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Golf Pants, Shorts and Skirts for Women

Golf Pants, Shorts and Skirts for Women

Over the years, thank you for the influence of Tiger Woods back in the day. Golf has become a very popular sport for both men and women. It is interesting that the golf equipment has a very unique style associated with it. For women, it is advisable to either dress like the typical golfer, or it is okay to dress more relaxed and more tennis players like. So in this blog post I would like to share with you both the classic and the trendy ways to wear golf pants, golf shorts and skirts. For myself, I'm more of a fan of the classic polo shirt and golf pants combination because I like the idea of ​​dressing up as a professional sports player when playing a specific sport. But it's just me. All of these golf equipment ideas look great and let's check them out now.

Plaid golf pants with pink polo shirt with long sleeves

checkered golf pants pink polo shirt

The plaid pattern is available in many classic golf belly designs. This outfit gives people the impression that you are really there to actually play golf instead of just hanging out. Simply pair the black and white checkered golf pants with a pink long sleeve polo shirt. This outfit looks professional, and the color of pink gives it a little feminine touch.

Black golf shorts with pink polo shirt

black polka dot golf shorts polo shirt pink

For a more sporty outfit, you can wear the black golf shorts with small white dots and a pink polo shirt. An interesting thing about golf shorts is that most of them look better with a belt.

Blue Plaid Golf pants with black polo shirt

blue polo shirt black polo shirt

This is another golf suit that uses the checkered golf pants. However, the blue checkered pants are much lighter and colorful. So, just balancing it out with a low-key low-key polo shirt is good. The white belt is the icing of the cake.

Khaki golf pants with black polo shirt

khaki golf pants with black polo shirt

This is a very classic golf suit that is kind of unisex. The suit consists of cropped khaki golf pants, a black polo shirt and black and white golf shoes. It's such an iconic outfit to wear to play golf.

Blue sweater with light blue golf pants

light blue golf pants white sweater baseball cap

This outfit is a fantastic demonstration of how to look like a professional golfer and look elegant at the same time. Wear a light blue sweater that has the diamond pattern on it. Pair your shirt with a matching color baseball cap and white golf pants. I feel that this outfit can simply answer the question of "can I look good playing golf?".

White Vest Top with Khaki Golf Shorts

white vest top khaki golf shorts

On a very hot day, consider replacing the more professional polo shirt for something that will make you feel a little cooler. Here is a more comfortable outfit for the summer. Simply wear a white vest top with khaki golf shorts and white sneakers. Feeling comfortable is one of the most important things when playing sports, unless you are competing.

Short checkered shirt with white golf shorts

cropped plaid shirt white golf shorts

Although polo shirts are the iconic top to wear with most gold clothing, you can sometimes be more creative and try different things. For example, try wearing a short and thin fit black and white plaid shirt with white golf shorts. When you do the swing you will only show some skin in the waist, where you can look pretty sexy on the golf course.

Black polo shirt, white golf shorts and red visor

black polo shirt white golf shorts

For a minimal, relaxed, yet very respectful golf look, wear a black polo shirt with white golf shorts. To look more sporty or to protect your eyes on a sunny day, wear a white or red visor with this outfit.

Slim Fit gray sweater with black golf skirt

black golf skirt slim fit gray sweater

In colder weather, it is perfect to wear a slim fit sweater. This beautiful golf suit consists of a gray sweater, lack of floor skirt and solid white golf shoes. And a black visor would look perfect with the outfit.

Baby blue sweater with white skirt

baby blue sweater white shirt outfit

Here is another outfit with a thin fit shirt. For this, it's a baby blue sports shirt layered over a white polo shirt. Wear with a white skirt and a white golf coat to look refreshing.

Sleeveless shirt and high waist plaid skirt

sleeveless sweater with high waist plated golf skirt

I hesitated to include this one actually because the face of that outfit is a little un-golf-like. But I think it looks good and that the outfit will be good when you just hang out with your close friends. Anyway, for the casual and fun look, wear a sleeveless shirt with a high waisted plaid skirt.

Black and white polo shirt with black golf pants

black white polo shirt golf pants

I love this outfit idea mainly because it looks professional but it emphasizes the beauty of a female golfer. The suit is very simple. You simply wear a black and white polo shirt and black golf pants. Parts of the details are the white golf cover, the white belt and the white golf shoes.

Black sweater, black skirt & leggings

black skirt windbreaker skirt leggings

This outfit is one of those that you can easily confuse with a tennis suit. But there's nothing wrong with that. Outfits for the two sports can look very similar today. Wear a black slim fit sweater with black skirt and leggings for winter and autumn golf look.

Black zipper and white skirt

black zipper sports jacket white skirt

To dress more sporty, you can simply pair a black zippered sports jacket with a white skirt and a white visor.

Red polo shirt with navy blue golf shorts

red polo shirt navy blue shorts white sleeve

A less common color you see on the golf course is red. It actually looks good also in the form of a polo shirt. Simply pair it with navy blue shorts for a professional golfer.

There are some of my favorite golf equipment ideas. I hope you enjoy the list. Be creative and beautiful the next time you play golf.