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Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas

Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas

What is a pencil skirt?

A pencil skirt is a skirt with a narrow and straight cut. It reveals a woman's figure as it hugs a woman's body. Usually the skirt stops at the knee or something below it.

Pencil skirts were often seen as an office wear, but earlier versions gave it a new image thus worn on various occasions.

What to wear with a pencil skirt

Well, if you're thinking of wearing pencil skirts for formal or semi-formal office sets, or even at cocktail parties that show off your sex appeal, here are some great tips on what to wear with a pencil skirt – the sexy and elegant look.


Sport a classic and regular look with a pencil skirt by wearing it with a dress shirt. Just add it, add accessories if you must and voila!

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You can wear your pencil skirt black from top to toe. Add some texture that will catch some eyes though.

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A cute blouse will do the trick too! Take a look at these pictures!
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Floral top

Wear your pencil skirt with a floral top to spice it up a bit and to give a happy look during the summer.

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How to wear a pencil skirt |

Pencil skirts fit most body shapes, it's just about designing it. No matter what your body type is, pencil skirts can flatter your figure and get the most out of your favorite accessories. Pencil skirts can be worn with a variety of blouses, shirts, blazers and all the accessories you can find in your wardrobe.

A full-color pencil skirt would be best if your problem is with the lower half. You can pair it with textured blouses or sweaters or all patterned blouses. Try bold designs if the bottom half is narrow and trim as it gives a little illusion to your curves. If you want to look good but you are more of a curvy type, choose tops with ruffles or a deep V-neckline. For plus size women, high waist style with shorter pencils will help you look slimmer. If you want to achieve an hourglass figure, use the belts – the belt color should be darker than your top and your skirt or try a peplum top.

Wearing pencil skirts during the day is not a problem either. Neutral colored pencil skirts work well for all settings, plus, it can also be worn for a few happy hours at the last minute. Stopping your blouse in defines your waist, giving your outfit a nice style. If you want some accessories, you can wear a fitted blazer or elegant cardigan. For parties or occasions after work, add some glamor to your pencil skirt by wearing some sparkling jewelry and pumps. If you wear heels emphasize you, go to ballet flats for amenities. For weekend trips, you can wear a pencil skirt with a classic t-shirt pushed in and wear some accessories like necklaces and earrings for a simple stylish look. Finish your look by wearing slippers or a pair of sneakers.

Black pencil skirt Outfit

1. The relaxed look

Wear a pencil skirt with a fitted top or full-color t-shirt for a casual look.

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For a more relaxed look, wear it with flats – one that matches the color of your shirt or your black pencil skirt. If you want to add some accessories, wear funky, bright jewelry. Do not wear elegant pearls and diamonds. Another tip is to keep your pins bare, but if you want something to cover your legs, go for black leggings.

2. The professional look

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For a professional look, wear a black pencil skirt with a button down collar in shirt and choose bright colors like white or gray. For skirts with a high waist, stick in your shirt. Use black heels with heeled toes. You can also wear bare nylon stockings and keep your accessories to a minimum – a nice pair of earrings and a necklace will do.

3. The glamorous look

Wear your black pencil skirt with silver or gold pieces for a night out. If it's a night with a club, wear a bolder top and higher heels. If it's a dinner at a nice restaurant, wear a more conservative top and a not so high heel pair.

Wear dangling earrings, jingle bracelets and long necklaces. Colored gems add some color or some glittery accessories. Choose a handbag that matches your top or a black handbag – to match your skirt or handbag that matches your colorful jewelry.

For a conservative look, wear nude socks but for a bolder look, don't forget the socks.

4. All Black

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A nice black top is obviously the best choice. Sleeveless tops work best but other sleeve lengths are also good. Adding some fine jewelry will add some flavor to your look like diamonds and pearls. To complete all black get-ups, don't forget to wear a pair of black heels that look great at the moment. Finally, take a nice black clutch with you.

5. The elegant look

You can also go with an elegant look with your black pencil skirt by pairing it with your trendy tops and accessories. To achieve the elegant look, simply select tops with lots of visual detail. It is important not to chuck your top. Then wear a belt that does not look out of place that is placed around your natural waist. Wear some comfortable pair of black heels or a pair that matches your top. Consider wearing some accessories like wearing earrings and a nice necklace to fit your top. Don't forget to bring a shoulder bag that matches your shoe color.

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Camel Pencil Skirt

A camel pencil skirt is basically a pencil skirt that has a color with a camel. Here are some camel pencil skirt outfit ideas that can help you for a more glamorous look!

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Pencil skirt with boots

Here are some pencil skirt outfits for the fall you must try!

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You will surely love to try these beautiful, elegant and elegant pencil skirt outfits. Don't forget to share with you your ideas about pen dress equipment!

Pencil skirt Comparison

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