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White Button Up Shirt for Women

White Button Up Shirt for Women

The white button up shirt is one of the most popular items, especially when it comes to workout clothes. Don't you just wear it with a black dress pants or a formal pencil skirt? Yes, you can, of course. But if these are the only ways you wear it, you care about missing out on a lot of fun. The only purpose of this blog post is to simply show you how much more creative you can design the white shirt. Let's check out the list of my favorite costume ideas and see if you think any of these are right for you.

White Button Up Shirt with Leather Leggings

white button shirt leather leggings heels

I start the list with something nice but you don't see every day. A cool way to wear the white shirt is to wear it nasty with black leather clothes and open toe heels. I really like the simplicity of this outfit and the character in it.

Wear with felt hat and black denim skirt in color

white button up shirt color black skirt felt hat

This outfit is especially suitable for those working in the creative industry. Wear the white shirt with a midi color block denim skirt and a matching color felt hat. If you find that a felt hat is a bit too much to wear, think again. You can find out more about how you look cool with felt hats in our other blog post.

Wear with skinny jeans & heels

white shirt skinny jeans heels

I will still touch on the more typical ways to design a white button-up shirt because these outfit ideas can be very useful for those of you who are not allowed to wear suits to work. As a classic smart casual outfit, you can pair a nasty white boyfriend shirt with skinny jeans and heels.

Wear cuffed jeans with shirt inserted

tucked in white shirt cuff jeans

On the other hand, you can look more elegant and professional by pushing in your shirt. For this case, instead of a boyfriend shirt that is slightly oversized, you want a white shirt that fits just right.

Wear long button shirt with long line jacket

long line jacket up shirt white

This is a beautiful and creative outfit idea that involves some smart stock tricks. Wear a white shirt dress with a long-line jacket. The black felt hat is the icing of the cake for this fantastic outfit.

Tied white shirt dress with peep toe boots

tied white button up shirt dress open toe boots

For a nice sexy low key look, you might want to try this knotty white shirt dress. Wear it with black crop top and black skinny jeans with high waist just to show a little waist. Complete this outfit with open toe boots.

Wear formally with pleated Midi pencil skirt

white button up shirt pleated midi pencil skirt

After sharing with you some elegant and creative outfit ideas, this is what you can wear formally to work. Just wear the white shirt with a pleated midi skirt and black heels. It's a classic way to dress simply and formally, but you can still add some twist to the suit by wearing a beautiful watch to avoid looking too boring.

Wear long white shirt with gray cropped sweater

gray cropped sweater white button up shirt

This is another example of playing tricks with layers. The outfit idea uses the cropped sweater to layer on top of the white shirt to raise the waist in an attempt to make you look taller. Wear a high waist skirt to complement this trendy outfit.

Dress with white button button with long cardigan sweater

long dress with white collar

Let's continue talking layering here. This outfit uses the gray long cardigan sweater layered over a white dress. And the store doesn't just stop there. The high thigh socks and ankles complement this elegant outfit that is perfect for autumn and spring.

Wear with gray jogs and sneakers

button up white shirt joggersneakers

I can't say how much I actually hesitate to put this outfit idea on the list. The joggers and the white shirt combination look just as adventurous, even on paper. But to be honest, look at this outfit, wearing the white shirt with gray joggers and sneakers looking really surprisingly matched. Still, I will recommend this outfit idea to you who are so confident and who are not afraid to dress well ahead of time.

Wear under a sweater with Ripped Jeans

white button up shirt under shirt ripped jeans

At this point you should have realized that the white button up shirt is just one item that you can play storage with. Wear a slim sweater over your white shirt. You want to wear it in a way that you can still show the collar of the shirt, the ends of the sleeves and the bottom to look more stylish and elegant. For the bottom, simply wear slim jeans and point-heeled heels. I can see this as a comfortable and smart work suit.

Black and white combination with black vest and shorts

black vest shorts white collar shirt

As a semi-formal suit, it is a good use of the black and white color combination and layer. Wear the white fit shirt with black shorts, socks and ankle boots. Put a black vest over your shirt to complete this character's look.

Wear white shirt dress with white jeans

button up shirt dress white jeans

I mentioned in many other blog posts about the outfit idea that I love to wear completely black every time to feel cool and dark. On the other hand, the completely white suit can make you feel in a completely different "cool" way. It's more of a cool and positive feeling. Sometimes try this all white outfit by simply wearing a white slim shirt dress with white skinny jeans and open toe heels. You will love it.

Wear with Blazer and Gray Jeans

I feel I have to mention the blazer when it comes to ideas about shirt equipment. For a smart casual work suit, wear the white shirt with a light blue and gray skinny jeans. Wear solid black heels for the shoes for this elegant outfit.

Wear knit shirt with combed mini skirt

scalloped mini mini skirt tied white shirt

This outfit must be my favorite among the list. It is very different but somehow it is still very comfortable and beautiful with a low key. It is a combination of the knotted white shirt and a baby blue combed mini skirt. This looks just minimal but fantastic.

So there are my favorite ideas for white-up sweaters. I hope it makes you dress in a more creative and beautiful way the next time you pick up your white shirt.