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How to Wear Grey Wool Skirt

How to Wear Grey Wool Skirt

If you have been to many cities, it is one thing that you have noticed in the gray wool dress that it is actually worn as a school uniform for many schools. The skirt is so clean that it has become a timeless article that can actually be worn in many different styles besides being a school uniform. Now I'm going to share with you some of the most beautiful ways to wear a gray wool skirt. Let's check out the outfit ideas now.

Gray sweater with gray plated wool skirt

For a clean and elegant look, you can simply wear a gray wool skirt as part of a black and gray outfit. For example, wear a gray shit shirt over a white shirt up to the top. Pair them with a gray plaid mini skirt. Complete the upholstery by adding some black pieces to black leggings and black ankle heels. With a simple hairstyle, this outfit can really make you have low keys sticking out from your colleagues wearing the typical white shirt and pencil skirt.

Pencil wool skirt with gray turtleneck knitted sweater

pencil wool skirt gray turtleneck knitted sweater

A full gray outfit can sometimes look a little awkward, but that is not the case when there are a variety of different structures in the suit. For example, you can wear a gray sweater with knitted sweater with a gray wool pencil skirt. Wear a pair of gray suede heels for the shoes. The combination of knitted, wool and suede makes this a very interesting gray outfit with so much depth. The ivory leather clutch bag also helps to make the gray outfit more balanced.

Wear with black blazer & silk scarf

black blazer silk scarf

If you like to wear a jacket with a gray skirt, a black blazer is a pretty good choice. To design it, wear a black sweater, a black blazer and a colorful silk scarf for the top. Wear a gray wool pencil skirt with black socks and black ballet flats.

Light gray wool plated mini skirt with dark green knitted sweater

light gray wool plaid mini skirt green knitted sweater

Here is a very adorable outfit that is especially suitable for small ladies. Easily wear a dark green short knit sweater with a gray wool plaid skater skirt. Complete outfit with black patterned socks and black ballet heels for a lovely look.

Knee-length skirt with gray sweater with shape

knee length skirt gray form fitting sweater

As simple as this outfit seems, it is a minimal outfit that just looks amazing. To get this look, wear a formal gray sweater with a knee length gray wool skirt. Pair them with a brown belt and brown heels. The simple use of color and trim makes this outfit look just right.

Black skinny fit sweater with gray plated wool mini skirt

black skinny fit sweater gray checkered wool mini skirt

After talking about a whole bunch of gray wool skirts, I will talk about a plaid gray wool skirt. You can design the gray mini dress by wearing it with a black skinny sweater, socks and black combat boots. If you are interested in seeing more outfit ideas of similar shoes, check out our blog post on how to design combat boots.

Gray and white patterned pencil wool skirt

gray and white patterned pencil skirt

For an elegant and mature work suit, you can wear a fitted black top with a high waisted gray wool pencil skirt. Complete upholstery with socks, black suede ankle boots and a black leather bag.

Knee-length wool skirt with black knee-high boots

knee length wool skirt black knee high boots

Instead of wearing heels and ankle boots, this outfit means the black knee-high boots. Wear them with a black long-sleeved t-shirt and a gray plaid knee-length skirt. Add a touch of elegance by wearing a brown belt and a brown handbag.

Wear with Gray Zip Front Blazer

gray zipper on the front

For an untraditional work suit you can wear a gray tee with a heather gray zipper in front. Wear a high waist gray wool pencil skirt and silver heels to complement the outfit with elegance. This is an interesting suit that lies right between business-free and business-formal.

White print T-shirt with gray Midi skirt

white print tee gray midi skirt

This is a stylish street outfit that shows a creative way to style a wool skirt. Wear the gray midi skirt with a white tee shirt and black strapped heeled sandals. Wear a forearm bracelet or a choker to add a little extra character to the already elegant outfit.

Maxi Gray wool skirt with red sweater

maxi gray wool skirt red sweater

For a Christmas look, wear a gray maxi wool skirt with a red sweater shirt. Pair them with a black and white cloth and black leather shell boots.

Denim shirt and gray mini skirt

denim shirt gray mini skirt

If you want to wear the gray wool dress really randomly and still look low key, you can wear the mini dress with a denim shirt. Stick in your shirt and wear a belt to keep the waist visually high. Wear socks and brown oxford shoes to complement the outfit stylishly and cleanly.

Gray Knotted Mini Wool Skirt

gray knotted mini wool skirt

This gray wool skirt has a cute knotted design. To design this lovely dress in a minimal and elegant way, you can wear it with other grayish pieces. For example, wear the wool skirt with a form fitting gray sweater and silver heels. Wear a silver clutch bag to complement this well-balanced and beautiful outfit.

Navy blue long sleeve T-shirt with gray plaid wool skirt

navy blue long sleeve tee gray checkered wool skirt

For an adorable look, you can wear a navy blue long sleeve top with a gray and navy plaid wool skirt. Pair them with black leggings and short boots in suede. Add a last elegant touch with the elegant ivory bag.

Black high neck top with gray midi skirt

black top gray midi skirt with high neck

As an absolutely minimal black and gray costume, wears simple black high-neck top and a gray midi-line skirt. Match the suit with either black or gray heels to complement this windy and smart look.

I hope you enjoy the list of ideas for gray woolen gear that I have shared. If you do, you might also want to check out the many other outfit ideas you can find on this site.