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Burgundy Shirt Outfit Ideas for Women

Burgundy Shirt Outfit Ideas for Women

This blog post is mostly about how to design a burgundy shirt as part of your work suit. If you are talking about work suits, you should be very familiar with white buttons. Especially for those who must have at least business reason to work, wear a white shirt with either a pencil skirt or a pair of chinos should be nothing new to you. If you want to look more deep and feminine tough, a burgundy sweater would actually be a good option. What you are about to see some of the best burgundy shirt equipment shirts I have collected for you. Let's dive in.

Burgundy Silk Button Up Shirt with Ripped Jeans

To start this list of smart looking outfit ideas, I'm going to show you one that includes a pair of jeans for those of you who can wear jeans in the office, at least for relaxed Fridays. To achieve this rather laid-back look, you can wear a burgundy button-up silk shirt with blue ripped and cuffed skinny jeans. Wear bright pink suede with open toe in the ankle to complete the suit.

Burgundy shirt with silk trousers of exactly the same color

burgundy shirt silk pants exactly the same color

Let's take a look and look at this elegant and dressed work suit. To achieve this feminine and eye-catching look, you can wear a burgundy button up shirt with a pair of matching burgundy cropped pants. Wear black lace-up toe heels to add extra elegance to the outfit.

Burgundy Button Up Shirt with Tweed Pencil Dress

burgundy button up shirt tweed pencil skirt

For a more feminine look, you might want to wear a skirt instead of pants or jeans. For example, you could wear a shirt with a burgundy button and put it up in a gray tweed pencil skirt. Pair them with a pair of leopard print heels and a burgundy leather bag to give an elegant touch to the outfit.

Maxi Burgundy Belted Shirt Dress

maxi burgundy belt shirt dress

Although I initially just want to talk about the burgundy button up shirt in this blog post, I feel like I leave a lot on the table if I don't talk about the burgundy shirt dress, something that has a lot of depth and character. This particular is a maxi shirt dress. Simply wear it with a pair of black leather boots to complement the elegant outfit.

Burgundy Belted Shirt Dress

burgundy belt shirt dress

Let's take a look at a more burgundy sweater that has a more typical length. It is a dress with a belt that ends a few inches above the knee. The belt design can actually make the waist look more obvious, resulting in a narrower look. Pair your shirt dress with pale pink heels to complement the outfit with a feminine touch.

Burgundy Chiffon pleated shirt with black chinos

burgundy chiffon pleated shirt black chinos

After looking at a lot of clothes, let's take a look at one that you would probably wear while on vacation. To get this look you can wear a burgundy chiffon pleated shirt with a pair of black cropped skinny chinos. Wear a pair of embroidered black heels and a straw hat to look beautiful and stylish.

Belted Gathered waist shirt dress with pale pink heels

belt gathered waist shift dress light pink heels

Burgundy is a rather deep and complex color. Since it can already get a lot of attention on its own, it usually looks really good as part of a minimal outfit. For example, you can simply pair a burgundy shirt dress with pale pink heels with open toe. If you want to add some extra color, you can carry a neon pink clutch bag to do so.

Burgundy Chiffon semi-clean black collar shirt

burgundy chiffon semi pure black collar shirt

For those of you who usually wear the dress at work all the time and have trouble figuring out what to wear on everyday Fridays, here is a business suit that still looks pretty aggressive. To get this look, wear a burgundy sleeveless chiffon shirt with a pair of black slim jeans. Pair these pieces with black pointed toe pumps to keep the aggressive feel consistent.

Burgundy Belted Shirt Dress with black ankle shoes

burgundy belt shirt dress black ankle boots

This outfit shows a pretty feminine way to style a burgundy sweater. Choosing the right shirt dress is of course very important. In this case, a belt with a long sleeve is selected. You can pair the dress with a pair of black suede boots and a black fringed liner to give an elegant and feminine touch to the outfit.

Short-sleeved Mini-shirt dress

short sleeve mini shirt dress

As you can see from the previous suit, wearing a belt or gathered waist burgundy dress makes you look professional and smart. On the other hand, if you want to look more relaxed and happy, a shorts dress with a short sleeve shirt like this one is preferred. You can simply pair it with pale pink heeled sandals to look both ladylike and refreshing.

Cold Shoulder Burgundy Shirt Dress

cold shoulder burgundy sweater dress

For a sexy low-key look that doesn't actually require you to show much skin at all, you can wear a burgundy cool shoulder shirt. This dress is especially for those who have beautiful shoulders and skin. You can simply pair the dress with a light pink ankle strap with open toe heels to get a beautiful and feminine look.

Belt Burgundy shirt dress with black strappy heels

belt burgundy shirt dress black striped heels

This outfit perfectly shows how important the choice of shoes is for the whole outfit. First and foremost, the burgundy coating in burgundy shirt looks very beautiful and elegant in itself. You can simply pair it with black ballet heels to look good. Still, to make this outfit much more eye-catching, replace the ballet heels with black banded heels.

Burgundy Chiffon Butt-Up Shirt with Blue Jeans

burgundy chiffon button up shirt blue jeans

To get a nice and relaxed look you can wear a burgundy button shirt and knit it in a pair of washed skinny jeans. Use a black belt to look more stylish and a little unisex. For the shoes, a pair of black ballet flats can add a slight feminine touch to the outfit.

Here are some really nice burgundy sweaters that are pretty easy to pull off. If you wear the same type of clothing to work every day, it may be about to spice things up by trying different things.