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Leather on Leather for Women Outfit Ideas

Leather on Leather for Women Outfit Ideas

A few days ago I saw someone in the street wearing a black leather jacket with a leather skirt and I was surprised at how stylish and elegant she looked. Then I told myself that I would soon write about how to wear leather on leather to create more stylish people on the street. Then I put in the hours to put together a list of some beautiful and elegant leather-on-leather clothes and the result is this blog post you read. Before you continue to look at the outfit ideas, I just want to clarify to you that in order to be qualified for this list, the outfit must have at least two items made of leather. Now let's check out the outfit ideas.

Wear black leather jacket with leather pants

As expected, the first suit is a very typical one you may have already guessed. The suit consists of a white tee, a black leather jacket, leather pants and pale pink heels. While this is the type of clothing that you will often see in fashion blogs, I guess many of you haven't tried it before. I highly recommend you try this one because the outfit is so popular for a reason.

Brown leather jacket with black leather shorts

brown leather jacket outfit

It is a good idea to wear a brown leather article with a black to add some variation in the color. Wear a gray t-shirt with a brown leather jacket for the top as a beautiful demonstration of it. Pair them with black leather shorts and ankle boots. By the way, I often feel that the leather shorts are such a neat item that has not been mentioned enough.

Leather jacket and black ankle boots

leather jacket black ankle boots leggings

As mentioned before, pairing a leather jacket with leather pants is a choice that will usually result in a good look. But for some people that outfit would be a bit high profile. If a slightly lower key style actually fits your character better, you may want to design the leather jacket according to this outfit idea. Instead of the leather pants, simply use black skinny pants and pair them with black leather shoes.

Leather jacket, pants and ankle boots

leather jacket pants outfit

This is the first outfit idea among the list that actually has three leather goods. With the gray t-shirt, you wear all the leather, including the jacket, pants and ankle boots. A leather suit like this can make you look smart and stylish and can make you stand out from the rest in winter while many dress up in clumsy clothes.

Leather jacket & pants with white oversized tee

leather jacket pants white oversized t-shirt

Wear a white oversized t-shirt with a leather jacket, leather clothes and suede ankle boots. A linen scarf gives a feminine touch to the outfit. If you like to see more outfit ideas of similar boots, check out our blog post on how to style suede heels.

Leather skirt and black sweater with leather jacket

leather skirt black sweater outfit

As a beautiful way to style a leather skirt, you can wear it with a black knit sweater, a leather jacket. Wear either suede or leather boots to fit the outfit perfectly.

Leather bomber jacket & mini skirt

leather bomber jacket mini skirt

If you have a fit body, a good way to emphasize your advantage is to wear any shape fitting. Start with a white t-shirt and a short black bomber jacket. Keep the waistline visually high by wearing a high waisted leather skirt. For a more chic look, complement the outfit with socks and black suede ballet heels.

Leather dress with over the knee boots

leather dress over the knee boots

Let me start by telling you that this dress is very hard to pull off. The black leather bodycon dress probably doesn't look so good if you have love handles. But if you have a slim waist, this dress will be amazing. Pair it with a long black wool coat and over the knee boots.

Wear leather jacket & pants with gray knitted sweater

leather jacket and trousers gray sweater

I have shown you some leather jackets and pants that use a white or gray t-shirt as the top. For colder weather, a knitted sweater like the gray shown in the picture is a nice alternative.

Black jacket with brown pants

black leather jacket brown pants

This is another outfit that uses both black leather and brown leather. Wear a black leather jacket with a gray knit sweater for the top. Wear brown leather pants and black ankle boots for the bottom. Compared to the darkness in the aforementioned completely black clothes, this brown and black outfit has just a warmer and deeper tone.

Brown Midi skirt and Midi-calf leather shoes

brown midi skirt midi calf leather roots

There are definitely many people who like the mature feeling in midi skirts. For you who are fans of midi skirts, this outfit idea is for you. Wear a black high-neck sweater with a black leather jacket. Pair them with a midi brown leather skirt and a pair of color matching leather boots in the middle of the calf.

Long leather jacket with leather pants and ankle boots

ankle boots in leather jacket

This look is somehow reminiscent of Neo from the classic sci-fi movie The Matrix. I'm pretty sure he didn't exactly dress that way, but it's this kind of all the other elegance from this outfit that makes me relate this to the movie. I imagine it would be totally fun to wear this outfit every once in a while. Just wear a long black leather jacket with leather pants and ankle boots for this dark side.

Short leather jacket with mini black skirt

short leather jacket mini black skirt

Here's an outfit that makes you look taller. Use only a white blouse with a short black leather jacket. Wear a high waisted leather skirt and suede ankle boots to complement this cool street look.

Leather trousers with high suede boots in the thigh

leather pants thigh high suede boots

Like a leather jacket and pants, this one has a slight twist. Instead of wearing ankle boots, try these gray suede boots to give a feminine touch.

I hope this list of leather-on-leather outfit ideas can either be used as your reference or can inspire you to come up with some nice outfit ideas that fit you perfectly.