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How to Style Oversized T Shirt for Women

How to Style Oversized T Shirt for Women

Oversized t-shirts often carry a relaxed and relaxed feel. But there is a difference between looking good and looking laid back. If you look carefully as you walk around the streets, every now and then, you will see someone wearing a big t-shirt and looking good for some reason. Unlocking the secrets is the main purpose of this blog post. I have put together some of my favorite ways to design an oversized t-shirt and I think you will find these tricks useful.

Large tee with gray print with Boyfriend Jeans

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A classic yet intuitive way to wear a t-shirt is to make it smaller? You can do this by doing two things, rolling your sleeves and stuffing your t-shirt. By tucking up your t-shirt I mean only partially inserting it with a touch of randomness. This outfit is the perfect example of this trick. Just wear a big gray t-shirt in a way just described with cuffed boyfriend jeans. Finish the suit with elegant exciting heels.

Black oversized tee with black skinny jeans

black print great t-shirt outfit
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Another trick to designing the oversized t-shirt is to balance the loss of the t-shirt at the top with tight fitting items for the bottom. Items such as slim jeans, leather pants and leggings will all work perfectly in such a situation. A good example is to wear a black large black t-shirt with black skinny jeans. Complete this elegant casual outfit with suede ankle boots.

Knit the big t-shirt

knotted big gray t-shirt yellow jeans
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I've mentioned that one of the ways to look good with an oversized t-shirt is to make it smaller, and tying the t-shirt can do just that. This outfit is a very eye-catching one not only because it uses the knotted tee trick, but also because of the creative use of strong color contrast. Simply start an oversized knotted gray tee. Pair it with contrasting light yellow jeans. Trust me, the two colors actually work well together. That's the confidence you need to get rid of this.

Tuck partially oversized T-shirt in white skirt

partially tucked big shirt white skirt
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For a boho look, choose a white boho style in mini skirt. Wear a solid gray oversized t-shirt and put it partially in the skirt. Complete his simple yet beautiful outfit with heeled sandals.

Tie a shirt or jacket around the big T-shirt

tie shirt around great t-shirt outfit
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This outfit reveals another trick for designing an oversized t-shirt. The trick is to tie a shirt or jacket around the waist over the t-shirt. For example, wear a white print tee and tie a denim shirt around the waist. Complete outfit with black leggings and white sneakers. By the way, if you are interested in clothes of similar style, you can check out our other blog post about tie-around-waist outfit ideas.

Wear it as a T-shirt dress with denim shorts that barely shows

t-shirt dress denim shorts outfit ideas
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There is a slight difference between the oversized t-shirt and the t-shirt dress. The t-shirt dress is just a few inches longer in general that you feel comfortable not wearing shorts under it. In order to wear an oversized t-shirt as a t-shirt dress, it is necessary to wear denim shorts with it. As an example, this outfit consists of a white large t-shirt, barely showing denim shorts and black oxford shoes.

Knotted V-neck T-shirt with white skinny jeans

knotted v-neck t-shirt white skinny jeans
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For a minimal and refreshing gray-white outfit that is especially suited to the spring feel, you can simply wear a gray, knotted, v-shirt with white skinny jeans. Pair the pieces with white sneakers to look casual and casual or gray ballet heels to look more elegant.

Wear as dress with oversized green bomber jacket

big green bomber jacket tee dress
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If you want a jacket over a large white tee, a green bomber jacket is a good choice. Simply wear the white tee with the green big jacket. As mentioned, I like the idea of ​​wearing denim jeans under tee even though it barely shows. Add some elegance and character to the suit by wearing white laces with ankle boots.

Wear with black leggings and ankle boots

black leggings ankle boots white oversized t-shirt
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Here is another example of the wide top-narrow bottom trick that makes you look casual and stylish. Wear a large white t-shirt with black leggings. Complete outfit with suede ankle shoes. For more outfit ideas of similar shoes, please check out our other blog post about suede shoes.

Tuck white T-shirt in & tie a jacket around the waist

tucked white t-shirt cropped slim jeans
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This outfit shows how it looks when you both tuck in your t-shirt and tie a jacket around your waist at the same time. The result is a slim and smart look. The suit consists of the white oversized tee, cropped black skinny jeans, shirt tied around the waist and gray slip-on canvas sneakers.

Wear denim jacket & shorts

denim jacket shorts oversized white t-shirt
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If you are a denim fan, you must have already known that an interesting way to style denim clothing is to wear denim on denim. We have a more detailed blog post on how to wear denim-on-denim if you are interested. Back to this outfit idea, this outfit shows that denim on denim actually works pretty well with an oversized t-shirt. Just wear a white t-shirt with denim shorts and a denim jacket. Wear sneakers to finish off the casual street look.

Wear as T-shirt dress with denim jacket

denim jacket oversized t-shirt
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So there are the tricks and secrets behind how to design a great t-shirt. For me, big t-shirts are items that I just try to keep playing with and I always seem to find an interesting and neat way to design them. The most important thing is that I have fun doing it by giving myself little surprises here and there. I really recommend you to try some of the aforementioned outfit ideas. They are really quite easy to pull off.