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Fringe Top Outfit Ideas

Fringe Top Outfit Ideas

When it comes to lashes, some people will think of fringed denim shorts or fringed boots. But do you know that fringed details can look really good with your shirts and sweaters too? Today I will explore with you on how to design fringe tops. There is no better way to learn anything than to begin by imitating some very good examples. So I have gathered some really good ideas about fringe top suits and I will share them with you right now.

Black fringe with white skinny jeans

Let's start with this cool list of ideas for the top outfit with a simple and stylish black and white look. To get this look, you can simply wear a black fringe and pair it with white skinny jeans. Wear brown striped platform sandals to add a feminine touch to the overall look.

Gray sleeveless top with white fringes

gray sleeveless top with white fringes

Here is a very ladylike and adorable look that utilizes layers. Wear a gray sleeveless border with a gray wool scarf for the top. Pair them with ripped light blue skinny jeans and light pink pointed toe heels. You can carry a black leather bag to make the dress more stylish.

Pink Fringe Top with Dark Blue Skinny Jeans

pink edging dark blue skinny jeans

Looking completely feminine can often help to use a little pink color in your outfit. For example, you can wear a neon pink fringe with dark blue cuffed skinny jeans. Pair them with pale pink heels to complete the suit. You can also carry a black leather clutch bag to give an elegant touch.

White crochet Winge Fringe top with jeans

white crochet wrap fringed jeans

This is such a refreshing and windy look. To achieve this, you can wear a white v-neck t-shirt with a white long crochet cardigan with fringes. Pair them with blue skinny jeans and a pair of white, strappy heeled sandals to complete the suit.

White Fringe Crop Top with gray and black printed cropped trousers

white fringes crop top gray and black printed crop pants

If you are looking for an outfit that is both sexy and artistic, this is what you might want to try. Wear a white crochet cropped vest top with fringes on top. Pair it with a very eye-catching black and gray printed cropped trousers. Wear a pair of open toe black heels with wide ankle straps for the shoes. Finally, wear a black felt hat for the magical artistic feel.

White Crochet Cropped Fringe Top with Mini Denim Shorts

white crochet crochet striped mini denim shorts

For a summer beach look, instead of wearing a bikini or just t-shirt and denim shorts, here is a good option for you. You can wear a white crochet cropped border with a pair of denim mini shorts. Pair them with bare striped sandals to add some boho style to the mix.

Black Fringe Vest Top with Blue Denim Shorts

black fringe top blue denim shorts

For a cute and youthful look, you can wear a cartoon printed black vest top with lashes. Pair them with cuffed denim shorts and white sneakers to get this lovely and energetic look.

Black fringed cropped t-shirt with skinny jeans & boots

black fringe cropped t-shirt skinny jeans boots

There are always fans of completely black clothes. I know that the dark and cool feeling can be very attractive and it is also very fun to wear it now and then. As an example of such an outfit, you can wear a black lined t-shirt with black skinny jeans. Pair them with black combat boots to add some extra toughness to the suit.

White sleeveless knit sweater with black leather legs

white sleeveless knitted sweaters in black leather leggings

I have already mentioned a black and white outfit earlier in this blog post. That you look artistic and stylish while this one looks more cozy and refreshing. To get this look, you can wear a white sleeveless fringed sweater. Pair it with black leather clothing to give an elegant touch. Complete outfit with black ballet flats to make it look simple and clean.

White sports bra top with black cropped fringe T-shirt

white sports bra top black cropped fringe shirt

Here is a good example of how to use layers to create a sexy look without showing much skin. For the top, you can wear a black cropped angular t-shirt over a white sports bra top. Pair them with blue denim mini-shorts and white sandals to look refreshing and youthful.

Pink side back with white Chiffon Crop Top

pink silk shoulder white white chiffon harvest top

Now let's look at a very special outfit that has a certain boho style in itself. To achieve this unique look, you can wear a white border with a pink printed silk back to look perfectly healthy. Complete outfit with dark blue denim shorts and white and gray patterned calf boots to make the outfit look even more unique and stylish.

White crocheted short-sleeved top with light blue skinny jeans

white crocheted short sleeves top light blue skinny jeans

Here is a very refreshing and relaxed look. Wear a white shirt with short sleeves at the top. Pair it with light blue ripped and cuffed skinny jeans. For the shoes, you can wear a pair of pink platform sandals to add a feminine touch to the outfit.

White Vest Top with French details

white vest top with fringed details

This white border is very different from the ones mentioned above. Usually the fringe details are shown at the bottom of the sweater, but precisely this has the lashes draping from the top of the sweater. To build a beautiful outfit around this stylish and unique vest top, you can wear it with blue puffed jeans to look long and slim. You can hide a pair of nude sandals under jeans to look even taller.

Pink crocheted sleeveless top with long fringes

pink crocheted sleeveless top long fringes

For a layered outfit that looks both stylish and feminine, you can wear a black crop top with a long pink crocheted sleeveless hem on top. Pair it with blue ripped mini shorts and red platform sandals to complement this eye-catching and stunning look.

I hope you like the ideas of top French equipment that I just shared with you above. In addition to the clothes that involve crops, most are actually quite easy to pull off. Test them and have fun with styling.