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Blue Velvet Dress

Blue Velvet Dress

When it comes to cocktail dresses or prom dresses, I often feel that the color of blue, more specifically dark blue, is too understated. Have you ever seen someone wear a blue velvet dress at a party and realize how deep the dress looks. While some people prefer to look sexy and eye-catching, others want to look deep and mature. And these feelings are not mutually exclusive. For this blog post I have collected some of the best ideas for blue velvet upholstery and I will share with you right now.

Blue Spaghetti Strap Velvet Bodycon Dress

I've always been a fan of minimal clothing. Now let me start off this top outfit list with a super minimal outfit that also looks amazing. The dress here is a blue spaghetti strap in velvet bodycon dress. Just wear it with a pair of black ankle heels with open toe and you're ready to shine in front of people with this minimal outfit.

Blue long sleeve velvet Mini dress

blue long sleeve velvet mini dress

For those of you who really don't want to get too much attention in a cocktail party while still wanting to look good to show respect, here's a blue long sleeve velvet mini dress that can do just that. Wear the dress with silver heels to complement this beautiful low key outfit.

Blue long sleeve sweetheart neckline velvet dress

blue long sleeve sweatheart neckline velvet dress

It is not often to see a sweetheart dress as a long sleeve dress. Very often, sweetheart neckline comes with sleeveless or strapless. This time, with my long sleeves, this dress in blue velvet memory looks so adorable. Pair the dress with socks and black ankle boots to get a lovely and appealing look.

Blue Velvet Blazer Dress

blue velvet blazer dress

The blazer dress is so cool that you feel like you see a very creative outfit every time you see a blazer dress. In this case, it's a blue velvet blazer dress. It is simply paired with black heels with open toe. This would be a great suit for a manager or manager to wear to a corporate event such as an annual dinner if they prefer to wear the dress.

Blue velvet dress with white fur coat

blue velvet shirt dress white faux fur

Up until this point, I did not mention an outfit that answers the question of "what jacket to wear with a blue velvet dress". Here we got a pretty nice answer. The blue velvet dress is paired with a white fur coat to create an adorable look. Wear light pink heels to add an extra feminine touch to the outfit.

Blue fluttering sleeve collared waist dress

blue fluttering sleeve gathered waist dress

For those of you who do not want to look like they are trying hard to look good in a cocktail party, here is a relatively casual dress that you would feel very comfortable to wear. It's a blue flared sleeve velvet mini dress. It is easy to wear with black open toe ballet heels to complement this outfit. It is one that is very easy to pull off.

Blue Fit and Flare Mini Dress with knee-high boots

blue fit and flare mini dress knee high boots

Here is another outfit that is very easy to pull off. It consists of a blue long-sleeved velvet skater dress, socks and black suede knee-high boots. By the way, one of the benefits of wearing a skate dress is that it looks good on both tall and petite girls.

Blue velvet knee length flare dress with silver belt

blue velvet knee length flare dress silver belt

To look a little more powerful and dominant, here is a blue velvet flare dress that comes with a wide silver belt. Cutting and color make the dress a powerful and serious feeling. To keep the powerful look consistent, wear burgundy and gold heels to complete the outfit.

Blue Choker Neck Open Chest Mini Dress

blue choker neck deep v-neck mini dress

You know how chokers today have become a big trend in the fashion world. It has come to pass that some dresses simply integrate a choke as part of the dress. For example, look at this blue chest with open chest. It looks like a deep v-neck dress with a separate choker. This is such an interesting design and trend. To design the dress, simply use it with blue heels with open toe.

Blue velvet dress with nude heel sandals

blue velvet dress dress nude sandals

Now let's talk about an outfit that can make you look like the girl next door. Don't underestimate the power of looking at the girl. Sometimes, intuitively, the most beloved lady in a cocktail party is someone who dresses like that, not the one who dresses in an extremely sexy way. Anyway, back to this outfit, it consists of a long sleeve dress in a long sleeve dress. Wear it with bare sandals and a subtle silver necklace and you are ready to go.

Blue skater dress with high boots in the thigh

blue skater dress thigh high boots

Here's another girl in the next door. This time it's a short sleeve blue velvet skater dress that is paired with black thigh high suede boots. I just love how the skater dress and the combination of thigh high boots looks so ladylike and elegant.

Blue High Split Bodycon Maxi Dress

blue high split bodycon maxi dress

Now, if you want to show your legs but you want to look more mature. Instead of wearing a mini dress, you can wear this blue velvet high split bodycon maxi dress. Just wear this dress with black footrest heels to complement the outfit elegantly.

Spaghetti strap Deep V Neck Bodycon Midi dress

spaghetti strap deep v-neck bodycon midi dress

This outfit shows how a choker can make an outfit look more stylish. Wear a blue deep v-neck bodycon midi dress with black choker and black leather boots in the middle calf to get a look that looks both elegant and elegant.

Dark blue Maxi dress with white sneakers

dark blue maxi dress white sneakers

I've always been a fan of the white sneakers because they are just so versatile. If you have the confidence to wear an atypical outfit, try wearing this blue velvet maxi high split dress with white sneakers. They don't sound right on paper. But as you can see from the results, it is a creative and stylish outfit.

Two-piece blue knee-length dress

two piece blue knee length dress

For a cute and low key sexy look, you can wear this two-piece blue velvet dress. The upper part is an off-shoulder top while the lower part is a flare skirt. Pair the dress with silver heels to complement this outfit with an elegant touch.

So here are the blue velvet dress outfit ideas that I want to share with you. If you are looking for more outfit ideas, make sure you check out the thousands of outfit ideas on this site before you go.