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High Waist Midi Skirt

High Waist Midi Skirt

High waisted skirt is definitely one of the things you need to have in your wardrobe. Designers would say that this is one of the essential pieces and you can combine it with many other clothes you already have.
What is a midi skirt?
Midi is a skirt with three quarters that falls halfway between the knee and ankle. They come in a variety of shapes, such as a pen, A-line, pleated skirt, etc.
The most important thing when wearing a high waist skirt is to adapt it to the shape of your body and your height. Many of you would say that these skirts are not for little people. But that is not true. You just have to choose the good cut, and you can wear high waisted midi skirts for a leisurely walk or for a date night.
In this post I will show you the ways to wear a high waisted midi skirt and how you can combine it with different styles, different materials and look elegant, interesting and cool!

Denim Skirt Look

midi skirt with high waist

Denim skirt made a great come back this summer. You can combine this skirt in many ways. For example, a white T-shirt, or if you prefer a more elegant style, with a little blouse or shirt, goes well. The costume from the above photo is perfect for everyday events, like dinner with friends or for shopping. Don't be afraid of the big slit, it's not too much, and it gives this outfit something that people will remember you. Wear it with a belt, a nice pair of sandals and a small bag.

White Blue Stripes Look

midi skirt with high waist

This look is interesting as it contains both top and skirt in the same pattern stripes. I find it practical not to think too much about combining it, but to wear both pieces in the same pattern! There is nothing wrong with that. Although it looks a bit more elegant, this outfit can be worn during the day, with some nice pairs of sandals or pointed toe pumps. Add some peonies if you want to look exactly like the girl in the picture above!

Sweater and Skirt Look

sweater with high waist skirt

When the weather changes and the temperature gets lower, it is better to wear a nice and comfortable sweater. Now you can try wearing it over the high waist skirt. It looks cool, and what is even more important you will feel warm. You can try to pair gray or white with a bright and vibrant color, as in the picture above. The element of elegance can be added by choosing some beautiful pairs of shoes, like pointed toe pumps with the strap around the wrist.

Thigh high boots

thigh high boots

When you decide to make a combination of these two, you will definitely not be cold! It is perfect for walking in the city when the temperature drops. You will look cool and feel cozy at the same time. Isn't that great? Try to choose good leather hair boots so you can wear them even when it is snowing or raining.
If you are not sure how to combine thigh high boots, I prepared some outfit ideas for you in this post.

Pleated Midi Skirt Look

pleated skirt look

This type of midi skirt is probably the most popular. I know for sure that my mom loved to wear pleated midi skirts in the 80's and 90's. Now it is popular again and easy to connect with modern pieces. In the picture above you can see the combination of pink skirt and simple cotton blouse. It gives you an opportunity to wear special shoes as there are no details on both. Silver stilettos are the perfect choice for this combination to make it really interesting.

Crop Top and Midi Look

crop top midi look

When I was younger I used to harvest crop tops a lot. It was very popular in the 90's and every girl wanted to own this piece of fabric. Wearing crop top and high waist skirt will definitely help you feel and be younger. I suggest turning it on at times, like going out for a dance or having a drink in a bar. Wear it with eye-catching earrings and classic black sandals (as in the image above) and you don't need any other detail to complete this outfit.

Leather Midi Skirt Look

midi skirt leather look

This outfit includes a classic combination of white shirt and high waisted black leather skirt. Leather skirts are very modern. This type of clothing can be worn at work or after work hours while having a drink with colleagues. Don't worry, you can be sure you will be noticed in this outfit. Combine it with some decent jewelry, like a necklace and style your hair with a bun.

Wrapped with high waist

linda midi dress look

If you've ever wondered how to design your midi skirt, here's the answer. And that's pretty easy. Wear it with a beige sleeveless bodysuit! Paired with the same shade of brown / beige gives you the perfect outfit for a hot day in the city. If you like the outfit from the image above, try wearing this elegant package around your waist. It's very popular at the moment, and it helps you look like a real fashionista!

Knitted Skirt Look

knitted midi look

Have you ever tried to wear knitted items? My grandmother used to make me a lot of sweaters, shirts and tops, but frankly I never tried to knit high waist skirts for myself.
In the picture above we have black turtleneck and mustard knitted knit midi skirt paired with black ankle boots. For us girls who have no experience combining knitted skirts, this is a perfect solution. This outfit looks classy and elegant with a little note from old times when people used to wear more knit things. I like the idea of ​​adding this little burgundy bag, to give a perfectly balanced modern look.

Knotted floral blouse Look

knotted skirt look

Fixing the blouse in the midi skirt is always a good idea. It is even better if the pattern is floral! If you feel lazy and don't feel like combining and dressing, this is a good option. Black midi and floral blouse fit together perfectly. If you want to look even better, tie the knot, as in the picture above and add a nice piece of jewelry.

As you can see in this post, you can wear a high waisted midi skirt for all occasions. Along with a white shirt, black blazer and shuttle skirt, midi skirt with high waist is an important garment to wear in the wardrobe. This allows you to make a killer combination in just minutes, no matter where you go.
I hope you will find something for yourself.