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Embellished Dress Style Guide

Embellished Dress Style Guide

By definition, an ornate dress is a dress that has some decorative things attached to it, whether the decorative something is sequins, pearls or even flowers. Trust me, these dresses can be really interesting. For this blog post, I have really put together some of the best adornment ideas for clothing equipment for you. You are about to see some of the elegant dresses and even some of the most creative dresses.

White and gold embellished dress

To start this interesting list, I will show you a really elegant stylish dress. This is a white and gold embellished dress. The decorative items attached to the white dress are actually gold sequins. With the golden floral patterns. The dress simply looks fantastic. Complete upholstery with a pair of open toe gold heels.

Black sequin embellished Bodycon dress

black sequin decorated bodycon dress

As you might have guessed, the most popular type of ornate dress is the sequin dress. Some people actually use the two terms alternately. Here we have a black sequin-decorated bodycon dress suitable for a cocktail party. It even has some cool tribal style patterns on it. Wear a pair of black buttoned open toe heels to match with the dress.

Black and silver Bodycon embellished Shift Dress

black and silver bodycon ornate shift dress

Having some semi-permanent mesh element in a dress can often make it more elegant. As an example, this black and silver bodycon shift dress has the semi-clean sleeves that simply take the dress to another level. The silver pattern in the black dress is so elegant and unique. You can simply pair the dress with silver colored heels to get an absolutely elegant and elegant look.

White ornate mantle knee length dress

white ornate robe knee length dress

If you do not like the ornate dress that has sequins almost covers the entire dress, here is a white dress that only has some subtle silver sequin attached to it. It is a white long-sleeved sheath knee-length dress that simply looks clean and elegant. You can pair the dress with white heels with open toe on the ankle to complete this remarkable look.

Black two-tone ornate Bodycon Maxi dress

black two toned ornate bodycon maxi dress

For a wonderful and elegant look, you can wear this black two-tone-decorated maxi dress. The upper part of the dress is a black sleeveless top with some nice silver patterns, while the lower part is a black high split maxi skirt. For an extra elegant touch you can wear a pair of gold ankle straps with open toe heels.

Gold and white Bodycon dress with black heels with open toe

gold and white bodycon dress black open toe heels

If you are looking for a dress for your next cocktail party that does not require you to show any skill but that still makes you shine among others, here is an eye-catching gold and white embellished bodycon dress. Simply pair this dress with black heels with open toe and you are ready to shine.

Pale pink sheer shoulder chiffon dress

white pure shoulder chiffon dress

Some of the aforementioned dresses are really eye-catching. Some of them may even be considered aggressive. Now, for a girl next to look, you might want to consider this ladylike chiffon dress. It is a white pure-shoulder floral ornate chiffon dress. With its light pink background and white floral pattern, the dress simply looks wonderful. Wear it with light pink heels that fit perfectly with the dress.

White A Line Floral Dress

white a line floral dress

Like the previous dress, this one is also a floral ornate dress, but this time it is a white dress with a-line cut. Instead of looking like the girl next door, pair the dress with white heels and a gold clutch bag to get a look that is feminine and a little mature.

Black spaghetti strap Maxi Floral Dress

black spaghetti strap maxi floral dress

This is such a beautiful and elegant dress that can capture people's attention without requiring you to show a lot of skin at all. It's the magic of semi-clean net overlay. The dress is basically a black spaghetti strap maxi floral ornate dress with half pure mesh sleeves. Simply pair it with open-toe black heels to achieve this refreshing and remarkable outfit.

Black and silver dress

black and silver decorated dress

This is a black and silver slip-shift dress that looks pretty stylish. To create a cool and dark look around it, you can wear black clipped ankle boots to match the dress.

Silver long sleeve bodycon dress

silver long sleeve bodycon dress

This is one of those dresses that has extremely sexy cut that is well balanced with some elegant details. It is a silver long long sleeve deep v-neck bodycon dress. The elegant silver sequins really make the deep design on the v-neck more natural. Simply use silver open heels to complement this wonderful outfit.

Pale pink and red ornate chiffon dress

light pink and red ornate chiffon dress

This can be a controversial dress to put in this list. The dress is so hard to pull off that it is so easy to wear and look awkward. Still, I feel that this dress has the potential to be one of those dresses that can really make you stand out from the crowd, given that you have a matching character to bring out the beauty of the dress. However, to design this pink and red ornate chiffon dress, wear light pink banded open toe heels to complement the outfit with an elegant touch.

Black Pearl Bodycon Dress

black pearl bodycon dress

As mentioned early on, sequins are not the only decorative elements you can put on a dress. Here is a black pearl bodycon dress. As surprisingly, as the stylish and expensive beads sound, the result is actually an adorable dress. Wear open toe heels in silver case to complement the outfit with elegance.

White Chiffon floral mini dress

white chiffon floral mini dress

The dress really touches the limit of my imagination. It is a white mini chiffon dress that uses faux flowers in color as the decorative element for the dress. I would recommend you to wear boho style sandals to get an absolutely refreshing look.

White and pink ornate flare mini dress

white and pink ornate flare mini dress

For a stylish look, you can wear this beautiful white and pink ornate flare dress that has so many nice and elegant details in it. Wear white heels with patches on the ankle to complement the completely white, stylish suit.

I hope you like this list of fancy dress outfits. If you want to see more outfit ideas, there are thousands more outfit ideas on this site that are waiting for you to discover.