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Ways to Wear Cowl Neck Tops

Ways to Wear Cowl Neck Tops

If you asked yourself, which piece of clothing can help you look cool and like you have a simple sense of style, the answer is – cabbage hair tips.

The cabbage neck top experienced the pinnacle of glory when Paris Hilton wore the metallic cabbage neck dress for her 18th birthday. Do you remember those days?

Nowadays, the clothes in the neck are in more relaxed shapes, such as sweaters and tops, but they can also be worn for more elegant occasions. It depends on the materials they are made of.
When deciding to buy the neck pieces, it is very important to choose a good material. That way you can be sure that your neckline will fall well. You should choose light and liquid material if you want the neckline to fall like a scarf.

In this post we will see how you can mix the tops with lids in different fabrics with other clothes, eg pants, skirts and more.

If you have a lack of ideas on how to wear it, scroll down and discover the amazing clothes based on this piece of clothing!

Silk Cowl Neck Top

top with silk bowl

Silk is one of the best materials when it comes to tops with lids. It will form the perfect cabbage neck that you will love.
Pair of jeans with high waist gives you a relaxed look. For more elegant events, try combining the top with midi skirt or pants with high waist.
If you like to wear jewelry you can put a bunch of necklaces or bracelets.

Draped Cowl Neck Top

draped cabbage neck top

You can wear this cabbage neck with a good pair of slim jeans. For evening events you can combine it with a pencil skirt or black pants.
What makes it interesting is the cascade bottle on one shoulder, while you get a draped throat on the other. When it comes to jewelry, I suggest leaving the necklace because of the ruffle on the top. Instead, put on a nice gold bracelet and a couple of rings.

Bohemian look

bohemian cabbage neck top

The cow neck was very popular during the hippie era. To get the bohemian, boho or hippie look, you can integrate the cabbage snail top into your outfit.
Pair it with patterned shorts in many colors and put on a bunch of jewelry. Perfect look for the long boardwalks – don't you agree?
My advice: Try wearing the bikini under the top. You get the complete boho seaside.

Satin Cowl Neck Blouse

satin blouse cabbage neck

If you are in a hurry and late to work, this is a costume for you! In this outfit combination you will look elegant and in the office. It definitely won't show that you left in a hurry and that it only took you five minutes to put together this outfit.
To give this outfit a character on a golden necklace and a nice arm watch.

Cowl Neck Top with bomber jacket

bomber jacket cabbage neck top

The topped cover in silk or satin can be perfectly paired with a black capri skinny jeans. It shows how you can combine everyday and elegant pieces together.
The bomber jacket makes this outfit look even tougher. This is the perfect blend of sexy and sports pieces. You can add a shocker to the color of the jacket and put on a pair of black ankle boots.

Cowl Neck Top with High Waist Pants

high waisted trousers with cabbage neck top

This combination shows what a stylish and sophisticated outfit should look like.
The creamy beige blend of trousers and top is perfect for the office, business meetings or night out in a fine restaurant in town. As you can see, the combination of two different materials can easily be transformed into the right choice.

Matching Cowl Neck Top and Pants

cabbage neck top matchy

When you have no idea how to match different colors, don't be afraid. Try to go with the single for every piece you wear.
In the image above you can see the dark coral top and trousers, which look perfect together while creating the sensual and elegant look. To spice it up, you can add a gold clutch and put on the platform sandals.

Gold Cowl Neck Top

gold neck

Sequins, sequins. For more elegant occasions, wear this top with the skirt. For every day event or office you can try pairing them with white jeans and a nice pair of leather shoes.
Because of its golden color, do not let jewelry put around your neck.

Cowl Neck Top and Pencil Skirt

pencil skirt cabbage neck top

As you can see, this outfit is very elegant. In the picture above you can see the cabbage neck in combination with white pencil skirt and black stilettos.
Perfect black and white combination makes you feel elegant, elegant and stylish and it gives you the extremely feminine finish.

Velvet Blue Cowl Neck Top

velvet cabbage neck top

Velvet is one of those materials that can easily make you feel very luxurious. The pair of black pants in the picture can be worn day and night.
This color is perfect for combining, so don't miss the chance to pair it with any good camel skirt or black leather jacket.

There are many ways you can wear your neck. As I said before, it is important to choose good fabric for the top, so you can easily pair it with the other pieces you plan to wear.
As you can see, this garment is forever and it keeps coming back every season. I really hope that you will soon have your top on the lid and that you will find some inspo in this post!