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Cut Up T-Shirt Casual Outfit Ideas

Cut Up T-Shirt Casual Outfit Ideas

Cut-ups and cutouts are the perfect way to show off your creativity and do some ventilation for your skin. On hot summer days it is more than necessary. Cut t-shirts look not only interesting but sexy and elegant. Bloggers usually cut up their printed t-shirts. Look, if you're not using DIY, don't worry. You already have lovely cut t-shirts around the shops.
The real question is how to design them? It's actually quite simple. You can style them with denim or sporty shorts, jeans or skirts. They look fantastic whether you decide to wear them.
Let's check out some of the best outfit ideas I've collected just for you.

Printed colorful T-shirt

cut up shirt red splashes

Black t-shirt with red splashes looks fantastic and hippie. It has a V-neck neckline with choker. It seems that this t-shirt may just be the style of going out or some rock concert. But if you don't want your bra to be seen, you can always choose a sports bra or a strapless top to wear under this cropped t-shirt.
Style it with denim shorts and wear some cool sneakers like Vans or Converse.

American Flag – Cut Up

cut up t-shirt black flag

If you are looking for an interesting and flattering staple that is suitable to wear every day, this could be your cup of tea. This black t-shirt has been cut in the shape of the American flag! It looks pretty amazing while the t-shirt remains low key. It is black and sleeveless. You should combine it with shorts, denim or cotton. Don't forget to add some color to your outfit. The best way to do that is with some nice red bag.

Yellow V-neck T-shirt

cut up yellow t-shirt

The interesting print was something I was looking for a lot. I loved to wear excellent printed shirts and I usually couldn't find anything I like. However, look at this lovely yellow t-shirt. It is mixed with high waist black denim shorts. This girl is obviously preparing her to look for Coachella! This music festival is close so keep seeing all the ideas on how to cut up the t-shirt.

Bold graphics and deep V-neck

cut up the t-shirt bold

Okay, this outfit might be in the "just for the brave" category. There is a lot of skin exposed due to this surprisingly deep V-ring. But if you need something provocative for a night out, rock concert or party, you can wear this look. Pair your t-shirt with ripped jeans and you're ready to go. When it comes to shoes, you can even choose some uneven sandals or high heel pumps.

Minimal Cut Up T-shirt

cut up t-shirt olive green pants

Olive is one of my favorite colors. It has the Safari vibe I really like and most of all it works perfectly with any other shade. This girl decided to pair her printed choker t-shirt with lovely olive green high waisted trousers. They look amazing and very flattering in combination with this stylish t-shirt. You can wear this look more than it used to. It can be your everyday wear and tear. You can design it with heels for formal occasions as well.

Cut up

cut open the t-shirt open back

Open back is always flattering to wear and see. Open-back dresses are very sophisticated. However, open backs are not just reserved for dresses. You can design your t-shirt and gray jeans outfit to look stylish and modern. This woman opted for a black cut-out t-shirt. It looks nice and very nice. It is the perfect suit for everyday wear.

Cut up angel wings

cut up t-shirt black wings

If the American flag didn't impress you enough, here's another t-shirt that can do it. This beautiful black tee has angel wings cut. It fits perfectly with red objects like this trendy mini skirt. You can design this outfit for several and different occasions. It may be appropriate for either temporary or formal events. Add some jewelry – bracelets, rings or necklaces. Finish everything with sneakers or heels, depending on the occasion.

Bohemian look

cut up t-shirt boho

Do you want boho look for the summer? Yes thank you. This look can be upgraded in so many ways. Cut up t-shirt is a good item to style with these other pieces. Here you can see an important combination of denim shorts and cute open gray tee. However, you can add more things to this. For example, imagine how good a floral scarf would be. Or you can add more jewelry. Leave it solid and silver.

Elegant Cut Up T-shirt

cut up t-shirt black everything

Not all t-shirts are casual and boho. Believe it or not, you can now design your black-cut t-shirt. If you are planning to go somewhere where you will need to wear something elegant, design your open back tee this way! You can match it with black trousers and uneven sandals, for a black-everything look.
Trust me, this look can even be your new inspiration for work clothes.

Kendall Loves Cut Outs

cut up t-shirt Kendall

Kendall Jenner knows how to dress to be provocative, but still not over-the-line. She pairs high waist jeans with deep V-cut tee. Although the neckline is very deep, however, she wears her bikini below. White boots are very trendy, so don't hesitate to wear them in this combination.

White cut up T-shirt

cut up white shirt

White for the summer is one of the best decisions you can make. Supermodel Kendall Jenner designs her denim shorts with cut out white tee. It is attached to the denim shorts and looks fantastic. A little skin tone is not over the line. On the contrary, in the summer everything is allowed. Again, wear white cowboy boots and don't worry about being trendy.

I hope you liked these outfit ideas that I have prepared. As you can see, the cut t-shirt can be boho, casual and in some cases elegant. Don't wait for summer, take an old t-shirt and cut it. You can make it new in just a few moments. Be creative and style your tee in the best way possible.
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