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Corduroy Button Up Skirt Outfit Ideas

Corduroy Button Up Skirt Outfit Ideas

If I had to choose some of the most evergreen type of skirts, my choices would be leather skirt and denim skirt. I don't think they will look old-fashioned in fifty years. There is actually a type of skirt I know that will get closer and closer to the evergreen group if the current trend continues. That's the corduroy button up. This particular skirt only appears more and more frequently in the newspapers and on the TV. To know more about it, I've gathered some of the best Corduroy button up skirt outfit ideas and I will share with you right now.

Gray T-shirt with Navy Button Up Corduroy dress

To start with the list, I'll show you a very simple outfit. Simply pair a navy blue button up corduroy skirt with a gray t-shirt. Pair them with black socks and black leather footwear to add extra style to the outfit. You can see from this outfit how powerful and versatile a corduroy skirt is. It basically turns an unattractive t-shirt outfit into a very elegant and unique outfit.

Black suede neck shirt with Corduroy skirt

black mock neck shape matching sweater corduroy skirt

For you who are in good shape, this shape is the perfect fit for you. Pair a black mock-haired skinny sweater with a brown corduroy-up skirt. For the shoes, either black heels or black suede boots would match with the rest of the suit quite nicely.

Brown buttoned up Corduroy skirt with white top

brown button up corduroy skirt white top

A corduroy skirt is very versatile that you can wear it in many different styles. Here, for example, is a Boho style that you can easily pull off. Wear a white sleeveless white top with a boho style necklace for the top. Pair them with a brown buttoned corduroy skirt and black banded sandals.

Green button button with white vest top

green button up skirt white vest top

Here is a simple and shapely outfit that looks stylish and low-key sexy. Wear a white skinny fit western top with a green corduroy button up. Pair them with suede camel sandals to complement the outfit with a feminine touch.

Corduroy dress with Chambray shirt & plaid scarf

corduroy skirt chambray skirt plaid scarf

You can definitely wear a corduroy skirt to the office. To build a stylish business suit that looks great around this green corduroy button up skater, pair it with a chambray shirt and a grayish cloth. For the shoes, wear black leather boots to add some extra style to the suit.

Wear with sleeveless black sweaters and ankle boots

sleeveless black sweater ankle

Here is a minimal and beautiful outfit that is perfect to wear for dating and friends gather especially in the summer and spring. To achieve this look, you can wear a black sleeveless shirt with a dark gray corduroy button up mini skirt. Pair them with black leather boots to give an elegant touch. To see more outfit ideas of similar shoes, you may want to read our blog post on how to design leather boots.

Brown Corduroy Button Up skater skirt with white sleeveless top

brown corduroy button up skater skirt white sleeveless top

Do not be misled that a laced skirt may look ripe. You can actually build an energetic and youthful outfit around it. For example, you can wear a white sleeveless top with a brown corduroy skirt and black ankle boots. The result is a lovely and appealing look.

Navy blue mini skirt with white T-shirt

navy blue skirt white t-shirt

To demonstrate how stylish a robe shirt looks in itself, let's see what the outfit looks like when the dress is made up with a simple and simple white t-shirt. From the picture, this seemingly too simple outfit still looks fantastic. Of course, the black socks and black oxford shoes help a lot to spice up the costume.

Brown Corduroy skirt with black leather jacket

brown corduroy skirt black leather jacket

What jacket should I wear with a corduroy skirt? My answer to this question is definitely the black leather jacket, which I consider to be the most versatile jacket. For example, you can wear a black shirt with a black leather jacket for the top. Pair them with a brown corduroy button up mini skirt and black leather boots to get a dark and remarkable look.

Burgundy Button Up skirt with black sleeveless top

burgundy button up skirt black sleeveless top

The shoes you wear can make a world of difference. For example, you can wear a black sleeveless top with a burgundy button up skirt. It would have been a pretty neat outfit already. If you pair them with black gladiator sandals, the suit is taken to a whole new level.

Wear with black and white polka Dot Bell Sleeve Blouse

black and white polka dot bell blouse

To look adorable and nice, you can choose something cute and ladylike to pair with the corduroy skirt. For example, you can pair this brown bud skirt dress with a black and white polka dot bell sleeve blouse. Wear a pair of black suede boots for the shoes to add extra feminine feel to the suit.

Light brown Corduroy skirt with striped halter top

light brown corduroy skirt striped halter top

To look more happy you can choose a light colored corduroy skirt, like this yellowish or light brown corduroy skirt. Pair it with a black and white striped halter top to look youthful and low-key sexy. For the shoes, keep the theme light and lean by wearing a pair of black ballet flats.

Black and white striped T-shirt with long sleeve and skater skirt

black and white long sleeve striped shirt skirt

Like the previous suit, this one also means a black and white striped top. But this time it's a long-sleeved t-shirt. Pair it with a green corduroy skirt and black suede suede shoes to give a feminine touch to the overall look.

Wear with white boat neck knit sweater & boots

white boat neck knit sweater boots

Let's continue to see the effects of different types of shoes. For this costume, the white jersey with boat neck is paired with a brown mini-corduroy skirt. The shoes chosen are the black thigh boots in black thigh and the result is fantastic.

Green Corduroy Button Up skirt with white wide sleeves

green corduroy button up skirt white wide sleeve blouse

For a windy look that is perfect to wear in spring and autumn, especially for an outdoor environment, you can wear a white wide sleeveless blouse with a green corduroy mini skirt. Pair them with black leggings and black suede ankle boots to complement the outfit with elegance.

I hope you like the corduroy button up skirt outfit ideas shown above. I think all the above clothes are very easy to pull off. So just try them and have fun.