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Riding Pants for Women

Riding Pants for Women

If you happen to find this non-mainstream blog post in any way, very likely, you are interested in horseback riding. But actually riding pants are not just for riding, they can be worn as casual clothes. Although I don't see riding pants as something you want very often, they are something that you may want to wear on those days when you are just bored wearing jeans. Designing breeches is not an easy task. For this blog post, I'm trying to put together a list of the best ways to design riding pants. Whether you try them as actual riding clothes or casual outfits, I hope these ideas can make you look good.

Riding trousers with Turtle Neck sweater and tweed jacket

Throughout this list of outfit ideas you will definitely see a long knee high boots. They only look good when put together with riding pants. This outfit is just a good example of that. For the top, you would want a turtle neck shirt with a tweed jacket. Wear riding pants with knee-high boots for the bottom.

Black riding breeches with high boots in blazer and knees

black riding pants blazer knee high boots

This outfit idea is much closer to a typical street outfit compared to the previous idea. Simply pair black riding pants with a red top and a black blazer. Again, wear knee-high boots to match the riding pants.

Matching blazer and riding pants

matching blazer and breeches

As a smart-looking riding outfit, you can wear a two-piece set consisting of a blazer and riding pants. With these pieces you can wear a high-neck sweater and knee-high boots.

Wear with checkered flannel shirt & vest

checkered flange shirt riding breeches

This is another of these riding pants that can be worn as a casual street outfit. Wear a black and red checkered flannel shirt and a vest over it. For the bottom, you can wear gray riding pants and black leather shoes.

Wear with felt sweater & plaid scarf

blanket sweater checkered scarf riding pants

For a casual look in the spring and fall, you can wear a cream knit sweater and a plaid scarf for the top. Pair them with gray riding pants and brown knee-high boots.

Red pants with white cable knit sweater

red breeches white cable knit sweater

I'm not a fan of red pants. But the color red and the breeches just seem to work well for some reason. As a smart casual outfit, you can pair the red riding pants with a white cable knit sweater and brown knee-high boots. Wear a scarf for a feminine touch.

Wear with white sweater & checkered flat cap

riding pants white sweater checkered flat cap

Like the previous idea, this casual outfit consists of a white sweater with cable. You can simply pair your shirt with riding pants and boots. The flat, flat lid in this outfit is really the difference maker.

Wear with White Vest Top & Scarf

white vest top breeches

You can wear riding pants in a really relaxed way by pairing the black riding pants with a white vest top. As usual, wear knee-high boots with your pants. Adding a scarf to the outfit would prevent the outfit from looking too sloppy.

Ripped pants with white tunic top

ripped breeches white airy top

To create a windy feel, you can pair ripped pants with a white tunic top. Wear knee-high boots in brown leather with a matching handbag. This is probably my favorite outfit among the list because I am quite surprised how riding pants can be part of a simple and cozy outfit.

Black sweater with white riding pants

black sweater white riding breeches knee high boots

White is also a very popular color when it comes to riding pants. To pair with white riding pants, it is logical to use a black sweater. With the brown leather shoes, this outfit can simply make you look smart.

Wear with knee-high leather shoes and checkered blazer

knee-high leather boots riding breeches

This outfit is a beautiful riding. It consists of a white button top, a plaid blazer, black riding pants and brown knee high boots. By the way, if you are interested in knowing more outfit ideas of similar shoes, please check out our blog post on thigh high boots.

Wear with white long sleeve polo shirt

white long sleeve polo shorts

Many, including me, associate polo shirts with riding. A polo shirt and riding pants actually look good. As an example, for this outfit you can wear a white long sleeve polo shirt with riding trousers and knee-high boots.

Wear with marled knitted sweater

marble knitted sweater riding breeches

In many other blog posts with an outfit idea, I have mentioned the trick of looking tall and beautiful by wearing a loose top, tight bottom. This outfit idea is a demonstration of that trick. Wear a loose and colorful knitted sweater for the top. Complete outfit with riding pants and boots.

Riding trousers with white button top and black blazer

riding pants white button up shirt black blazer

I throw in this outfit here mainly to show you what a typical riding suit looks like. It usually consists of a white button up shirt and a black blazer. For the bottom, it consists of beige hiking pants and knee-high riding boots.

Royal blue riding pants with pale yellow sleeveless blouse

royal blue riding pants

This is a very atypical riding pants idea that actually looks greedy and lovely. The suit consists of a light yellow sleeveless top and royal blue riding pants. It has to be the creative use of colors that makes this outfit look so relaxed and refreshing.

Here are some of my favorite ways to wear riding pants. I hope you find the outfit ideas useful. Designing breeches is not an easy task. Still, you want to play around with different outfit ideas just to see what looks good on you and what doesn't. However, I have to admit that I wear breeches which is mainly because of the tight fitting cut is something I try to avoid because I always try to work in a more cozy outfit. But it's just me. As I said, try them and have your own opinions about them.