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Boyfriend Shirt Outfit Ideas

Boyfriend Shirt Outfit Ideas

The boyfriend's fashion trend, led by the boyfriend, plays an important role in the modern fashion world. More specifically, the trend is a large part of casual outfits for women. For those of you who don't already know, boyfriend clothing basically means the clothes that seem to be borrowed from boyfriends. For example, boyfriend jeans are usually jeans that are relaxed fit and cheated. In this blog post, I will talk about a popular piece of boyfriend fashion: the boyfriend shirt. The meaning of boyfriend shirt is a shirt for women that is slightly loose and oversized, with a somewhat masculine design. In the following, I will share with you some of the best examples of boy quarter jerseys and how to style them.

Wear boyfriend checked shirt with jeans

red and black boyfriend checked shirt

The boyfriend checked shirt is the most iconic boyfriend shirt. Although many different colors work well, the red and black checkered sweater is the classic. For a super casual look, simply pair the plaid shirt with a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. It is an outfit that is more for feeling and looking good than trying to look beautiful. We have all those days that we just want to get something to eat quickly from convenience stores or fast food restaurants, when you just want to dress really relaxed and look average.

Wear boyfriend-checked shirt with denim shorts

black red boyfriend checked shirt denim shorts

With the same boyfriend checked sweater, replacing jeans with denim shorts makes a world of difference. This outfit is subtle yet beautiful. Hold the shirt right above the denim shorts for a sexy look with a key. This outfit is especially good for those who have beautiful legs but do not have the perfect waist. It simply puts emphasis on your legs.

Wear with leather skirt

boyfriend checked shirt leather skirt

As a more unique and darker way to style the boyfriend-checked sweater, you can pair it with a leather skirt.

Light blue boyfriend shirt

light blue boyfriend shirt outfit outfit

The light blue boyfriend shirt is another popular item. I'd say it's a really close second to the checkered sweater. You can simply pair it with jeans or denim shorts, and the latter is preferred for a more feminine and beautiful casual look.

Wear Chambray boyfriend shirt with jeans and heels

chambray boyfriend shirt jeans outfit

For a chic look, you can pair a chambray boyfriend shirt with jeans and heels. For jeans, a pair of ripped boyfriends will work perfectly as a casual outfit for hangouts and casual dating. Replace it with skinny jeans for a casual Friday suit to look more professional.

White boyfriend shirt

white boyfriend shirt

The white boyfriend shirt is a popular item that can help you achieve that elegant minimal look. You can simply pair it with jeans. The accessories, like the watch, the bag and the shoes, are really what make this outfit look enough to wear.

Striped boyfriend shirt with white pants

striped boyfriend shirt white pants

For some reason, the striped boyfriend shirt is just hard to wear. If you are one of the rare ones who looks good with a striped boyfriend shirt, try pairing it with white pants for a casual and elegant look. This is one piece that I really recommend that you try carefully in a local store before buying it. This outfit is so hard to pull off.

Boyfriend shirt and leggings

boyfriend shirt and leggings

boyfriend shirt with leather leggings

For those of you who have beautiful legs, a good way to wear a boyfriend shirt is to pair it with leggings. To look more stylish and modern, leather clothing is a good choice.

Pink boyfriend shirt

pink boyfriend shirt crop top shorts

As a causal and sexy outfit idea, you can wear a big pink boyfriend shirt as a long-line jacket and pair it with a crop top and shorts. While some might argue whether a pink sweater should be considered a boyfriend's shirt, it is without a doubt a really lovely outfit.

Black boyfriend shirt

black boyfriend shirt outfit outfit

The all black look that consists of the black boyfriend shirt, black leggings and black shoes is one of my favorite ideas on this list. It's such a minimal and beautiful outfit.

Khaki boyfriend shirt

khaki boyfriend shirt ripped jeans

Pairing the khaki boyfriend shirt with ripped boyfriend jeans is a nice, casual outfit idea for a tough girl look. You don't always have to dress in black for the tough girl style.
This outfit is a good example of an alternative.

Dress with long-sleeved boyfriend shirt

boyfriend shirt dress outfit idea

If you want to be really minimal, you can look for something longer than a boyfriend shirt: a boyfriend shirt dress. You can only wear it as if without pairing it with leggings or jeans. A simple long-sleeved one, paired with white sneakers, can easily make you look casual and stylish.

Cold Shoulder Boyfriend Shirt Dress

cool shoulder boyfriend shirt dress

For a feminine look, instead of choosing a regular long-sleeved one, try a cool shoulder dress for dress to look unique and beautiful.

Off the Shoulder Boyfriend Shirt

white off the shoulder boyfriend shirt outfit

Another elegant way to show some skin is to wear the boyfriend shirt without a shoulder. The best way to wear it is to pair it with a black top with spaghetti straps and a skirt.

One Shoulder Boyfriend Shirt

a shoulder boyfriend shirt outfit

The one-shoulder boyfriend shirt is the most creative outfit idea among the list. No, you do not actually need to buy an item called "a shoulder boyfriend shirt". Instead, just take a boyfriend's shirt from your wardrobe and wear it in a playful way to show off one of your shoulders. A little bit of DIY is fun, as long as you are sure to pull it off.

There are the different cool ways you can wear a boyfriend shirt. Boyfriend fashion trend is real and it is here to stay. A boyfriend shirt in your wardrobe can be turned into clothing in many different styles. For those of you who are interested in learning more about boyfriend fashion trends, you can check out our blog post about the best ways to wear boyfriend jeans. Have fun styling and make sure you also check out our other articles on outfit ideas and beauty tips.