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Skinny Ankle Jeans for Women

Skinny Ankle Jeans for Women

There is a good chance that you love to wear jeans. It is probably the most loved item, especially when it comes to the world of casual clothes. For those of you who have already discovered that skinny jeans can make you look long and skinny, do you also know that the cropped slim jeans can do it even more? Today I'm going to talk about a very kind of cropped jeans, the skinny ankle jeans. What you intend to see here are some of the best narrow ankle ideas I have collected. Let's dive in right now.

Skinny Ankle Jeans with pink silk blouse

Let me start the list with a feminine and stylish street outfit that is surprisingly very easy to pull off. To achieve this look you can simply wear a long sleeve pink silk blouse with blue ripped skinny ankle. Pair them with pale pink pointed toe heels and a red leather bag to look simple and elegant.

Dark blue skinny ankle with white button up shirt

dark blue skinny ankle jeans white button up shirt

If you can wear jeans in your office, here is a classic smart casual outfit that makes you look professional and smart. For the top, you can simply wear a white button shirt. Pair it with blue skinny ankle boots to make your legs look long and slim. For the shoes, you can be a little more creative by wearing wet velvet strap-free heels.

Skinny Ankle Jeans with gray suede short boots

skinny ankle jeans gray suede short boots

The white T-shirt and jeans have always been the most popular combination in recent decades or even longer. Now let's look at this version with the skinny ankle jeans. As you can see in this picture, not only can the ankle jeans make you look extra tall, the gray ankle boots also make this outfit a little more elegant and unique than the typical version.

Wear with white top and black long vest

white top black long vest

For a stylish and artistic look, you can wear a white t-shirt with blue skinny jeans. Create a nice layer by wearing a black long vest over tee and jeans. Finally, wear a pair of black bread slices to make the outfit look even more stylish.

Gray skinny ankle jeans and black leather shoes

gray skinny ankle jeans black leather shoes

This is just a rare yet stylish way to design a pair of black leather boots. Usually you would wear a pair of plain slim jeans with the ankle boots, but this time they are replaced with skinny ankle jeans to make the shoes look a little less bulky. Wear a large blue printed sweater to create a youthful look.

Color Block Knitted sweater with Blue Skinny Ankle Jeans

color blocks knitted sweater blue skinny ankle jeans

A good thing about the lean ankle joint is that they allow you to show more of your ankles so that you look taller, especially when you are in couples with ballet flats. In this case, the blue skinny ankle pairs are paired with red ballet flats. They are paired with a black sweater in color and a pink blazer to create a happy and elegant outfit.

Blush Pink Chiffon Blazer with Blue Ankle Jeans

blush pink chiffon blouse blue ankle jeans

Here is a business-casual casual outfit that can make you look smart and skinny. To get this look, wear a white t-shirt with a pink pink puff-blazer. Pair these pieces with blue skinny ankle boots and white pointed toe heels to complement this look with style and elegance.

Knotted striped long sleeve T-shirt with black ripped skinny ankle

knotted striped long sleeve tee black ripped skinny ankle

For those of you who like to dress hard, here is an outfit that can make you look both stylish and sexy. Wear a multicolored striped knit long sleeve t-shirt. Pair it with black high-heeled skinny jeans. You can simply wear white sneakers to complement this outfit in a clean and relaxed way.

Gray sweater with white ankles

gray sweater white ankle jeans

If you like to dress in a minimal and slightly unisex way, here is a fantastic casual street outfit for you. Wear a heather gray casual fit shirt for the top. Pair it with ripped skinny ankle jeans. Wear white ballet flats for the shoes to keep the suit slim and minimal.

Pink cropped sweater with white skinny jeans with high rise

gray cropped knit sweater high white white skinny jeans

As mentioned before, the skinny ankle jeans allow you to show some skin on the ankles so you look longer. This particular outfit combines this trick with the trick of wearing a crop top with high jeans to double the effect. In detail, you can wear a pink cropped sweater and pair it with white high waisted ankle jeans. Complete this magical yet simple outfit with white sneakers.

Rose Gold Turtleneck sweater with black skinny ankle boots

pink gold turtleneck sweater black skinny ankle boots

It is fun to wear shiny clothes every now and then. If you are too shy to do that, how can you try this semi-glossy pink floor sweater from the beginning. Simply pair it with black skinny jeans and black burns to create a stylish and feminine outfit.

Black floppy hat with skinny jeans

black floppy hat skinny jeans

For an artistic look, you can wear a black cropped long-sleeved t-shirt with black skinny ankles. Wear a pair of black leather platform shoes and a black felt hat to give an artistic feel to the suit.

White deep V-neck top with black ankle jeans

white deep v-neck top black ankle jeans

Don't be fooled by the black ankle slim jeans and the black and white tie on the shoes, this is not just a typical casual outfit. The white shape that fits deep v-neck t-shirt makes this outfit really extremely sexy.

White sleeveless suede blouse with gray skinny ankle

white sleeveless suede blouse gray skinny ankle jeans

Here is a minimal and beautiful white and gray street equipment that can make you stand out from the crowd. Wear a white suede sleeve top on top. Pair it with gray skinny ankle and a pair of white flats to look simple and skinny.

I hope you like the skinny ankle ideas I just shared with you above. If you like reading this type of blog post with outfit ideas, make sure you also check out a lot more on this site.