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Booties With Jeans for Women

Booties With Jeans for Women

The boots or more popularly called ankle boots are one of the favorite fall and winter staples, perfectly capable of keeping your feet warm and elegant all the time.
When I think of autumn or winter style, I can't help but imagine the perfect combination of skinny jeans, a coat (or jacket) and booties. It is a great way to feel warm and look cool, elegant and modern.

This season we wear the red colored booties, with or without metal details, and with patent leather finish. They are mostly pointed toe.

Choosing the right jeans to wear can be a bit risky. You should look for the right cut and fit. The tip I learned is that you should grab the jeans shaft to the right at or above where your ankle boots stay. It's the key to nailing every combination.

I rounded up the best outfit ideas on how to wear your jeans with the booties. Let's look together.

Snakeskin Booties

snakeskin booties jeans sweater

Boots with the snakeskin pattern are very trendy this fall season. You can wear them in different colors, without worrying if you will still be cool and very elegant.
It is easy to turn them into good looking. The snakeskin boots from the photo above have a small ankle opening and high-heeled heels. Wear it with your favorite chunky sweater.

snakeskin brown booties jeans

Combining the brown snakeskin boots with your gray jeans may not sound like a good idea at first. But it looks very elegant and nice.
You can wear your jeans dressed up, or better yet, you can roll it up and make some space between the edge of the boots and the jeans. Wear it with the black poncho.

snakeskin booties jeans teddy bear

Pantyhose can look good when paired with booties. These snakeskin boots are combined with the teddy bear, buttoned tunic and colorful scarf.
This is a great way to mix different materials and designs.

snakeskin booties jeans single

Let the rest of your outfit be simple and stylish. Wear your snakeskin boots with the white cashmere sweater, knitted sweater jacket and black accessories. Great everyday outfit.

Red boots

knitted red boots

Keep things relaxed with a pair of fabulous red booties and perfect skinny jeans with anchors. The buckets have a higher shoulder and heel. It looks very modern if you wear it with the white slim knit sweater.

red booties jeans animal print

Red booties go well with any outfit combination. Even when you decide to dress your pet print, it will not appear to be online. On the contrary, the outfit will look very trendy and it has a Parisian elegant vibe.

red boots jeans patent leather

And how about wearing your red boots with the patent leather pants? My answer to this is a resounding yes! It looks very elegant, modern and cool. It has a fantastic city suite. Wear it with the dyke skirt and white sweater.

red booties jeans bell bottom

Clock bottom jeans can make every outfit get the 90's blast from the past. Wear it with the super-lined red booties and floral jacket for an amazing everyday look.
The street style loves this model!

Black boots

black booties jeans jacket bombs

The spotted jeans are a big trend during the fall season and it looks best when you wear it with the booties. This is a stylish and clean outfit that you can wear every day. Wear your black booties with the white tee, black bomber jacket and spotted skirts.

black booties jeans faux fur

We know all the days when it's really cold, and you have to carefully choose what to wear. This is an excellent outfit for such days. Wear your super pointed black booties with the two-color fur coat and black jeans.

black booties jeans camel skirt

Who doesn't love classics? The best way to achieve this elegant and relaxed look is to wear your black booties with metallic details on them, along with a camel skirt, gray big sweater and cut black jeans.
Fantastic costume that you can wear on everyday life.

black pants jeans all black

The completely black clothes are always my favorites. Wear your boots with the black wrap shirt, leather jacket and black skinny jeans. It looks perfect, simple and elegant.
You can wear this outfit for a leisurely stroll in the city center.

Metallic boots

metallic booties jeans sweater

Gold boots make you look like you are part of the space crew. They will make every outfit look interesting and a little eccentric. Wear your gold-piped booties with a chunky red sweater and cutoff jeans. If you want to make your outfit super eccentric, add a green bag to spice it up even more.

metallic booties jeans teddy bear

Another pair of metallic lace dresses are paired with the skinny jeans.
You can make a casual costume by adding the raggy fur coat and the fantastic white buttoned sweater with bow.

silver booties jeans

When it comes to silver metallic booties, you can wear them in neutral colors like beige or white and with your favorite pair of ripped jeans. This way you get a nice outfit that you can wear every day.

silver booties jeans checkered
Wearing your silver boots because they are completely relaxed is a great way to get the chic outfit look.
This outfit is a fantastic inspiration for work clothes. Wear your jeans and silver boots with the checkered blazer and scarf for a super-office-fitting look.

Finally, let's see what we have here.
As you might have seen from the outfit ideas in this post, a bootie style doesn't really fit all clothes. Wouldn't you agree with that? You have booties that you can only wear with the skinny jeans or the others that you can wear with bell-bottom jeans.
I already said what is the key to buying jeans, but that rule can also be valid when you are
Buy your booties.
I hope you will be lucky when you find the perfect boots and jeans.
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