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Ways to Wear Black Off-The-Shoulder Top

Ways to Wear Black Off-The-Shoulder Top

Nowadays, wearing fabric pieces off the shoulder is one of the most popular trends. The other these clothes arrived at the stores, girls bought them without even asking if they really needed it or not.

In fact, with so many different tops off the shoulders, it's easy to choose one that fits well with the rest of the items in your wardrobe. Depending on the accessories you choose to wear, you can either get a super casual to quite elegant look. This piece is undoubtedly sexy as it exposes some skin while not feeling uncomfortable. In fact, these tops are super comfy and cool to wear.

If you lack inspiration on how to wear a black top off your shoulder, scroll down to see what I've prepared for you in this post. From now on!

Small black top

black from the shoulder

Little black dress is, as we all know – the statement, and everyone must have at least one in the wardrobe. But having the top off your shoulder is competing to become one of the most important in your clothing collection. You can pair it with almost anything, jeans, leather, skirts or pants, and you will still look amazing.

A-line dress

black off the shoulder at the top of a line

I love the combination of top-without-shoulder-top and A-line skirt. It reminds me of some old dresses worn back earlier. So if you want to preserve the feel of the old times and feel vintage and elegant, you can try on the suit from the image above.

Like a sailor: striped

black off the top of the shoulder striped

I would name this model a puff, just because of the sleeves. It may feel a little weird because of that cut, but you can pair it with shorts or some pencil skirt to get some balance. Since the central part of this outfit is the top off the shoulder, try not to put too many jewelery to get attention from it.


from the top of the shaft asymmetrical

Oh, I love asymmetrical clothes so much. They give you that "I'm very sure what I'm wearing" look. This top is asymmetrical, which is why it's best to pair it with some asymmetrical skirt! If you like to experiment with your clothes you can try this one and you will have all eyes on you, no matter where you show up.


over the black top of one of the shoulders

Chiara definitely knows how to wear some trendy clothes. And she does so well with this one too. When the trend off the shoulder emerged, it also inspired women to experiment with it. Just like the picture above. So it's not completely off the shoulder, but it shows enough to be worn in some more elegant situations. Try it with a mini skirt like Chiara or in a more casual variant with jeans or shorts and Chuck Taylors.

Like a Hippie

hippie from the shoulder

Ever since I looked at Hair, I had this thing for the hippie trend. I still feel in love with the clothes the actor wore. If you are like me (and hopefully you are) you will definitely try this outfit. It includes the black top over the shoulders and colorful skirt in red shade. Add some nice sandals to it and you can spend your day in the park, on a picnic or just walking around on a hot summer day.

Coachella lifestyle

coaching lifestyle off the shoulder

Do you like festivals? Those in the outdoors, those in the wild? Then this outfit is definitely for you. You've probably heard of Coachella, one of the largest music festivals in the United States. Girls prepare their clothes and clothes for months before going there. If you're one of them, try combining this black shoulder top with sleeves and patterned shorts. You can add a lot of jewelry to get closer to the bohemian style. Boots are a must because it can rain!

Office appropriate

outside the debt office

Paired with a nice pencil midi skirt, the black shoulder top can easily be worn in the office. Of course, I'm talking about those workplaces that don't put a dress code on their workers but still have minimal wishes. High heels in combination with this combination give it a certain stylish look. Put on some jewelry and makeup, and you're ready for your office in an instant.

Did anyone say flowers?

flowers black from the shoulder top

If you read my posts, you definitely realized that I love floral print on clothes. Yes it's true! I think it's perfect for warmer days and especially when you're on vacation. This top off the shoulder reminds me of Mexico or Spain. A top with body flowers in combination with jeans or shorts is a perfect choice for a cocktail evening out and Spanish music in the air. Do not you agree?

Gingham Style

gingham style off the shoulder

From the moment the gingham style entered the fashion scene, everyone wanted to wear it and get the French vibe it carried with it. This pattern became very popular on the track shows, and after it exploded on the streets. If you want to try, I suggest you start with the classic that combines black and white. The cut on the top definitely brings attention to you. Put on some minimal golden jewelry and break the colors with a nice red bag.

If there is a peak to own for the summer days, I must say it is the one off the shoulder. As you can see, it is very easy to put together an outfit and you can wear it all the time if you want. By adding some details, such as jewelry, high heels or a small bag, you can also wear this piece during the evening or more formal events.
I've tried to show you how to easily combine it, while not wasting too much time thinking about "how do I look like this".