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Long Bomber Jacket Outfit Ideas for Women

Long Bomber Jacket Outfit Ideas for Women

Winter is already hitting the threshold, and you still can't find the right jacket? I have good news for you. If you are looking for something unique to make you warm and stylish at the same time, I have the right solution. I present to you a long bomber jacket.

The long bomber jacket is a much more extended version of the classic bomber jacket. It is very warm and comfortable. You can rest assured that you will not feel winter through this jacket.
You can design it with jeans, pants or even dresses. It is not such a sporty type of clothing, although it looks like it.
You may even consider wearing this jacket with high heels. Trust me; you will nail this outfit.

With these 15 outfit ideas that I have prepared for you today you will always have killer gear!
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Stylish with sneakers boots

long bomber jacket sneakers boots

Green olive is the typical color of the bomber jacket. I think girls like it the most.
Here we see the combination of long bomber jacket, black sweater and jeans. Under the sweater you can wear the white button down for a super classy look. Pair everything with sneakers boots.

Long bomber jacket with heels

long bomber jacket high heeled

If you think this jacket is just a sporty staple, look at this photo. Yes, it can be designed with super high heels!
This jacket is great when you want to break up the all-black-everything outfit. Wear it with black jeans, scarf and cozy black sweater.

Long bomber jacket and stripes

long bomber jacket stripes

This green bomber jacket is perfectly combined with one of the essential staples tops. It can be a good outdoor suit for long walks during the cold winter days.
Trust this jacket, you will not feel when the temperature reaches zero.

Elegant look with bomber jacket

long bomber jacket work clothes

For me, this is the perfect balance between the sporty and elegant staples. I love when fashion girls create and mix different styles in one outfit.
This pretty elegant button down shirt, with dark jeans, is the perfect suit for work. When you need to feel warm, you just drape the long bomber jacket on your shoulders, and that's it.

Classic look with long bomber jacket

long bomber jacket classic

Black jeans-white tee combination will never go out of style. You can combine it with all other colors, such as olive, white, beige or even yellow.
You can rest assured that you will be stylish and trendy no matter what you wear.

Pink long bomber jacket with stickers

pink stickers with long bomber jacket

Young girls should wear the bright colors like pink, blue or yellow if they want to pay attention. This long bomber jacket in a beautiful shade of baby pink can be designed with Vans sneakers, black jeans or cotton dress. You can get a DIY outfit by adding stickers to your body jacket.

Burgundy-Olive Mix

long bomber jacket burgundy olive green

Long bomber jacket is an excellent winter staple. You can design it with almost any color. In addition, I will show you what it looks like when combined with burgundy.
It looks really good! The burgundy boots with a crop top and the white button down make a beautiful combination.

Elegant in long bomber jacket

long bomber jacket elegance

When you see this outfit you can be sure that bomber is not just a sporty garment. As you can see, you can design it with super elegant black waist pants sweater and good leather case. The jacket has pink embroidered details.

Blue bomber jacket with leggings

long bomber jacket blue

So if you are heading to the gym you can always count on the blue long bomber jacket that will warm you up after your workout. You can wear this outfit with black leggings, comfortable sneakers and crop tops.

Pronounced Animal Print Boots

long bomber jacket boots animal print

Green long bomber is ideal for casual clothes like this one. All you have to do is add a statement that makes you unique. Style your jacket with a classic white tee, dark jeans with high waist and animal print shoes with block heels.

Red bombs and white dress

long bomber jacket red

Not every bomber is made of green material. This is the fantastic example of how you can design the long bomber jacket made of light red material. Wear it with a long white dress and black Oxford shoes. It looks unique and exciting.

The layers

long bomber jackets

Adding the staples is a very creative thing to do. Start with the jacket. Wear your long black bombs with blue cable jersey and pressed midi skirt. This outfit just looks amazing and unique. Round it all off with the white Stan Smith sneakers.

Soft pink long bomber jacket

long bomber jacket soft pink

Two colored clothes are easy to dress and they look really good. That's why you should pair your soft pink bomber jacket with the white mini dress. You will expose your legs, so be sure to wear some statement shoes, like these lace-up sandals in the picture above.

Super Long Bomber Jacket

long bomber jacket super long

This complete olive green military outfit is perfect for those days when you lack the inspiration to dress. It does not mean that you do not look trendy or stylish. On the contrary, these staples will give you that not care but always-stylish look.

Burgundy long bomber jacket

long bomber jacket burgundy

When you have a statement jacket like this, the rest of your outfit can be simple and clean. Wear your burgundy long bomber jacket with straight black dress and white platform shoes. It looks young and relaxed.

Long bomber jacket probably was not on your list of favorite jackets. Hopefully you will consider buying one after this article about them and all these outfit ideas.
The garment itself is very practical. It is warm and very versatile. You will find it most in olive green, but also in other colors and shades.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.