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Broomstick Skirt Outfit Ideas

Broomstick Skirt Outfit Ideas

The tassel skirt is also known as a farmer, hippie, gypsy and layered skirt. Some people say that the incision of these brush bodies is reminiscent of the brush found on a brush. But there is another side to the story. To get this crumpled and wrinkled effect, broom bodies were twisted around the handle of a broom. When it comes to materials, these skirts can be found in a number of materials. They are usually made of lightweight cotton, but they are also available in denim, velvet or silk.
These skirts are easy to wear and perfect for summer. You can design them with all other staples. Do not worry. I will show you all the nice and bohemian ideas you can carry.

A mixture of denim and broomstick skirt

tassel dress boho white

Are you ready for some boho vibes? I hope you nod as it will help many of them! For summer evenings in the countryside or by the sea, dress in your white broomstick. Add a white top and beautiful and modern white denim jacket. Add some jewelry to complete this bohemian all-white look. This girl chose bracelets, feather accessories and a brown leather belt.

Olive skirt

tassel skirt olive green

Maxi skirts are a perfect staple to wear in the summer. They are flattering, leisure and they do not need hours of planning in front of your wardrobe. This skirt is more than relaxed and beautiful. Its olive green color makes it very easy to combine, while the length is very suitable. This skirt is designed with a white tank top and can be a perfect everyday item. Pair it with a straw hat and attractive solid silver necklace.

Blue and gray combination

tassel dress blue-gray

Did you know that blue and gray make such a great combination? Personally, I didn't. When I saw this look, I had to show you. Broomstick skirt in blue looks fantastic and very flattering. Gray tank top is a basic article that every designer proposes to own. You can design this combination for hot days when nothing fits better than a maxi skirt and tank top. This look is perfect for an everyday walk.

Printed soft pink tassel skirt

tassel skirt soft pink

Morocco's vibe in your wardrobe can be achieved with just one item. Yes, you have a good guess. It's a broom hook. You can call it however you like, but this skirt is full of gypsies and hippie vibes. This girl wears her printed soft pink skirt with oversized top in matching color shade. She adds beautiful ducat necklaces and a small brown bag. You can design this look with beautiful light pink mules.

Floral broomstick skirt

tassel skirt floral print

There is no spring without flower print in your wardrobe! This skirt may be the perfect item to start with! Pair it with elegant and simple white top. This top is interesting because of crocheted neckline. The rest of the look is pretty low key. A little jewelry and some comfortable shoes are all you need.
This can be an ideal look to spend some time in the countryside.

pastel power

tassel dress pastel

Pink turns into a pastel shade this spring. I don't know if you are aware of how big a pastel trend is. If you didn't know, now you do. This soft pink matching look is perfect for everyday wear. Cardigan paired with white tank top looks casual and trendy at the same time. Farmer skirt is matching with a shade of cardigan, which makes it even more interesting and easier to combine. When it comes to footwear, choose something comfortable, like flats or lace-up sandals.

Statement details

tassel skirt statement belt

Here we have olive green color again and a beautiful outfit combination again. If you are a fan of these earth shadows, you will love these olive green skirts. Their wrinkles are no less interesting, while the skirts themselves are very versatile. Combining it with the white top is nothing new to see, but what about the belt? It looks pretty nice, and it will definitely make a statement.

Gypsy Vibe

tassel skirt floral gypsy

When you say gypsy vibe, I say floral print! This skirt is more than beautiful. It has a big ruff, and it looks more like regular skirts than the previous ones. This skirt can also be your work suit. It looks elegant and hippie at the same time. You can mix it with a gray sweater and put on some comfortable heels. As I said before, it may be your new workwear inspiration, as well as your outfit for elegant events.

Deep Teal Broomstick skirt

tassel skirt teal

Oh, I have to admit it. I love this shade of blue. That is why I would not hesitate to wear this look all the time. It seems comfortable and relaxed. The skirt has an elasticated waistband, and chiffon-folded trimmed hem. This girl chose gray tank top as a casual and essential item. This skirt can also be paired. Personally, I think there is no better look for hot summer days in the city than this one.

Orange is the new black

tassel dress orange

If you follow the trends, you've probably noticed how much orange dominated last fashion season. If you also like this color, this skirt can be a good item for your wardrobe. It is designed with the strapless gray top. The colorful necklace is definitely the statement piece in this look. Flats or striped sandals with a cork platform would be great choices to finish this look.

Matching white suit

tassel dress completely white

White may not be the easiest color to combine, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful to wear. Especially in the summer, when your skin is a little sunkissed. This woman chose a white pawn skirt that has lace hem. She pairs it with the matching top. The belt is definitely a statement item, so don't forget to put it around your waist.

Hippie Vibe

tassel dress hippie

Living the way hippies do is something that may not be accepted everywhere. Personally, I always find their lifestyle interesting. Especially when it comes to fashion. Harvested tops and flowers with a tassel of tassel are just some of the pillars in their style. Pair these staples together to give you an exceptional summer look.

I hope you liked these outfit ideas!