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Wide Leg Pants for Women

Wide Leg Pants for Women

If I don't wear a skirt or dress, 9 days out of 10 days, I'll wear either skinny jeans or boyfriends. I think there are many people who are like that too. I simply do it because jeans just work wonderfully with other items like blazers, crop tops, boy's shirts, t-shirts, you name it. But on a day when I'm more creative, I often play with my wide leg trousers, and the result is often surprisingly good. You can wear leggings at all seasons. In this blog post I will share with you some of the best outfit ideas that can make you look amazing.

Plaid naked pink pants with white off-shoulder top

pleated broad leggings pink

I'll start with a summer and spring costume idea. Wearing a white top from the shoulders with a plaid nude pink wide leg trousers and matching sandals can make you look very refreshing and wonderful. This outfit idea can really emphasize the beauty of your legs.

Light gray trousers with white high neck sweater

gray wide leg pants white sweater

If you love to dress as a minimalist, try this outfit idea to pair a white high neck sweater and light gray wide pants. Wear a pair of white or cream heels to complete this clean and beautiful outfit.

Burgundy tie belt pants with black crop top

brown tie belt wide leg pants crop top

Are you bored with popular colors? How about we try to play with the complex color of burgundy. It works best when you pair the burgundy tie belt with a black crop top. Notice that high waisted trousers usually work great with a crop top. This outfit can make you look taller and slimmer. Wear heels so your legs look even longer.

Green leggings with gray knitted sweater

green wide leg pants knitted sweater outfit

When it comes to a color combination that makes you see the girl next to it, it must be the green and lukewarm combination. This outfit idea of ​​wearing a green wide leg trousers with a gray knitted sweater can make you look adorable and incredible attraction. This outfit idea has to be my favorite idea for wide legs in this list.

Gray trousers with cold shoulder blouse

gray cold shoulder blouse embroidered by leg pants

I have shared many interesting ideas that mean that the top and bottom have contrasting colors. For this outfit idea, you can see that matching color tops and wide leg trousers can also work, but gives a completely different style. Pair matching pants and cool shoulder blouse with white heels. It gets a little "too much" if you wear shoes in the exact same color.

Navy blue trousers with gray T-shirt

navy blue cropped wide leg trousers

For a more relaxed look, you can simply wear a navy blue cropped trousers with a gray tee. Wear black or navy sandals with heels to complement this minimal outfit.

Striped trousers with black topped harvest top

striped wide leg pants black crop top

In addition to lone color, stripes work well with wide leg trousers as well. Try pairing a black high-neck top with white wide leg trousers with black stripes for a more unique and artistic look.

Flowers with wide leg trousers with white cold shoulder blouse

flowers with wide leg pants white cold shoulder blouse

Many people know that floral designs look good with dresses. They actually look fantastic with wide leg trousers, but you just have to know how to design it. Wearing a white cold should blouse with floral pants and black heel sandals for an energetic and beautiful look. The accessories are also important. Try big earrings and a long stylish necklace.

High waisted white leggings with matching crop top

all white trousers with wide legs with high waist

I am one of those people who loves to dress everything black and dark every now and then. I think I may have seen too many movies that make the "dark side" look too cool. Anyway, it's also really cool to dress all white sometimes. When it comes to full-white costume, a classic is to wear a white crop top with white wide leg trousers and white sandals. Oh, and a white bag too.

Black floral trousers with black sweater

black sweater flowers with wide legs

Here's another way to wear floral pants. Try to wear a black with a black shirt. The suit is very comfortable and yet creative.

Beach leggings in black leg with white crop top

beach leggings with wide leg with cold shoulder top

I have mentioned that leggings fit all four seasons. This outfit idea is great for a casual collection on the beach in the summer. Pair the wide leg tights with a white crop top or a white tube top to show off some skin and enjoy the summer heat.

Black pants, white tops and black foot boots

white top black wide leg pants boots

What shoes to wear with wide leg pants? You can have heels, flats, sandals and sneakers. And for a wintery style, you can also use boots. Black ankle boots work perfectly with black pants and a white top.

Black leather jacket, nude trousers and black Converse

black leather jacket wide leg trousers converse

Black leather jacket is one of the best friend of black leggings. Putting them together often gives the cool, dark look. For this outfit idea, the slightly oversized black leather jacket, the naked wide leg trousers and the black conversation fit perfectly. This is a nice street look.

Black pants with denim jacket

denim jacket black wide leg pants

If you want something that has a softer tone than a black leather jacket, you can also look good by pairing black pants with a denim jacket.

Navy blue trousers with black leather jacket

black leather jacket navy blue cropped pants

Because black leather jacket only works so well with wide leg pants. I have to share with you another idea of ​​leather jacket. Pairing the navy blue cropped trousers with a perfectly fitting black leather jacket can give you an elegant yet professional look. Not only does the color and texture look good, the combination "slim top, wide bottom" is the trick that makes you look long and slim.

So I've stopped sharing with you my list of favorite ideas with wide leg trousers. I hope you enjoy them. If you like this content you will probably find my blog post on boyfriend jeans also very interesting.