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One Sleeve Dress Outfit Ideas

One Sleeve Dress Outfit Ideas

Introducing a little asymmetrical design into your outfit can sometimes make you look very stylish and unique. Wearing a dress with a sleeve is one of the simplest ways to create the asymmetrical and random look. One thing that I really love about a dress with a sleeve is that it can make you look really sexy without requiring you to show a lot of skin. You can wear it for different scenarios like a girl's night, a date or a cocktail party. To help you look as good as possible, I have gathered some beautiful and elegant ideas about dresses with a sleeve and I will share with you now.

Black one sleeve Bodycon Mini dress

To start with the list, I will show you the most typical and classic dress with a sleeve. It's a bodycon mini dress with a sleeve. You can simply wear it with black ballet heels and you are ready to go. You can wear a choker necklace to add an extra touch of elegance and uniqueness.

Black lace bodice dress

black lace-up bodycon dress

This black bodycon dress with a sleeve has a beautiful detail in the sleeve. It is a half sleeve made of lace. The small detail makes the dress look much more elegant and basically takes the outfit to another level. You can simply pair the dress with black open toe heels.

Black one-piece dress with socks & heels

black one sleeve dress socks heels

Here is another black sleeve bodycon mini dress with minimal design. For a more elegant and feminine look, you can wear the dress with socks and black heels to complement this outfit clean and beautiful.

Black floral neckline with a sleeve dress

black floral neckline a sleeve dress

For a black dress, it seems that the designer cannot be too creative with the design. I mean, it seems like you can only do so much for the dress. Turns out there is enough room to add some details here and there. And these details will be the difference maker. For example, this black dress with a sleeve has a floral neckline. The same white floral pattern also appears on the edge of the sleeve. The stylish and subtle floral element makes the outfit look so much more ladylike.

White one sleeve Maxi Flowy dress

white one sleeve maxi flowing dress

While everyone wears bodycon dresses that show their curves at a cocktail party, you can do a counter-intuitive thing by wearing a loose fit maxi dress to gain attention. For example, wear this white maxi dress with a sleeve with silver heeled open toe and a wide silver bracelet to look absolutely wonderful.

Black Sequin One Sleeve Mini Dress

black sequin one sleeve mini dress

If a dress has a sleek asymmetrical design with a sleeve, you can actually throw in more eye-catching elements to push the envelope further. For example, wear a mini dress with a sleeve which is also a black sequin dress with a pair of open toe heels of silver to get people's attention.

Asymmetrical black Maxi Bodycon dress

asymmetrical black maxi bodycon dress

You don't necessarily have to show too much skin to get people's attention. Sometimes a dress that seems to have a very random and asymmetrical cut can be very eye-catching and stylish. For example, this black maxi bodycon dress has a very unique and seemingly random cut that extends from the top of the dress to the bottom. The most creative part of this outfit is that the black shoes are also asymmetrical and they match perfectly with the dress.

Dress with simple bat sleeves

dress with simple sleeve change

Here is a black dress with a sleeve that has an atypical sleeve design. The only sleeve is actually a bat sleeve and it makes the dress much different from other typical dresses you would see at a cocktail party. Just wear the dress with a pair of silver colored ankle straps with open toe heels to complement the outfit with elegance.

Dark blue sequin with a sleeve Bodycon dress

dark blue sequin a sleeve bodycon dress

If you want a deeper look and dress in a less typical color, this dark blue sequin bodycon dress may be for you. To design it, simply wear it with a pair of black pointed heels. The blue sparkly dress with a sleeve would probably make you shine among a ton of black dresses in a cocktail party.

Black velvet mini dress with socks & foot boots

black velvet mini dress socks ankle

If you are looking for a black dress that has a little extra depth, you may want to consider this black velvet bodycon a sleeve dress. The subtly shiny velvet can make black look deeper and more elegant. To complement this outfit, wear socks and ankle boots in black leather to give an elegant touch. If you want to see more outfit ideas of similar boots, you may want to check out our blog post on How to Leather Ankle Boots in Leather.

Navy blue folded one shoulder Bodycon dress

navy blue folder a shoulder bodycon dress

A folded dress has two advantages. For one, it makes the dress more elegant by having the extra little details. Second, it can help cover the chest area. Whether you are a clad lady or not, there are times when you want to focus on other parts of your body such as your long legs. The folded dress is a navy bodycon dress with a sleeve. You can simply wear nude heels or navy heels to match the dress.

Black spoon dress with a sleeve with mesh overlay

black one sleeve skater dress mesh overlay

Usually, a black skater dress is designed to be worn casual. However, this one has an elegant design with the mesh overlay on the sleeveless side of the dress with a sleeve. Easily wear the dress with black ballet heels to complement this outfit that can make you great at a cocktail party.

Red deep v-neck a sleeve bodycon dress

red deep v-neck a sleeve bodycon dress

You can definitely attract a lot of attention by wearing a bright red dress. In particular, this dress is a deep v-neck bodycon dress with a sleeve that lets you show your curves. Use suede heels of exact color to complement this outfit with elegance.

Two-piece pale pink asymmetrical dress

two pieces pale pink asymmetrical dress

This dress takes asymmetrical and random design to another level. It is a pink dress in two parts where the upper part is a single sleeve deep v-neck top and the lower part is a high left, low right mini skirt.

Blush Pink A Sleeve Loose Fit Shift Dress

blush pink a sleeve loose fit dress

For an angelic clean look, you can wear this pink pink shift dress with a sleeve. Wear open toe heels with the exact same color to complete this minimal and stunning look.

I just shared with you some of the nicest clothes with a sleeve. They are actually quite easy to pull off. Next time you want to look stylish and sexy for a cocktail party, but you don't want to show much skin. Remember to come back to this blog post and take an idea to imitate and make some adjustments.