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Velvet Bodycon Dress Outfits

Velvet Bodycon Dress Outfits

A good way to dress in a feminine way for a cocktail party or a prom is to wear a bodycon dress. It makes your curves look more obvious. Even for bodycon dresses that do not have sexy backless or deep v-neck knits, they look low sexy only with the slim fit. If you are looking for more depth and elegance in your dress, wearing a velvet bodycon dress should be a good choice. For this blog post, I have compiled some of the best ideas about maternity clothes in bodycon dresses and I will share with you right now.

Burgundy short sleeve velvet bodycon dress

To start with, I'll show you a burgundy short-sleeved bodycon dress, which is a very typical bodycon dress you would normally see in a cocktail party or prom. To design the dress, wear it with black heels and a silver cuff necklace to get a very simple yet elegant look. This outfit is a relatively low key which is perfect for those who do not want to get too much attention in a party but still want to look good.

Wine Velvet Halter Bodycon Mini Dress

wine velvet halter bodycon mini dress

As simple as this dress looks, it can actually make you look very attractive if you have a narrow waist. For a minimal and elegant look, you can wear this jacket's winter silter-halter body with open toe heels in silver.

Pink spaghetti strap Deep V Neck Bodycon Dress

pink spaghetti strap deep v-neck bodycon dress

Here is an extremely sexy and feminine look that would probably make you stand out from the rest. It is a pink deep v-neck velvet bodycon dress. Pair it with bare heels with patches and a choker necklace to make the outfit look even more eye-catching. But to pull off this amazing costume, you better be someone who strives to be in good shape.

Blue Choker Neck Open Chest Velvet Dress

blue choker neck open chest velvet dress

As you can see from the previous outfit idea, a choker is a perfect match with a velvet bodycon dress. Now this blue velvet bodycon dress even takes that idea a step further by actually integrating the choker in the dress. This stylish design definitely looks good and takes the dress to the next level. Simply pair the dress with silver open heels and a silver clutch bag to get this gorgeous look.

Dark green Velvet Bodycon Mini dress with gold cuff bracelet

dark green velvet bodycon mini dress gold cuff bracelet

This outfit shows the power of a minimal look really well. It consists of a dark green velvet bodycon dress that has no nice or sexy cut at all. Just pair the dress with silver open toe heels and a gold cuff bracelet. The result is a minimal yet remarkable outfit that looks elegant and deep.

Burgundy long-sleeved velvet dress

burgundy dress with long sleeves

If you think the previous idea is as minimal as you can get, think again after seeing this costume. The suit simply consists of a red long-sleeved, velvet bodycon dress and a pair of black ankle straps. That's all. But don't underestimate this outfit. It's the perfect suit to wear when you simply want to look good but don't want to shine too much in a cocktail party. One thing I really love about this suit is that it does not require you to show any skin at all and yet still make you look good.

Red spaghetti strap Deep V Neck Velvet Bodycon Dress

red spaghetti strap deep v-neck velvet bodycon dress

Now, if you don't mind showing some skin, here is a minimal but attention-demanding red dress. It is a deep v-neck velvet bodycon dress that is extremely sexy. You can simply pair it with open toe heels of silver and you are ready to shine.

Black long-sleeved Velvet Bodycon Mini dress

black long sleeve velvet bodycon mini dress

For a deep and low profile, you can wear a black long sleeve velvet bodycon dress. Wear open toe heels in silver case to give a touch of elegance to the outfit. Alternatively, you can make the outfit look a bit more eye-catching by wearing a pair of silver banded heels. For more outfit ideas of similar shoes, check out our blog post on how to design silver-banded heels.

Burgundy Cowl Neck Velvet Bodycon Dress

burgundy bodycon dress in white neckline

If you like to wear a low-waisted low-sleeved bodycon dress that has no deep v-neck or backless cut, but you want some detail in the dress, you may want to wear this burgundy bodycon dress. Not only does the small detail create a little extra elegance, the design of the lid is actually a good cover for flat coffin ladies. Wear a pair of silver open toe heels to complete this outfit.

White long sleeved floral velvet bodycon dress

white long-sleeved floral velvet bodycon dress

If you are invited to your fifth cocktail party this year, you may be quite bored with your cocktail dresses. How about giving your friends a little surprise for your upcoming party, because fashion should be a fun game. Let's wear this kind of eastern culture and style. It is a white long sleeve velvet bodycon dress, with a very unique high neck collar that you will usually find in traditional Asian dresses. The dress also has some very pretty roses. To complete the suit, a pair of silver heeled heels would be the perfect choice.

Black floral bodycon dress with high neck

black floral bodycon high neck dress

Similar to the style and trim of the previous dress. This time it's a black floral bodycon velvet dress. Simply pair the dress with a black suede ankle strap with open toe heels to complement the outfit with elegance.

Black Ruffle Off Shoulder Velvet Dress

black ruffle of shoulder velvet dress

This black velvet bodycon dress has a beautiful ruffle off-shoulder design. With this elegant dress you can wear heels in silver colored open toe to get an amazing look.

Red velvet dress with choker

red velvet dress choker

Here is a simple outfit that requires a lot of attention. The suit consists of a red velvet bodycon tube dress, a gold choker and a pair of gold open toe heels.

Rose Gold Turtleneck Sleeveless Velvet Bodycon Dress

rose gold turtleneck sleeveless velvet bodycon dress

For a feminine and elegant look, you can wear this pink gold-turtleneck bodycon knee length dress. Wear only open toe silver heels to complement this outfit. This dress looks particularly attractive to those of you who have a slim waist.

Red Off Shoulder Velvet Mini Dress with Black Choker

red from the shoulder velvet mini dress black choker

Here is a light red shaft velvet mini dress. To create a youthful and energetic outfit around the dress, wear a black choker and silver open heels in silver.

Here are the velvet side bodycon dress look that I want to share with you. At least half of the mentioned clothes are actually quite easy to pull off. Test them and have fun styling.