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Back Zipper Dress Outfit Ideas

Back Zipper Dress Outfit Ideas

There are many different views on the rear zipper or exposed zipper trend. While a group of fashionistas claim to hate them, the others carry it with great respect and happiness. How do you find a balance? If you ask me, I suggest you look at some of the best suit ideas for wearing a zippered zipper.

In fact, back feelings give your dress a nice and exciting look. There is no doubt about that. However, some girls claim that their dresses are ruined by that type of detail. Personally, I don't think zipper dresses back are ruined or boring. I see it as a very interesting garment that you can wear for both casual and elegant occasions.
Let's see how superstars, fashion girls and bloggers wear this beautiful dress.

Coral Red

back zipper dress red eva

Actress Eva Longoria has a nice fit body, so it does not surprise the fact that she wears this lovely bodycon dress. The color of the dress is eye-catching, so you can be sure you will be spotted.
The silver zipper on the back of the dress makes it even more interesting. Make sure to pair it with gold sandals and add a black clutch.

Black and red combination

back zipper dress red black combo

It is always a surprise to see some sportsgirl, as Serena Williams dresses in a super sexy and elegant back zipper. We are used to seeing them in sportswear, but these occasions are really special.
This red dress with black details is great for elegant or formal events. You can wear it with sandals or pointed heels. Serena chose bit-noble, bounced and platform sandals.

Orange – silver combination

back zipper dress orange

Orange is definitely the color of winter. Everyone wears it. It might be the right time for you to look for a super elegant orange bodycon dress, like this one in the picture above.
It has beautiful silver bands that make a cross on the back. Along with this, this dress has a full size zipper, in silver color as well.

Black back zipper dress

back zipper dress black

And there you have a black. If orange, red or any other shade does not seem to be your cup of tea, you can always choose black. It's a simple bodycon dress with silver zipper on the back.
This type of dress is perfect for both everyday and elegant events. You can design it equally well with heels and flats. It is very versatile and flattering clothing.

Red back zipper

back zipper dress red classic

On the other hand, if you liked this last dress, but do not prefer black color, you should choose the red dress. It will definitely make you a head-turner outfit, while remaining elegant and not over-the-line. You should pair this classic dress with nude pointed toe heels.
It may be your new favorite dress to wear.

Blue turquoise

back zipper dress blue

We all want a body that J Lo has. She's just so perfect, no matter how old she is. The turquoise dress looks perfect on her. It has a long zipper at the back while the rest of the dress is low-key and very traditional.
She chose minimal jewelry – a pair of bracelets and a necklace. If you like, you can match this dress with shoes and sandals with high heels and sandals.

Blush Pink Back Zipper Dress

back zipper dress pink pink

Wearing blush pink staples is a trend that is here to stop. Along with the redness of the shade, pink was very popular in the fall / winter, so it wasn't a mistake if you wanted something in this shade.
This dress is elegant. It has long sleeves, and it's not too short. You can wear it with flat sandals for everyday activities or with super high heels for elegant parties and other formal events.

Transparent black dress

back zipper dress clean

If you imagined something super sexy, you were wrong. When I said transparent, I meant only a small part of the neckline. Instead of v-neck, there is pure material.
Anyway, this dress looks very polished and it has clean lines. You can also consider designing it for your working hours. It will look great with some black or nude pumps or slingback sandals.

Sailors Stripes

back zipper stripes

I love stripes. They are one of the eternal patterns that will always be trendy and popular. This blue and white striped dress is great for summer. You can design it with flip-flops or even your beach sandals platform sandals.
The red zipper on the back is the perfect detail, which will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Two-piece dress

back zipper in two parts

Choosing the right ball gown is challenging, but very nice work to do. You know you have to look good, so there is some kind of pressure to choose the perfect dress.
This purple dress in two parts has a back zipper on the body. The lower part has a floral print, and it has the A-line cut. The body has beads in the collar and back.

White back zipper dress

back zipper dress white

For a ladylike look, you can combine this beautiful white zipper in the back with a black belt for an ultimate elegant look.
Finish it all off with nude orange dotted heels and two-tone tote bag. This look is perfect for business meetings, dinners and other elegant occasions.

Two toned back zipper

back zipper dress two toned

If you are bored of these colorful dresses with a shadow, then I have found something for you.
The black and burgundy are known as a perfect pair, so don't hesitate to buy the dress in these two shades. You can design this long sleeve dress with flats for every day. If you want it for more elegant occasions, pair it with super high heels and add some jewelry.

Bandage Dress

back zipper dress here

Herve Leger was the first to introduce bandage dresses to the fashion world. The rest is history.
This gray zippered zipper is a recreation of one of the most popular dresses in the world. It is perfect for elegant occasions.

I hope you liked these outfit ideas!