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Wearing Long Sleeveless Cardigan

Wearing Long Sleeveless Cardigan

If there's one piece of clothing in the world that can make you look more chic and stylish in a second, it has to be the long-sleeved cardigan. I'm not exaggerating at all. Okay, it might take ten seconds to put it on instead of one second, but when it comes to the impact it has on your overall look, the long sleeveless cardigan just adds a lot of character to your outfit. In this blog post I will share with you some of the best ways to wear a long sleeved cardigan. Let's check them out and try out the ideas that suit your character.

Wear with white sweater and skinny jeans

long sleeveless cardigan ripped jeans heels

Pairing a long sleeveless cardigan with a white tank top and ripped skinny jeans is one of the best minimal outfit ideas. Note that a good minimal outfit idea doesn't mean dressing as easily as possible, but it does mean wearing just the right amount of clothing that can achieve the style you want to achieve. This outfit is such a wonderfully relaxed way to dress for fall and spring. Both shoes, heels and flats work. For the color of the cardigan, teal gray, dark gray and black are some good choices to match with the outfit.

Wear with White Crop Top and Boyfriend Jeans

boyfriend jeans long sleeve cardigan

If you prefer to wear boyfriend jeans than skinny jeans, instead of wearing a white tank top suggested in the previous outfit idea, you can wear a white crop top. The reason you choose a crop top to pair with your boyfriend and the long sleeveless cardigan is that boyfriends are usually a relaxed fit and crop tops visually help move the waist up to achieve a better proportion.

Drop Shoulder Long Sleeveless Cardigan

gray drop shoulder long sleeveless cardigan

"Sleeveless" and "drop-shaft" do not go together very often. But for long cardigans they work very well. However, you should be careful with this outfit idea as it does not fit all body types. The drop shaft design can easily make the shoulders look wider than they usually do, so avoid this outfit if you have wide shoulders. That said, if you have narrow shoulders or have a pear-shaped body, this is a great suit that can help make your hip look proportionally smaller.

Long sleeve crochet cardigan

long sleeveless crochet cardigan

If you like a more complex and feminine look, you can opt for a long sleeveless crochet cardigan. Just like a regular long sleeve cardigan, you can simply wear it with a white top and ripped jeans. A long stylish necklace is a great piece to complement this outfit.

Long sleeve cardigan with hood

sweater with long sleeveless cardigan

For Hoodie fans, a long sleeveless hooded cardigan is something you should try. The hood simply adds a little detail that makes you look more relaxed and relaxed.

Heather Gray long sleeve cardigan with all Black Outfit

long sleeveless cardigan all black outfit

For those of you who love to wear black, it's a good idea to tone it down a bit by adding a heather gray long sleeve cardigan. Not only because you still stay dark and cool, it adds a lot of style to your look and makes you look more beautiful in a low-key way. Pair the outfit with a long silver necklace for a more enriched look.

Black sleeveless cardigan with white tank top and black pants

black and white long sleeve cardigan

Wearing a black sleeveless cardigan, a white shirt and black pants is a great outfit idea for dressing up as a musician, designer or artist of any kind. The black and white combination looks just as artistic and stylish. Try this outfit to express the artistic aspect of your character.

Wear with a white shirt for work

white shirt long sleeve cardigan outfit

If you often wear a white shirt to dress smart smart to work, you can easily pair it with a long sleeveless cardigan. Adding the layer makes the transition look less tedious and still remains professional.

Wear with denim shorts

long sleeve cardigan denim shorts outfit

Wearing a long sleeveless cardigan with denim shorts and a black or white top is a stylish and unique summer outfit idea. Not just because it looks good, it's also a functional outfit idea. It can help keep your legs warmer at night or in an air-conditioned environment in the summer.

Red long sleeve cardigan with white dress

red long-sleeved cardigan dress

Whether you just feel like you want to dress in a cheerful way or you're going to a Christmas party, a red long sleeved cardigan is a great outfit idea. Pair it with a white dress that is shorter than your cardigan for a happy and wonderful look. Instead, for a more casual look, pair the red cardigan with a white top and a mini skirt or denim shorts.

Wear with t-shirt dress

t-shirt dress long sleeve cardigan

For a casual and feminine look, you can pair the long sleeveless cardigan with a t-shirt dress. In fact, the clothes for t-shirt clothes are pretty easy to pull off. If you are interested, check out our previous blog post on the best ideas for t-shirt dresses.

White long sleeve cardigan with gray top

white long sleeveless cardigan idea

I have already mentioned that a gray sleeveless cardigan looks good when paired with a white top. If you want to replace the gray cardigan with a white, it is a good idea to also replace your white top with a gray top to remain the color contrast that makes you look casual and elegant. Is it okay to hold the white top? Yes, surprisingly, white-on-white works pretty well for this outfit.

Creamy long sleeve cardigan with white dress

white long sleeveless cardigan white dress

For a feminine, wonderful look, you can simply pair a white dress with a creamy long-sleeved cardigan. The use of color is beautiful and the cutting simply makes you look slimmer. This outfit idea should work well for you who have a ladylike character.

By now, you should have realized how versatile long sleeve cardigans are. They can easily be paired with your different clothes. Don't hesitate to try these ideas. Some are very laid back, beautiful and, most importantly, easy to pull off. For example, the heather gray long sleeveless cardigan, white tank top and the ripped jeans idea are just simple but classic. If you find this blog post helpful for you, make sure you also check out our other articles for more outfit ideas and fitness tips.