touch to the look.

Here are the burgundy cocktail dresses that I really like and I want to share with you. For more outfit ideas, check out our other blog posts on the site. We have thousands of outfit ideas waiting for you to discover.