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Cruise Wear for Women

Cruise Wear for Women

What is Cruise Wear?

Cruise wear is just as it sounds – clothes to wear on cruises! However, it is a little more than that. Traditionally, cruise collections are the smaller collections that desginers produce between their main seasonal collections. Today, many more people can afford to go on exotic cruises, so cruise wear is not limited to expensive designer brands. People choose their cruise wear from all types of brands, and not all cruises are as formal as they used to be. Depending on the cruise locations, suitable clothing may vary huge, but you will still need three basic types of cruise wear – on-board clothing, evening wear and clothing to take on excursions.

Cruise wear for onboard

On board the ship you want to dress comfortably, but still look nice! When deciding what to pack for the time you spend on board the ship, you should consider what you expect to spend most of your time doing. Will you be sunbathing on the deck? Or work out in the gym? Check out what facilities your cruise ship offers, and pack what you want to try! Tailor made white shorts are a great way to look cool and comfortable as you walk around the ships, or colorful maxi skirts are great for cruises to tropical locations. Just make sure nothing is too hard or restrictive – you want to enjoy yourself!

Cruise wear in the evening

Cruises used to involve very formal dinners, but today they tend to be much more relaxed. However, your cruise may still have one or two formal events, and even if it doesn't, you will still look great in the evenings! For something comfortable yet elegant enough for the evening, try a beautiful maxi dress, or maybe a nicely fitted shift dress. If you will need to wear the same dress a couple of times, try to choose a regular dress and accessories it differently every time! Luggage space tends to be quite limited, so this is a great way to get more use out of your clothes.

Excursions outfits

Although many of your clothes on board also work on land, you will once again take into account a few different factors. Will the weather be the same as at sea? On a summer cruise, the temperature can be much higher as you go inland. You should think about what kind of activities to do – mountain biking needs quite different clothes than shopping in a bazaar! If you are planning to visit religious sites, you should also dress accordingly – especially Catholic churches often require visitors to be well covered, so don't come up with the same crop top and shorts you wear on the ship!

Where to buy cruise wear

Most retailers will have something suitable for cruise wear if you choose each individual piece and put together a complete wardrobe. But if you want to have the opportunity to buy all your cruise wear at once, there are some places that are especially good to try.


has this online store


This online store is a single destination for all your cruise wear needs! They have both formal and casual clothing, so you should be able to easily put together a wardrobe tailored to your personal cruise destination and schedule. They even sell accessories and shoes!

Soft surroundings

While this site sells a variety of women's clothing, they offer a dedicated "Resort" page that is a great place to start putting together your cruise liner wardrobe. Their pieces are comfortable and elegant, with lots of cool summer fabrics and bold prints – perfect for a tropical cruise!

Only dresses

This site does exactly what it says – it sells dresses for every occasion you can imagine! They have a dedicated cruise department where you can pick up the perfect dress for both casual and formal events. If dresses are your thing, this site offers a variety of outfit choices to put together a wonderful cruise wardrobe.

Boston correct

Although this is not a trademark specifically designed as cruise wear, their summer colors and laid-back shapes fit the bill perfectly! If you like light prints and patterns, this will surely be your type of store. They also offer good international shipping, so wherever you are in the world you can look good when you are going on your cruise!


The fashion and lifestyle website Kaleidoscope has a dedicated cruise department. Their selection of cruise dresses is particularly amazing, as you can pick up dresses to relax aboard the ship, visit attractions on land and attend formal dinners – all in one place!


Promgirl is the place to go for dresses of all types, so surprisingly they have a dedicated cruise department. It's full of gorgeous dresses, from stylish maxi dresses to elegant mantle dresses and bikini covers. You are sure to find all types of dresses you may need for your cruise wardrobe!


Designer cruise wear may be out of reach for almost everyone, but if you have the budget, then try to invest in the original and the best! Many designers offer specific cruise collections that contain a number of pieces that are perfect for all your cruise activities.

Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection

Ralph Lauren Cruise Collection

Cristian Dior Cruise Collection

Chanel Cruise Collection

Celine Cruise Collection

Cruise costume ideas

Now that you know where to buy your perfect cruise wardrobe, you need some inspiration! It is a pulp of cruise companies out there, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are some outfit sets that suggest what you can wear on your cruise. Use them for inspiration and pick out the pieces and styles you like best!