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Metallic Top Outfit Ideas

Metallic Top Outfit Ideas

One of the most important trends last year was metal. I say it in plural because the high street style was full of metal pants, tops, dresses and skirts. You can see glittering gold and silver clothing everywhere, but also many more. So if you're wondering why everyone wears clothes that look like a spaceship, now you know it. In this post we will see how to wear metallic top.

The metallic top is a pronounced wardrobe that makes your clothes look very attractive and interesting. This garment works perfectly with jeans, skirts or pants. They are a fantastic elegant staple, but you can also wear them with more casual clothes.
For this post I have prepared some of the best outfit ideas. I thought it would be good for you to see how you can design it as a weekday or evening. Scroll down to see more.

Metallic Purple

metallic top lilac

Purple was chosen for this year's color by Pantone. This is even the reason why you should try this outfit.
The metallic purple top is a crop, and it's practically a ruffle. It is designed with a purple high waist skirt that has side slits. You can pull the blue trench coat over your shoulders for an ultimate chic and stylish look.
When it comes to shoes, paste with bare banded heels.

Bow Neck Blouse

metallic top bow bow

If you imagine that metallic top should only be one night tonight, let me stop you there. Here's a great idea about how to wear it as your office.
Style your silver blue blouse with black pants or jeans and you will be very suitable for the work, even if you sparkle a bit.
You can finish this look with studded heels or pointed toe stilettos.

Retro Parisian chic

metallic top vintage flowers

This Parisian girl decided to design this outfit in a little vintage way. So why not? Retro is always a good idea to go with, no matter the way, you like to integrate it.
Add a metallic button button that has embroidered flowers. They are in gold and silver shade. Even if you think these two are not a good couple together, I will ask you to reconsider and give it a shot.

Metallic top with a sleeve

metallic top fringes

Fringes and metallic work perfectly together. Do you not believe me? Check out this outfit combination.
This lovely midi skirt is perfect for dancing. In pairs with this silver blouse, it looks even more interesting. The silk blouse with a shoulder looks very flattering. Add a black bag and you're ready for the dance floor.

Metallic top with embroidered flowers

metallic top retro flowers

This look reminded me of my mother when she was young. It's very retro Italian style which is always a good idea to go with. Beige chino pants with high waist and metallic blouse with embroidered sparkling flowers look very nice and suitable for every day or even work clothes.
You can round it all off with brown banded sandals.

Silver and jeans

metallic top jeans silver

If you are a fan of jeans like me, you will probably love this outfit combination. It is excellent for both daily and nightly events.
Be smart and style this look even on cold winter days. Combine your silver metallic camisole with the long cozy cardigan for a super warm and sparkling look.
Biker ankle boots would be a good idea for this look.

Leather and metal

metallic top leather jacket

How about some leather? This material can be very flattering and very challenging to combine at the same time. Green black jacket is a great staple for style. You should definitely buy one and wear it for a few seasons.
Finish everything off with trendy socks in black. Add a bag and you're ready to go!

Summer Jeans and Metallic Top

metallic top summer

I love V-neck wrapped tops or dresses. They look fantastic in the summer, especially when your skin is sun-kissed.
This silver top is great to wear with denim shorts or your favorite pair of jeans. It makes your costumes perfectly interesting and exciting. You can make it more bohemian by adding a bunch of rings and necklaces.

summer Metal

metallic top silver summer

This long sleeve silver top paired with white jeans is a great summer look. It looks very interesting, but very elegant and elegant. This is a perfect combination for a quiet summer night in a beach bar. Style it with some comfortable lacing sandals or super high heels.

Soft pink look

metallic top soft pink

This metallic decorated top is designed with matching soft pink blazer and shorts. This supermodel decided to show off its long legs, and you can too!
This outfit is perfect for long summer nights out. Style it with point-blanket stilettos in the pink shade, and you will be the main star of the party.

Gold metallic top and denim jacket

metallic top gold black jeans

You may think that metallic and denim are not a good pair, but they are actually a rather surprising combination. If you don't want your look to be too matching, choose black instead of blue jeans.
Two gold necklaces would be a fantastic accessory that makes this sparkling outfit even more interesting.

Metallic sweater and Maxi skirt

metallic top tulle skirt

Maxi skirts look like you're coming out of a fairy tale. The tulle is very flattering and wonderful material. The skirts made of this material are very feminine and elegant.
When you combine it with a metal shirt, it gets the wild vibe. You can design it with flats or heels for everyday use.

Suede and metal

metallic top suede pants

This is a very interesting combination, seen on a runway. The beautiful metal blouse is paired with suede pants with high waist and decorated with a wide metal belt.
The asymmetrical top looks very interesting if you are a lover of that type of garment and cut.

Striped metallic top

metallic top stripes

If you use certain colors and stripes, yet you want them to be metallic, then this sweater is perfect for you. Pair it with high waist pants and add some elegant ankle boots. This look could be your new inspection for work clothes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this style guide I have prepared for you. Be sure to read all the other style guides we have prepared for you!