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Black and White Striped Dress

Black and White Striped Dress

If you ask me what is the best dress you can wear at random, the first thing I think of is the black and white striped dress. But don't get me wrong. There are thousands of other dresses like solid color dresses and cocktail dresses that just look fantastic. But you wear them mostly for semi-formal or formal occasions. The black and white striped dress simply looks good as part of a beautiful dress for the next door. I think some of you would think it's so easy to style. Still, I tried to put together some of my favorite ways to wear a black and white striped dress to help you look the best. Let's check them out now.

Black and white striped T-shirt dress with ankle boots

For a chic look, wear a black and white striped long sleeve t-shirt dress with suede ankle boots. Wear a necklace and bracelet to add a touch of elegance to the outfit.

Wear with cargo jacket over black and checkered linen scarf

cargo jacket checkered linen scarf black white striped dress

For a more complex look consisting of more layers you can take this outfit into account. Wear a striped t-shirt dress with the top of an army green cargo jacket over it. To complement the suit, wear suede shoes with checkered linen scarf.

Wear with Brown Wool Coat

brown wool coat striped tee dress

As a refreshing business suit, you can wear the striped dress with a long brown wool coat that is only an inch shorter than the dress. Pair the pieces with black socks and leather in leather.

Wear with black leather jacket

black leather jacket black and striped dress

To add a little cool factor to the black and white striped dress that is more known for its comfy look, you can wear it with a black leather jacket. In addition, wear a pair of silver open toe heels and a black and white dot bag that fits perfectly with the striped dress.

Black and White Split Mini Dress with Strappy Heels

black and white striped split mini dress

You can also wear the dress in a sexy and feminine way. First of all, you want to choose a high-cut mini dress. Then pair it with strappy heels and an elegant black handbag.

Black and white striped dress with thin belt

black and white striped dress with thin belt

Black and white striped dresses are usually in the form of a t-shirt dress, so most of them look pretty loose around the waist. But if you are one of those people who has a beautiful waist, you should not waist your opportunity to design the dress in a way that you look taller and slimmer. You can do this by simply wearing a thin belt over your dress. For the shoes, nude sandals would match the suit pretty well.

Wide striped dress with denim jacket

black and white striped dress denim jacket

Since black and white striped dresses look best when it comes to casual clothes, I just have to mention another critical part of the causal fashion world: the denim jacket. You can simply wear the striped dress with a shaped denim jacket. Keep your suit relaxed by wearing white sneakers. This outfit is such a fantastic demonstration of how to dress casual and look beautiful at the same time. Sometimes it just takes a few simple things that you already have in your wardrobe. You just need to have a sense of how to put them together in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

Tie around the waist

tie linen scarf black and white striped dress felt hat

It may be fun for some of you, but this outfit just makes me think it's one of the clothes that's so fitting to wear on a beach in Nice. To get that look, simply tie a linen scarf around the waist over the t-shirt dress. Wear ankle boots and felt hat to create beach and holiday feeling.

Wear three-quarter sleeve dress with only white reverse

long sleeve black and white striped t-shirt dress

Sometimes less is more, it is especially true if you are in good shape. I always feel that no matter how tall or short you are, if you strive to keep fit, you will look high when you put on a simple outfit. As an example, you should wear a striped mini dress with three quarters of the sleeve. That's all. The fact that the dress is a little short and the shoes are low cut visually lengthens your legs.

Wear with baseball cap and sneakers

baseball cap sneakers striped tee dress

Like the previous suit, keep the outfit as simple as possible to look tall and slim. Add a touch of sportiness by wearing a baseball cap and running shoes. This can make you look so happy and attractive especially when the summer comes.

Sleeveless striped dress with open toe heels

sleeveless striped dress with open toe heels

After talking about some real causal clothing, let's move on to one that is more elegant and more appropriate to wear to work. Instead of a casual t-shirt dress, you can wear a fit and flare striped dress with black heels and a brown handbag. By the way, if you are interested in seeing more outfit ideas for dresses with similar cuttings, check out our blog post on fit and flare dress outfit ideas.

Wide striped maxi dress

black and white wide striped maxi dress

So far I have mentioned a lot of outfit ideas that involve dresses that are no longer than the knees, now let's talk about a maxi dress. The black and white wide striped maxi dress gives a completely different feel. Instead of looking refreshing and energetic with the short dress, the maxi dress is more elegant and mature. You can easily pair it with black heels and a black handbag.

Tie jacket around the waist

Tie denim jacket around waist striped dress

Here is an outfit idea built around the classic black and white conversation. Only wear the striped dress with short sleeves with a denim jacket that ties around the waist. Use a grass hat for a sense of spring feeling.

I hope you like the list of black and white striped dress outfit ideas that I have put together. Given that the dress is such an iconic and beautiful item to wear, it is incredibly easy to pull off. Just try it if you haven't already.