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Style Tips for Short Waisted Women

Style Tips for Short Waisted Women

Finding the right clothes to flatter your figure is a daunting task. It is already difficult if you have not identified your figure as apple, pear shaped, hourglass, rectangle or inverted triangle. If you are unsure which body type you would be covered in, check how you are wearing the right clothes for your body type.

To further complicate the problem, you discover that your legs are longer than the upper half of the body. You can have a brief torso about:

  • Your tops tend to run long
  • Blouses that are sputtered waist or peplum hit you in a difficult place
  • Mid-rise jeans and pencils usually fit as high-rise buildings
  • Accessories with a belt seem to give you unbalanced proportions

As a short waisted woman, you may find that tops and dresses tend to dress up or become a bag around your waist.

Balancing your proportions creates the illusion that you have a perfect figure. To do this, you need to find clothing that extends your upper half to give you a longer slimmer balance.

For petite women with a short waist, not every trend is worth it. For example, high waisted pants will not flatter your figure.

So what can you wear? Does not become! We at FMag have compiled a list of flattering options for your short waist:

1. Avoid high waist jeans and pants. A high waist gives you balance. Choose low-waisted pants to create the right proportion for your body. Cuff pants are your best friend.

2. Look for straight, extended or tapered legs when looking for pants. This gives you an inverted triangle look. Distressed jeans draw the eye down.

3. Camouflage your short waist by keeping your shirts untouched. By letting the top drape pst, the waist extends your torso. Make sure the peaks are medium to long. Stay away from the peaks with a boat neck style neckline, wide horizontal patterns and volume sleeves, which will only compress your silhouette.

4. Choose longer tops to avoid looking shorter. This gives the illusion that your torso is longer. Plunging neckline extends your frame. Trick the eye to create length with a pattern top.

5. When choosing shirts, go sleeveless, three-quarters or long-sleeved. Choose a v-neck or top ring. An exposed neckline will lengthen your short torso.

6. Choose dresses that float above the waist and have a drop waist, this will create length through your midsection. Shorter dresses make your legs look amazing and extend your lower half further. A faux wrap dress in A-line shape gives you a defined shape without drawing any attention to the waist.

7. Use colors and patterns to your advantage. Pay attention to your lower half by wearing a light colored bottom.

8. Choose long necklaces and scarves to create a longer body line. Cold earrings draw the eye upwards.